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Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
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msterjeffrey - 27 July, 2010
U2 at USC
What a wonderful evening. I was in my third month at USC fresh from Montana. This was my first U2 show and my first stadium show. I loved every minute of it, especially the opening with "Streets" and the Olympic flame and "With or Without You," my then-favorite song. Ironically, this is the worst U2 show I have ever seen--it was merely wonderful!
irenemarie - 23 May, 2010
U2 shows are the greatest
Joshua Tree was my first tour and after the first time, I went on to see them as many times as possible. Living in Phoenix made it easy to catch AZ and CA shows including the four at Sun Devil stadium for the filming of Rattle and Hum. I remember the Coliseum show being kinda wet and I remember their performance as the Daltons (but I could be wrong about the name). Many people didn't know who they were and seemed politely quiet. It had to have been all of them decked out like a country band. Anyway, they were awesome at all shows and still are. I only wish there was more time to do the earlier material during the current tour...
corwin1 - 10 May, 2010
Awesome Seats
This was my second U2 show and what a show it was. Thanks to the U2 fanclub, I secured two 5th row seats on the floor of the famed LA Coliseum. What a great vantage point for the original playing of "streets": silhouettes against a red backdrop, crescendo of lights and sound, fading to history. My friend turned me on to U2 a couple years prior. He was listending to Under a Blood Red Sky on his "cassette" walk man while on a scout campout at Red Rock Canyon State Park in California. What a great place to hear U2 for the first time, some of the songs having been recorded in Denver at anoher "Red Rocks". Those were the good days and with U2, the good ole' days keep coming. Thanks for the memories U2! God Bless
Lynette - 05 November, 2009
My first U2 show
Took my fiance and her sister to this concert. It was a birthday present for lil sis. Funny, she had no idea we were going to the concert. Bodeans opened and rumors were it was U2 in drag. The show was awesome. Overcast night, slight rain, people huddling to keep warm, sharing plastic tarps to stay dry. Laser starts off pointed at stage and slowly rises to point to the Olympic torch, then the torch lights. During Bullet, helicopters were shining flood lights onto the crowd. It was surreal.
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