Norman, OK, US (Oklahoma Memorial Stadium)
Oklahoma Memorial Stadiumwith Black Eyed Peas
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Very different vibe here in Norman, with a smaller stadium floor enhancing the 360 vibe. The Black Eyed Peas on their first date with us got things off to a great start for 60,000 Oklahomans and things just got better.

Highlights might have been: 'Crazy' - never fails to surprise people who haven't heard the live version ; the little boy in green stripes who got up on stage for his moment in the spotlight during Unforgettable Fire; MLK ('A message of love from Oklahoma') and a very special introduction to Moment of Surrender.

'For the past few days, all over the world, people have been standing up against extreme poverty,' explained Bono. 'Last year 1.6m people stood up, there's about 60,000 of you here tonight so let's see if we can break a record..'

Strangely for the climactic moments of a U2 show, he then invited everyone to sit down and, on the count of three, to stand up. And they did - the audience unanimous in bellowing 'Stand Up' on cue.

'This is happening in Africa and India, and now Oklahoma yes... from all of us, thank you so much.'

How was it for you in Norman tonight? Tell us what it was like and post your photos below. Here's what they played, more coming up.

Get on Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Beautiful Day
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Stuck In A Moment
No Line on the Horizon
In A Little While
Unknown Caller
Until The End of the World
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy - Remix
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name

With or Without You
Moment of Surrender

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stoooh - 20 October, 2009
WoW An Amazing Show Cant wait to Vegas
I spent 4 years looking forward to this show since the last time I saw them in Miami during Veritgo.Well boys you didn't disappoint. Even after following them for over twenty-two years, they can still make me feel like I felt the first time I saw them. If I can make only 1 request...PLEASE PLAY "BAD" IN VEGAS. Then I can die in peace.
downtownla1987 - 20 October, 2009
A Celebration
Sunday nights concert was amazing! It was great seeing you all here in Norman, OK, where I now reside. After seeing you, at least 8 times or more since 1983, all over Southern CA, Northern CA, AZ and even being in downtown L.A. for the video shoot of "where the streets have no name" and being treated to a mini concert in between, you never cease to amaze! The atmosphere in Norman was amazing, people drawn in to the music, singing along and answering the call to STAND UP! You continue to make amazing music that means something and concerts that move the fans. Thank you Bono, The Edge, Larry and Adam for sticking together. It has been a great journey over all these years. Thank you for the memories, hope to see you again in OK and Lord bless you!
downtownla1987 - 20 October, 2009
A Celebration
Sunday nights concert was amazing! It was great seeing you all here in Norman, OK, where I now reside. After seeing you, at least 8 times or more since 1983, all over Southern CA, Northern CA, AZ and even being in downtown L.A. for the video shoot of "where the streets have no name" and being treated to a mini concert in between, you never cease to amaze! The atmosphere in Norman was amazing, people drawn in to the music, singing along and answering the call to STAND UP! You continue to make amazing music that means something and concerts that move the fans. Thank you Bono, The Edge, Larry and Adam for sticking together. It has been a great journey over all these years. Thank you for the memories, hope to see you again in OK and Lord bless you!
shwamee - 20 October, 2009
debut of claw hat
I was at the Tampa show the previous week, and that show was great, but the Norman show just blew that one away. May have been because I was in the Red Zone in Norman. Seeing the band and the stage up that close was an amazing experience, one I will never forget. After seeing them in Tampa, I was inspired to make a hat replica of the stage, with lights and everything, which I wore to the Norman show. The hat seemed to be a big hit, and bringing smiles to so many faces was just an added bonus to the show. It was also great because I attended the show with my family, none of whom had seen U2 before (since they haven't played in Okla. since 1983) but who have all suffered through my U2 obsession for the past 25 years. I loved hearing the awe in their voices after the show. Chalk up four new converts!
nanashana - 20 October, 2009
Awesome. truly amazing. knew this was going to be a MAGNIFICENT night, and it was. huge fan, now even more of a fan. must admit, felt like a dork afterwards, but i cried during IN A LITTLE WHILE...only b/c it reminded me that the next day (monday) my husband and I will be embarking on our long awaited adventure of having a family and U2 has made this adventure so much more meaningful to us (we are starting the InVitro process). Thank you for making this night so memorable at Memorial Stadium. look forward to viewing U2 on youtube. cant wait for the next tour!
jakeinnorman - 20 October, 2009
almost 30 years!
Bono could be ( or is?) one of the greatest worship leaders of our time. 26 years ago I saw a U2 video on MTV ( Redrocks 1983) and thought man I want to see them in concert, last night it happened and it was perfect. After 26 years of being a fan, I am now an even bigger one. The Stage and Sound was by far the best I have ever seen! Those bridges moving over the inner circle was far out! When u retire that stage feel free to drop it off at my house, all 17 trucks of it! :)
weathergirl73 - 20 October, 2009
Never Disappointing!
My husband and I have been to many concerts. The U2/Peas concert was by far the best we've ever been to. All of our friends were there enjoying the same great concert we were. The incredible stage,outstanding light show, and the phenomenal music made this concert the best night out I've had in a long time. We were very pleased to be able to purchase tickets for a reasonable price as well. The bands were just wonderful! They had the perfect mix of older music with new songs. The massive video screen and the constantly moving round stage was supurb! I want to thank the bands for coming to Norman's Pride and Joy(the OU statium). It would be great if we could get more bands here to see what a great venue we have to offer!
nate86 - 20 October, 2009
MAGNIFICENT....This was the first time I saw U2 and it was the greatest concert I have seen they ROCKED AND ROLLED!!! It was amazing from the start to finish Bono sounded great the songs sounded even better Live Loads of energy and excitment the setlist rocked!!! hope they come back
bigfly - 20 October, 2009
If not a fan, you will be!
Over the years I have seen a lot of concerts, big and small. Concert goers know what I mean that going to a concert can be a passionate experience that becomes a lifestyle. I promise, no matter if you have been to many or none at all, wether you like rock or country, this concert is once in a lifetime experience. The stage production in itself was mouth-dropping! But, the thing I will remember the most is this groups gift of connecting to it's audience and having an intimate feel to it all. When they played Sunday Bloody Sunday, it was an immense-spiritfilled experience. It sounded even better than the first time I heard this song along with the look of the stage as everything was green and made you feel a different way about the song in a new, gritty way. This was a well organized event with no problems or nonsense. I gotta tell ya, this was the most fantastic show I had ever seen in my life. They made us feel that Norman, OK was the only place to be that night and I and my brother were glad we were. Ladies andd gentlemen out there, for the first time in my life, I got my money's worth and it made me even more proud to be a Irish-American...
1U2FanNewYork - 20 October, 2009
Thank You!
This is the fourth time I've seen the band since 1987 and this was the best concert yet. I was shocked when I heard they were going to be in Norman, but I'm so glad they were! I came with two non-fans but they enjoyed it as much as I did. Thank you for playing so much "older" music. You never disappoint!
mrbluetone - 20 October, 2009
Red Zone
Seems like the boys were rocking just hard as they ever have.
Chadd Bryant - 19 October, 2009
The Best!
I could write a review a thousand pages long... but instead, I'll make it simple. Simply The Best. Period. Loved it... U2's biggest fan! Chadd Bryant
poetsheart54 - 19 October, 2009
Superb mix of Sound and Spectacle. I attended the show with my teenage sons, our first U2 show. Thanks for an experience we will never forget. Magnificent!
chalynbassett - 19 October, 2009
When I heard it has been 26 years since U2 has been to OK I was amazed but excited! Seeing as I am 26, I almost felt like I could very well be a part of history! Who knows when U2 will come back, hopefully not another 26! I had the best time of my life last night! The stage was unlike anything I would even imagine! The energy, the message, the music, and the crowd made this concert one I will never forget, EVER! BEP was amazing, I love them, I wish they would have played a few more hits and a little longer, not to override what we were all intentionally there for, but awesome open! U2, AMAZING AND EXTREMELY GIFTED ARTISTS. I love the universal awareness and the humanitarianism that is apparent in their lives. I was totally moved and especially when all 50,000+ Oklahoma U2 fans stood as one! I will never ever forget this experience, ever. Thank you so much for making it to Oklahoma and hopefully again soon!
blaylock5 - 19 October, 2009
Oh My!
I so loved coming to see you all again here in Oklahoma! This was my second show and while the first (Lexington, KY on the Elevation tour) will not be topped, this was a complete show in all ways. Fantastic stage, unequaled musicianship, Bono working the crowd like a circus master, just great. You are an inspiration. It's not just music, it's beautiful.
rolee79 - 19 October, 2009
It has always been a life goal of mine to see U2 in concert. It was the most amazing musical experience of my life. It was so worth the trip. My wife and I had a fantastic time and made memories that we will never forget. From the stage to the songs it was everything I ever hoped a U2 concert to be. Thanks so much!
treku2 - 19 October, 2009
back in Oklahoma
great concert! glad they came back to Ok. first time i saw U2 was in tulsa on the war tour in 83. i have now been to 7 U2 concerts. This one is the best one i have ever been to! Hope they make Oklahoma a regular stop!
- 19 October, 2009
Proud to stand up!
Where can I start. The 360 stage is wonderful at showing off U2's talent and their fantastic stage presence. With the choreography of lights, fog and LCD overlays, it was easy to change moods and this is without even mentioning the music! Having the performers circuit the stage brought intimacy to their performance and excitement to their selections. It was clearly the most technologically set I have seen--the images here don't capture it. U2 was great! But even greater is having a band with a real moral compass. They have done so much to bring attention to the struggles of injustice in this world. When Bono asked us to stand up against extreme poverty I did not see anyone who did not participate. Those in GA area who had no seats sat on the floor. It was one of the most special moments even. And Black Eyed Peas were a great opener! I will remember this concert forever.
- 19 October, 2009
Amazing show in Norman last night! You guys were phenomenal! I'm a photographer - I wanted to share this shot... I have many more, lemme know if you guys want them w/out watermarks. God bless, Mary M.
michael_colaw - 19 October, 2009
How do you build on perfection?
I thought you guys were at the pinnacle when I saw you in 2005. Was I ever wrong! The production was only surpassed by your energy and passion. An amazing show in Norman proved that the Vertigo tour was my penultimate U2 experience... until next time!
husker1 - 19 October, 2009
Great Show, Funny Moments!
This was my 5th show and one of the best. They sounded great and were on top of their game. A few funny moments, Bono said he was glad to be in Texas, and the Edge had to re-tune his gutiar for a song. It showed even the pros have trouble some times! Loved the show!
molly_36 - 19 October, 2009
Incredible show
From the opening w/Black Eyed Peas to Moment of Surrender, it was a night few Oklahomans will never forget. After seeing the 2nd show in Chicago, I was anticipating the Norman show. I was surprised at the more "intimate" setting at OU stadium and had to laugh at how huge the stage setup seemed compared to Soldier Field. It barely fit on the field!! Which made for great close-up seats for everyone in attendance! I had many friends go with me who weren't U2 fans but knew they'd probably never have this opportunity to see them again. Needless to say, they are now fans! Great show guys and thanks for visiting us here in Oklahoma!
marathoner351 - 19 October, 2009
Just WOW!!!
U2 are the masters of the stage. 60,000 people and we all hung on every word and sound. The 360 degree stage was great and really connected the band with the audience. Getting to see Larry out from behind the drums was great, too. Personal favorite: Ultraviolet. Thanks!!! Couldn't believe the shot of Bono I got. This was just after he gave the boy his sunglasses.
mrbluetone - 19 October, 2009
Yet Another Epic U2 Event
How are the boys gonna top that show?
sfdraper - 19 October, 2009
Perfect night for a concert!
This was my first U2 concert and words can't say how much I enjoyed it!! We had our tickets since April and it was definitely worth the wait!! Bono and Co. were in top form as always and the Black Eyed Peas didn't disappoint!! Come back soon!
zjgreen3 - 19 October, 2009
Boy in green and white stripes...
is our son! We bought that green and white Celtic jersey the day before the concert in commemoration of Bono's favorite soccer team. :) Thanks U2 for such a magical experience! He likes your music so much he actually dressed up as Bono in a talent show when he was in Kindergarten and sang Elevation in front of the whole school. He will NEVER forget last night!!! By the way, since we were in the pit we couldn't see this very well. If anyone knows of a good video of it somewhere, or some really good pics, we would greatly appreciate it!!! I'd especially love to see his facial expressions :) My email is zjgreen3@gmail.com
Shelleyz - 19 October, 2009
Magical Night
U2 brought to Oklahoma a night filled the the magic only they can bring. It was fantastic to hear my old favorites and to also witness the new songs come to life. What a great night!
bigfly - 19 October, 2009
I had been trying for over 20 years to see my favorite guys in concert and took my brother with me when I FINALLY got my chance! Bono and the guys brought a great show with a vengence and didn't disappoint us in the least! It was everything we had hoped for and more. The show held us spellbound as marveled at finally seeing our hero's perform. OU football Field was a great set up for their elaborate stageshow creating a memory we will take with us forever. If you get a chance, GO!! You'll hate yourself if you don't.
ohia - 19 October, 2009
Norman, Ok - God Bless U2
The night was cool, temp wise too. Bono even commented on how it felt like home. The sounds were crisp & clean, great vocals and of course the best stage (Spaceship) ever. I have longed to see these guys, it's been 26 years since they were here last. Bono said they were still "babies" then. We couldn't have asked for more from a band who so willingly spills it's SOUL on stage right in front of us to devour. The video boards were the best, hats off to all of the crew for the great video. We haven't stopped thinking about the show, singing the songs over & over again. I hope the band enjoyed Norman, Ok as much as we enjoyed U2!!!! Please come back!!!! Thank you, thank you, U2!! God Bless.
aMiEteaGue - 19 October, 2009
Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!
This was my first U2 concert and I totally loved it. The Black Eye Peas were awesome. Great pick for the opening act. I loved their energy and songs. U2 was more than I could ever imagine. I have been such a huge fan for years and to see them live was incredible. I can't wait to see them again. Overall, the best concert I have ever seen. Thanks and love you guys. Hope to see you again soon.
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