Tempe, AZ, US
ASU Activity Centerwith The Pixies
Zoo TV


03 June, 2010
The Zoo Indoors
The outdoor version of this show was so overwhelming that it is hard to remember the indoor version earlier on. One thing that really stands out in my memory of this show was the specticle of "Mysterious Ways." I think the glitter of the belly dancer the the screen visuals were more effective when you could see them up close like this. I went with a friend after the show to the band's hotel. Much to my surprise Edge and Adam were in the bar. After a few exchanged looks they motioned us over and we chatted about the show for a few minutes over a drink. It is things like this that will forever remain with me and keep me a life long fan of U2. It seems that no matter how big they get, they are still so approachable and nice. I remember telling Edge how much I loved the song "Things To Make And Do." He seemed surprised that I knew it and said that he hadn't heard it for a long time. He said he had not met many Phoenix natives and wanted to know more about Arizona. We talked for quite awhile about the area.
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