U2360° TOUR

Frankfurt, DE / Commerzbank Arena
with Kasabian 69
'Be with you, be with you, night and day...'.

Second show in Europe opens with The Return of the Stringray Guitar again but this time, after Beautiful Day, the set list changes, we're into New Year's Day and after that the 360 spaceship heads way out into orbit.

'Danke Kasabian for giving us lift off, ' says Bono. 'I want to thank you all for coming out tonight, I hope you like our space station...truly, we built this to get closer to you.'

Another capacity crowd at the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt with 'Happy Birthday Edge!' signs competing for attention with the Irish flags. We spotted Helena Christensen at the mix, along with Michael Stipe and Bono has special reason to be grateful tonight.

'I'd like to say a personal thanks to a team of German doctors who are the reason I am here tonight, a great and gifted team.
'I have been rebuilt using the best engineering in the world, German engineering. I have 'made in Germany' now stamped on my ass. I have never felt better, I feel like... like a Mercedes Benz.'

A rocking riot of a show tonight but there are tender notes too, everyone gathered at a huge music show just days after the tragedy at the Love Parade dance festival in Duisburg. And on that poignant note, the show closes.
'For everyone who lost their life - for their friends and familes. This is Moment of Surrender.'

Were you at the show tonight ? We want to hear how it was for you ?

Add your highlights, reviews and upload your photos.

And if you weren't there tell us what you think.


11 August, 2010
New Years Day
Guys, you would make me the happiest person in the world if you perform New Years Day tomorrow night in Hanover!
11 August, 2010
Nice to see, that "Mercedes Bono" with branding "Made in Germany" is well again. Great concert, but the accoustic was not so good. Last year in Schalke was even better than the real thing.
10 August, 2010
Beautiful Noise
Great night, great band, really great singing Bono. What a great setlist! But, Adams Bass could not be heard. Sound was far from great.
10 August, 2010
ultra violet
please play the song in hannover or horsens. the song is your best 360°-show-song, hmtmkm is good for batman, not for the spaceship... thanks
10 August, 2010
Where's God... part II??
I'd love to hear that song at least one time in a lifetime! same goes for Dancing barefoot... that would really mix it up
10 August, 2010
Beautiful Night
I've seen the show last year in Berlin. It was great ! But this show in Frankfurt was unbelieveable ! An updated Video & Light performance crowned by a different Setlist and a new Song - GLASTONBURY. Graet Song ! Hope to get it soon for my i Pod ! 1000 Thanks to "Mercedes Benz" Bono ", "Audi " The Edge, "BMW" Adam Clayton & "The Trabant" Larry Mullen Jr. for this Beautiful Night !
10 August, 2010
So beautiful,just came back home from the show.I have to drive almost 800 kilometers back and forth from Holland to be there,but it was all worthy.This was u2 at it's best,never see them this good.Bono's voice was amazing tonight.Thank you guys.See you next year in Philadelphia. John
10 August, 2010
Thank you so much!
What a beautiful night by a beautiful band! Thank you so very much for New Year's Day, a song I've wanted to see live since 1997, and Until the End of the World. Adam - you sexy beast The Edge - we missed you on the catwalk Larry - beautiful smile Bono - swinging like a munki
10 August, 2010
I was there
It was a great night. The accoustic of the stadium could've been a bit better. The the crowd was great, and so was the band. You were able to see they had fun playing. Its been a great evening
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