ZOOTV Leg 1: 1992, North America

Vancouver, BC, CA (Pacific National Exhibition Coliseum)
Pacific National Exhibition Coliseumwith The Pixies
Zoo TV


03 June, 2010
The first time is always the best...
17 years old. First time ever on a plane. Flew from Castlegar to Vancouver and took a limo to our hotel. Why not? $25.00 to the city centre back then. Waited outside PC for ages...walked around the back. Bono and The Edge pull up. (Same limo? I think not.) I was the freak yelling the loudest so the man formally known as Paul sauntered over to me with watchful security in tow. A handshake, a few polite words and gone... I remember him being sooo short! I had no idea back then and it was made that much more blatant that I am 6'2. The Cuban heels don't help enough Mr. B. Dark suit, dyed black hair and very pale skin. I made a fool of myself in front of my girlfriend...I mean, my bloody knees were weak. A true young fan meeting his idol. I loved The Pixies but no one really cared. Bring on the main event. A perfect show...not too big, but grand enough for the bombast of ZOOTV. Who would have thought I was gonna end up living in Ireland a few years later, rubbing shoulders with the boys from time to time. The Clarence, Patrick Guillbaud's, Lillie's Bordello etc. And now here I am in Devon, 7 gigs on since then. I agreed to slog it out serving hash at Glasto just to see U2 out of their element and up front in a field...bloody 50 year old rock stars and their back spasms! Catch ya later boys, you'll always be the best show in town.
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