Gent, BE
Flanders Expo Hallwith Fatima Mansions
Zoo TV


04 August, 2010
Exhibition Stadium 1987
My first show was in Toronto in October 1987. Little Steven and Los Lobos opened up. U2 played mostly from the Joshua Tree. The audience was electrified in spite of the sleet that pounded most of the show. It was a great tour.
04 August, 2010
Running to stand still
We were lucky to experience the show a yard away from the second smaller stage. Zoo Station intro and Bono just walking on stage in a slow motion was just simply showing basic attitude yet without all the flashing messages and high speed images across I believe 35 monitors or so on stage. The intro before the band started to play Running To Stand Still was like a helicopter circled 360 degrees around and above us. What a nice evening to remember. I drove by car back home with no music from the car stereo preventing this wouldn't spoil snippets of the songs and days afterwards they played on and on in my head. I wished I could preserve those moments after every tour since the '80s. See you "soon" in Paris and @ both shows in Brussels. Hope to get the 'wow' factor again as last year in Gelsenkirchen. Cheers, Johan
24 November, 2009
My first U2 show
Yes, I was there in Gent and it was my first U2 show I ever saw. Having been a fan since the early '8Os I couldn't wait to see my idols for the first time and it was well worth waiting! Unfortunately I didn't write down the set list, but of course it was the tour where the songs of Achtung Baby were played for the first time. What a great show and how innovating with the Trabants hanging on top of the stage and used as stagelights! What I also remember is that Bono picked a girl from the crowd and danced with her during a song. I remember I wished that was my girlfriend there on stage with Bono so I could be indirectly part of the magic that night. It was magnificent and definitely a night to remember!
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