Copenhagen, DK (Gentofe Stadium)
Gentofe Stadiumwith PJ Harvey, Stereo MC's
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STENLAURSEN - 23 June, 2011
Trabant cars above the scene.
Great koncert. Besides the phone call to our Minister of Foreign affairs (as far as I remember, Bono got through to his wife, saying that he was not at home), I remember the Trabant cars hanging above the scene. The special guests, Stereo MCs, where not playing very impressive.
ROS1982 - 27 August, 2010
this show was in denmark and not olso in norway. gentofte stadion is in copenhagen and it was a great great show. the best u2 show i have seen. flemming - denmark
Niels_Nielsen - 21 August, 2010
Calling Uffe
During the show, Bono tried to get the danish Minister for Foreign Affairs , Uffe Ellemann-Jensen on the phone, but he wasn't at home :-) One og the best concerts of my youth. I later moved to Horsens, where I this year (2010) was able to get tickets to both shows. Magnificent !
amdk - 16 August, 2010
Great show...
but as the other has pointed out - wrong country. ;o) It was my very first show - at the age of 19 (so young!) - and I remember it for just being there - finally to meet my Irish heroes! The stage was huge and there were cars hanging up in the air?? Thanks for coming back to our country! Love you, too! ;o)
- 11 August, 2010
Wonderful show
But I'm sorry, it was in Denmark. A perfect show, just so sorry that I couldn't get any tickets for the show in Horsens. Hope you'll have a wonderful concert
Hurghada - 26 July, 2010
Wrong country
As previously stated, this was in Denmark and not in Norway. Gentofte is a suburb of Copenhagen. First U2 concert for me, too. See you back in Denmark in a few weeks.
lida - 07 April, 2010
Fantastic show BUT
This was in Copenhagen, Gentofte, in Denmark and NOT Oslo in Norway ;-) Anyway, show was fantastisc - my first ever U2 show, and I loved it. They're amazing :-) Looking soooo much forward to Horsens in August.
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