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'Where are we going? South Side...Grant Park...Lake Shore Drive...' Bono introducing Magnificent in Chicago tonight and what a show it was, with the skyline of the windy city providing a dazzling backdrop to the 360 space station. for the opening of the North American tour. Here's what they played.

When the lights went down, the green clocks popped up on the screen and we were counting down to U2's first appearance in Chicago since the recording of the live DVD on the Vertigo Tour. In fact the last time they played here outdoors was on PopMart and Soldier Field has been completely redeveloped since then.
Opening up with Breathe, it felt like the final European show in Cardiff was last night, not last month, like the band had never put down their instruments for a break. And when Bono talked about being 'an Irish boy in Chicago' during the opening of Beautiful Day, the reception matched any on the tour to date. (Don't suppose there was any Irish in Chicago tonight ?)

'We Irish like to think we played a part in building this majestic skyline,' mused Bono before 'Still Haven't Found'.'We were the clouds.. the rain... in fact we are the wind in this windy city...'
'Let me introduce my colleagues, on sky scraping guitar, the man who makes Dr Spock look like Dr Ruth, The Edge. On bass guitar, the man who from an early age knew four strings are better than six, the elegant Adam Clayton. On drums, the thunder and lighting of the band, Larry Mullen Jnr - and when he smiles the sun comes out..'

Were you at the show tonight? What was the moment you will never surrender? Add your own reviews below. (More coming from us when we've got our breath back)
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sodastero - 13 September, 2009
Finally my wait was over last night.
I can't beleive i was there with 70000 people, I waited more than 7 hours and some people even waited 24 hours... but once U2 take the stage those 7 hours of waiting were all gone, it was food for my body,water to my thirst.. nothing but nothing can't beat seeing or listening U2 shows...if you were there you know you were on the best show of the night and why not the best show of your life... thanks guys you make eveyone's night the best... see you in New Jersey, giants get ready the best band is coming to you... U2
- 13 September, 2009
U2- I love you !!!!!
You are the wind in my heart U2..... what a night... what a crowd... My heart is still tender, my heatr is still sining. I'll never forget the night.
staysoclose - 13 September, 2009
My boy's first concert ever...THE BEST!!
Last night was AMAZING!!! My husband and I have seen U2 many times and this time, we wanted our 8 year old son to see them, too, since we all LOVE U2. Well, our boy's first show has spoiled him for life -- he will forever compare any show to this -- the GREATEST concert you can see! We asked him what his favorite part of it was and he said, "ALL OF IT"!!!!! Yes!! That's my boy! Way to go, guys!! You rock!! I loved "Breathe" and "Blinding LIghts" (brings tears to my eyes -- you guys sound SO good) but one can't pinpoint the best moment -- too many. Thanks for a FANTASTIC night!! We will never forget this one especially!!
Jamie - 13 September, 2009
Good Times!
Great Show. The new stuff sounded great. No real suprises in the set list. I was not a huge fan of Boots on the CD, but last night it sounded great live and I may have to re-evaluate that opinion. I thought the transistion from Pride to MLK left the crowd hanging a bit... are we supposed to stop singing now? I wish they woulda ended on a more up tempo number, but closing on slower stuff seems to be the trend lately. Overall totally worth the wait and I will be geeking out over this for a long time to come!
roncron - 13 September, 2009
Stunning! Even better than the amazing
Unreal! Great music, great stage, great experience. Looking forward to their next tour!
irishlad59 - 13 September, 2009
chicago kick off show
what an unbelievable show it was. the weather was perfect the stage and sound were out of this world!if any one has a chance to go, take the oppertunity and embrace it! you won't be dissapointed.don't forget snow patrol,what a warm up they were!
roncron - 13 September, 2009
Stunning! Even better than the amazing
Unreal! Great music, great stage, great experience. Looking forward to their next tour!
sigmanellie16 - 13 September, 2009
How do you top that?
Phenomenal show! This tour truly proves that U2 are both musical and technological geniuses. Well done, boys...
slemner - 13 September, 2009
A Night to remember!
It was the first time mt self my Girl Friend, her son and my son saw U2! She and her son have always been HUGE fans, we are also. She dreamed of seeing them in concert and her son had never been to a concert before! This was amazing!!!! In every part! The sights, sounds, and show! This was sate of the art! The boys came to chicago, like old friends and opened with just that! The sounds of international harmoney through thier music! The crowd were on thier feet from start to finished and joined the band in creating a night to remember! Thank you so much for the work you do around the world, and by sharing your gift of your music!!!
karen_margaret - 13 September, 2009
Thank you, U2, for an amazing concert. I remember when I wished I had seen you in a small venue - that was in 1985. We went to U23D last year, and I knew we had to see you on tour. I finally made it. Definitely worth the wait. Great music, incredible show. Thank you for everything you do to change the world. Don't stop. We'll see you next time. P.S. Thanks for this great website.
chris42 - 13 September, 2009
Time for the fans.
It’s great to see the band take time to say hi to the fans and sign autographs. Going to the Giants Stadium 9/24/09, I hope tat show will be as great as the other shows!
jeffklas - 13 September, 2009
Suprisingly, the most moving song of the evening was an accoustic version of "Stuck in a Moment". Also, Ultraviolet was an incredibly staged number, and Moment of Surender makes for a haunting finale.
ED99 - 13 September, 2009
Rock that Kicked a Hole in the Darkness
Just had my ass kicked by the greatest band in the world. Seen 9 shows since '84, every high and low, been thru a lifetime with them, 8 different songs tonite could be the best ever performance i've seen: i'll say Ultraviolet was King: insanely intense, theatrical, cathartic, it has come into its own as a live performance. When you get that electric feel on your skin from the power of the music, the spirit in the air, and your own intense emotional connection to it all, and you still have half the show to go? You are ELEVATED: rooftop to the basement, body and soul. Unrealistic expectations surpassed, again. The lads' reign continues . . .
Bob Flannery - 13 September, 2009
Continue to impress...
Superb show by the Irish boys tonight. They continue to excel and fulfill all expectations. They have an uncanny knack of making a stadium full of 60,000+ screaming fans feel intimate. Keep up the good work boys. The emotion that you bring night in and night out is felt wholeheartedly. Chicago loves you guys.
laf - 13 September, 2009
We just got home and uploaded pix! Truly a beautiful show! My second show at Soldier Field and the Dublin boys did not disappoint! Great songs from the new album and some old ones that brought my back to my first show in 1985 in Jacksonville, FL...Brought my niece so she could see and experience the people, sights and sounds that are such a big part of my life's soundtrack. Thanks guys for making it great! Can't want for tomorrow's show!
robert_eggebrecht - 13 September, 2009
Same show....
Amsterdam, Dublin, Chicago... went to all of these great cities and pretty much the same show. I've seen U2 since 1984, and just wish they would REALLY mix up the set list each night. Love the new material from NLOTH, but c'mon, how many more times do we have to hear MLK, Pride, Streets, ect. how can you not play tunes off Pop with this stage? Imagine Mofo or Discotech! So much you guys can play, why stick to the same variation of 30 songs? Sorry, but i know so many of your hard core fans feel the same way on a global basis. Anyway, see you in NYC and viva Las Vegas! Add another 10-15 songs to the rotation! PLEASE!!!!
lybrarygirl - 13 September, 2009
I can die happy now!
This was my first U2 concert, even though they've been my favorites since 1983. They put on a fantastic show! I wish I could follow them to all the rest of the stops. Snow Patrol was great too!
lybrarygirl - 13 September, 2009
I can die happy now!
This was my first U2 concert, even though they've been my favorites since 1983. They put on a fantastic show! I wish I could follow them to all the rest of the stops. Snow Patrol was great too!
ncvertigo - 12 September, 2009
First Show in Chicago
What a fantastic show it was. The band were spot on and the crowd amazing. My only complaint is getting out of soldier field. 70,000 people and very few exits and they make you walk from the south end to the north end. Very disorganized for such a large venue. Can wait till the Raleigh show.
augiegal - 12 September, 2009
What a blessing!!!
I've waited a long time to see U2 and it was well worth the wait. Brought my husband, my 14 year-old daughter and my 10 year-old son. ALL of us loved it! Set was incredible, as was the sound, lighting, singing, musicianship...everything. We are truly blessed for having been a part of it. We all agreed in the car ride home that hearing the whole stadium singing in one voice was breathtaking...we stopped singing just to enjoy it. Thanks for sharing your gifts of music with us, guys. God's blessings on the rest of the tour.
newyorkjoe - 12 September, 2009
When in Charlottesville
Til the end of the world, The Electric Co., Gloria, MOFO..Any of the above please.
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