Eugene, OR, US (Autzen Stadium)
Autzen Stadium
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Mizoo - 18 September, 2010
Mesmerizing Moment
This was my third U2 concert in a row after seeing them in Denver and Salt Lake City earlier on the PopMart Tour. My brother and i drove over from Montana together. It was the first time I encountered the intense U2 spirit. Every U2 show is great, i'm now on 16 shows, but there is a moment in some shows that just takes you far beyond any emotion you've felt before at a concert. This show's mesmerizing moment was when the band transitioned from "Please" into "Streets". Every time I think back i get a rush remembering that amazing high and electric feeling like we'd been transported to a new place. what a great night!!
aquiles - 19 May, 2010
From LC College to Eugene
Me and my friends actually "borrowed" a soccer van from Lewis and Clark College to drive all the way to Eugene, but at the end we rided with Lindsay, Simon's girldfriend. The concert was awesome, I remember running around the stadium to see it from different angles while Bono was running and singing too.
- 28 October, 2009
Frankie Fatone
That show in our little college town football stadium with Rage Against the Machine was the "real thing"!!!!
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