U2360° TOUR

Zagreb, HR / Stadium Makimir
with Snow Patrol 97
Here's the set-list for the second show in Croatia tonight, more coming up. Stand-out moment for us? The fan-organised balloon choreography.

This is what you've been telling us: 'One torch on the East, Simona on the stage, Adriatic right in front of you. I don't want to go to work..'; 'Thank you U2 for making us pride. Zagreb lived those 2 days for you and because of you.'; 'The minute I heard Mysterious Ways I just KNEW this would be different... I get shivers just thinking about it.'; 'This is the music show that I have been waiting for half of my life...'; 'Thanks for coming to Zagreb, it does make a difference to see you here. and you are right, we should forget past and look ahead... and act as one.'

Add your reviews below - favourite track, best memory, moment you'll never surrender?

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'Balloon Choreography': Zagreb


10 August, 2009
Ultra Violet
Yesterday I was listening in my living room, but tonight I was actually the there. Thank you U2 for making us pride. Zagreb lived those 2 days for you and because of you. This is one of my last dreams that finally came true. Hope to see you back here very soon. Great show, great set! Thank you for Ultra Violet… Has a very special meaning for me!
10 August, 2009
Thank you, thank you sooo much for making tonight so special for us!!! For me it was the second show and the minute I heard Mysterious Ways I knew, I just KNEW this would be different... I get shivers just thinking about it.. Thank you for feeling it and giving it back to us - Magnificent seems to be just the right word!! PS - Larry looked so sexy on the Crazy Remix (an the drums, oh - the drums !!) - It was then that I realized you seem not to age at all :))) and neither does your music or ideas - so keep them coming. LOL from Zagreb to you all!
10 August, 2009
One tonight
Perfect audience, three different songs, balloon choreography, torch in the west, Stuck in a moment, I'll go crazy was even crazier than last night, we got magnificent Mysterious ways including Simona from the audience, Sunday bloody sunday and Walk on were great too, it's only a pity we didn't hear Bad. Anyway, we were all as One tonight: Zeljka, Kreso, Sova, Jozo, Hrvoje, Sanja, Krsto, Ines, Arijana i Snela!
10 August, 2009
Perfect night in Zagreb
There are no words to describe how I feel now, after the show....Music, energy, message of peace and love...Could it be any better? I don't think so! Hoped to hear Stay and Staring at the sun, but nonetheless, I'm really satisfied - worth every penny! Thank you for the message about necessity to help others - I would really like to do that personally :) Thank you guys!
10 August, 2009
...second night was over the top, as I thought :):) I manage to enter the red zone!!!!!!! :):):) I don`t need to say anything else. I WAS IN HEAVEN :):):):):) First or second, I can`t compare them, two different shows, in a good way. GUYS, THANK YOU FOR THIS TWO MAJESTIC EVENINGS!!!!!!!!!
10 August, 2009
sometimes people say we should be careful about what we wish, because it may come true... well, tonight one of my biggest wishes came true, and there are no regrets... The whole night was absolutely magnificent, but I would single out Stuck in a moment, since it is a very special song for me (and I simply can't get out of it!!!) and I liked the acoustic version. I will not forget this evening and this experience - thank you guys for making it possible!!
10 August, 2009
Day 2 in Zagreb
...was perfect! Audience was great and the band even better, what a great night in Zagreb!!! Thanks U2 for putting such a great show together!
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