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Los Angeles, CA, US / Rose Bowl
with Black Eyed Peas 121
What time is it in the world and where are we going?' Bono asked after 'Get On Your Boots'. Tonight it was every time on the clock, depended which country you were in as the U2 360°: show went out live on YouTube to millions of viewers on seven continents.

'It's like we are all there at the concert,' said Baadsilver on our Zoootpia live thread 'We ALL have our hands in the air and are singing... crazy tonight for U2.'

Or as one clever Tweet put it, 'This has to be the best U2 concert I have never been to.'

From Breathe to Moment of Surrender, felt like a moment of rock'n'roll history tonight. If you were at the show add your own reviews and photos below.

Meantime, even though you probably know this, here's what they played at the Rose Bowl tonight.

Get on Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Beautiful Day
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Stuck In A Moment
No Line on the Horizon
In A Little While
Unknown Caller
Until The End of the World
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy - Remix
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name

With or Without You
Moment of Surrender
Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle

U2360° Tour


27 October, 2009
Thank You U2 for a ride on your spaceshi
The greatest night of my life, music, emotions and power. From the greatest band in the Entire Milky Way. Thank You for U2!!!
27 October, 2009
Heck of a show. We were there pretty early in the AM and hung out with a bunch of U2 fans. Things got rowdy around 4pm but we managed to get front row inside the circle, stage right. Black Eyed Peas were very impressive and for LA, there's nothing like Slash's guitar on "Sweet Child o' Mine." The stage was unreal and while it was tough to see the scale from where we were, absolutely an incredible experience from that close. The crowd was great - singing along even to the new songs and that's something that I didn't experience last tour. Really an amazing experience. And now, after 2 days, I can finally feel my legs again after 7 hours of standing! Can't wait for next year's return.
27 October, 2009
This was my sixth U2 concert and my wife's first. She has never been a big U2 fan, but that has since changed. Great show, great stage, amazing sound and lighting as always. U2 continues to prove why they are the best band in the world. Thank you to everyone involved with putting together such an impressive show - Thank you U2 - you are all heart, soul, and Rock 'n' Roll. God Bless!!!
27 October, 2009
By the way....
It is the second time I happen to be pregnant for a U2 show... (man, talk about timing!!!)) which didn't allow me to be on the field as I would have liked to... but even though I was in the "back" the way the stage is arranged really helped to make us all feel "one"... Thank you for that!!!!
27 October, 2009
great, even from behind!
I took my 11 year old daughter to the Rose Bowl, and it was amazing! Our seats were behind the stage, but we still felt a part of everything. It was fun to see the crowd from the band's perspective! The guys came around back a few times to sing/play for us, but I did miss seeing all 4 of them together. The video screen was good enough for that. I was surprised that Bono didn't pull somebody up on stage with him. It seems as if he does that a lot, yet I didn't see him do so in Pasadena. I love to live vicariously through whomever he pulls up! The BlackEyed Peas were wonderful! They had so much energy and really got the crowd pumping! They seemed genuinely humbled to be playing at the Rose Bowl, opening for U2. It was a night I know my daughter and I will never forget! I hope they release it on DVD!
27 October, 2009
end one show....
The dust hardly settled on the Rose Bowl show and we just picked up tickets for Oakland. Great show as always, maybe the levels could've been lower-alot of distortion-the show sounds better on UTube and I was there! But all things aside, incredible.
27 October, 2009
U2, Yayyy!! Rose Bowl, Booo!
My eyes and ears were on overdrive watching the video screen, and listening to the music roaring in while the audience cheered along as best they could. By that I mean the seats so crowded together we could barely move, and the big buzz kill was people leaving early to avoid the crush of traffic after the show. I've seen quite a few U2 shows, and this 360 set up was spectacular. Love the stage in the round. Love the connection between the band and the audience. But please guys, now that you've proven you can sell out stadiums, could you go back to arenas on your next tour? It's a lot easier on the fans. :)
27 October, 2009
great concert
it was a great concert and really special to actually be there live with 100,000 other people... speechless.
27 October, 2009
Simple my words: GREAT - CUTTING-EDGE - ADVANCED Congratulations! & go for more ;)
27 October, 2009
Rosebowl Show
Awesome show.. I had such a great time. Only one disappointment and that was the sound was not as loud and made it a little harder to get into the concert. Not U2's fault.. just the venue... looking forward to Anaheim.
27 October, 2009
Great Show!
27 October, 2009
In The Sound
This was a great show and worth the hassle of GA at the Rose Bowl (that is another story). Thanks for making this a great memory!
27 October, 2009
One of a Kind Experience
I'm just now recovering from last night's show and watching the rebroadcast online. I'm amazed that no matter how much they've evolved and added to their catalog, there's still this element they bring to the stage. It's an accumulation of years of music and heart that I have yet to feel at any other show. To be so close to the stage, to smile at Bono, Larry, Adam, and The Edge and to share that moment with my best friends, I just can't think of anything better. Now, I have a question. What's the song that came on after Space Oddity? So eerie yet beautiful but I don't know what it is.
27 October, 2009
U2 at the Rose Bowl Making History
This was the best concert I have ever been to! I will never go to another concert other than U2 that could be just as good. It was a truly remarkable experience that I am almost speechless about!
27 October, 2009
Best Ever!!
Wow, I have seen some great shows but I don't think there is anywhere to go but down after what I witnessed at the Rose Bowl last night..
26 October, 2009
Yahweh is Magnificent
A historical moment sharing this experiences with so many around the world. I was fortunate enough to get into the inner circle, and because of that, wasn't able to appreciate the sheer magnitude of the Rose Bowl venue until I watched the rebroadcast of the concert on youtube-96,000 people never looked so beautiful. Loved Bono's Amazing Grace lead into Streets. A very spiritual moment of the night. Thanks U2 for reminding us of where our capacity for love comes from.
26 October, 2009
I Was At The Rose Bowl
The waiting and listening to the sound check out on the golf course was awesome ... The worst part was the Rose Bowl not enough bathrooms ,getting into parking no problem , Leaving was a complete joke and worthless event staff ... Other than sore feet and a distended bladder it was a an amazing event .
26 October, 2009
Fantastic Concert
What an amazing show in Pasadena! My first time seeing U2 live and it was a great experience. So much energy from the crowd, and the audio/visual element was fantastic. I would love to see them again next year! Enjoy the panorama I made below to show the crowd...
26 October, 2009
Unbelievable Night
I was near the front of the stage and it was an amazing experience. The atmoshere was electric. All the U2 fans around me were very cool and happy to be there. Viva U2!!!!! I was wearing a Los Angeles Lakers Shirt for those around me.
26 October, 2009
... with the best rock band in the world! I've said U2 concerts are a religious experience and last night at the Rose Bowl dancing 30 feet from the stage completely confirmed it! Thank you U2 for a sensational experience and thank you for your humility in accepting the applause and adulation of the crowd. It was touching to see 4 huuuuuge rock stars touched by the crowd's sincere appreciation. See you in Anaheim!!!!!
26 October, 2009
Fabulous Night
I attended the Rose Bowl and it was amazing. Brought me back to my first U2 memory in 1986 (also in LA). It was definitely worth every penny. Thank you!
26 October, 2009
I had waited all my life for this moment. I must say... more than I expected.. way more. Growing up in Guatemala, I always heard how great their concerts were, but this one exceeded everything I've heard. Thank you U2, my dream came true... What a blessing it was, I loved it..... Beyond everything I can describe... The best band... the best day of my life!!!!!!!!
26 October, 2009
My son and I were in attendance at the Rose Bowl last night. When I was a kid in the seventies, this is what I dreamed a rock concert in the future would be like. Awesome, please release this on DVD and Blue Ray. Thanks U2, for still being around for the future of rock and roll and beyond. Patrick
26 October, 2009
My son and I were in attendance at the Rose Bowl last night. When I was a kid in the seventies, this is what I dreamed a rock concert in the future would be like. Awesome, please release this on DVD and Blue Ray. Thanks U2, for still being around for the future of rock and roll and beyond. Patrick
26 October, 2009
Truly Magnificent!
Finally!! I have been reading everyone's comments after each show and I thought my turn would never get here, but it finally came. Last night at the Rose Bowl was amazing! I was worried about my "cheap" seats as it was all I could afford, but I felt like I had the best seats in the house. The Claw was incredible and made it feel like I was up close and personal. The sound was great too! The band sounded great of course with Edge working his magic on guitar and Bono's voice was fantastic! We are so blessed to have this band still going strong after 30 years. And to wake up this morning with the news they'll be back in Anaheim next summer just keeps my excitement going. I will be there for sure!!! Thank you Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry for a night I will never forget!!
26 October, 2009
U2 Broadcast 360 around the world
Thank you to U2 their management team all the many crew members and many other people that helped to bring this magnificent show to the world.And thank you to you tube for letting U2 make history and allowing their show at the Pasadena rose bowl to be seen around the universe bringing the planet together as One.I watched the show in England awoke to be their at 4.00am and watched the whole show completely uninterrupted once again well done to the technical team that made it possible.Fantastic U2 keep reinventing keep it fresh please please keep this journey going i have been with you since 1984 and the release of The Unforgettable Fire album 25 years wow! here's to the next 25 and beyond who knows were Bono The Edge Larry and Adam will take us next maybe the first band to perform in space or on the moon cheers to U2 the Greatest Rock Band in the world.
26 October, 2009
I'll stand by you!
Thanks for another magical night....you guys keep getting better every year. Didn't even mind the 3 hours it took to get out and back to our hotel, though it makes me thing twice about going to such a large venue again.
26 October, 2009
Excellent show last night. Greatly appreciate the Youtube broadcast you offered!! PLEASE play "Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own" in Vancouver. Such a powerful song!!
26 October, 2009
Finally U2!
Long time fan of U2 but never have seen them after all these years....but finally have seen them live. Incredible show and really enjoyed BEP. I have to say that I overcame my big fear of crowds and long lines at the Rose Bowl to see U2 and but was worth it. The energy of the band and crowd was truly amazing tonight with Sunday Bloody Sunday absolutely igniting the crowd as was the case with most of their older hits....people still getting used to the new album. My only disappointment was no Pride but knew they wouldn't be playing it from their tour so far.
26 October, 2009
The concert on YouTube was awesome! I watched it live last night Thank you YouTwo! see you on Wednesday
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