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Second night in Dublin and right up there with the first. This is what you've been saying: 'this gig was out of this world'; 'loved the remix of 'Crazy', Moment of Surrender is a great closer'; 'three rows from the front barrier and Croke rocked even more than Friday night'; 'ultimate homecoming, words can not describe...'; 'My feet really really hurt - but it was worth it!'
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orflaith - 26 July, 2009
Another Crazy Night.
Wow, Wow, Wow. What more can I say. An amazing night with the boys. Unforgettable Fire and City of Blinding Lights were my highlights. The stage was breath taking, the light show, out of this world. Keep on rocking boys. Can't wait to see you again, whenever that is.
beccook - 26 July, 2009
I flew from Oz to see them! awesome - they didn't dissapoint me! My legs are hurting from jumping up and down, my throat is sore from singing and screaming and my hands sore from clapping - but all good!!! U2 PLEASE COME TO PERTH WA !!!!
davemannion - 26 July, 2009
thank you
like to thank u2 and the organisers.had seats in the wheelchair section and it was great to be so close to the stage it made you feel part of the show rather than been put somewhere where you normally dont get a good view. great show blew vertigo and popmart tour out of the water. bring on the next tour....
olejonny - 26 July, 2009
Thank you for one of my lifes absolutely finest moments! I flew in to Dublin from Norway to the first gig at Croke Park, and what a gig!! I've also been to Elevation in Stockholm 2001 and Vertigo Oslo 2005 and thought both concerts was stunning, but 360 in Dublin vas definetly the best. Absolutely Magnificent! U2 Rocks!
DavidOC - 26 July, 2009
Moment of Surrender!
Absolutely Amazin!! Thought Friday night's show couldn't be topped and Saturday's was better again. Last hour of show felt like just 5 minutes. Remix of I'll go Crazy was excellent and closing songs left you on a high and wanting more....!!
J-boy - 26 July, 2009
Savage except ending
Was there on Friday and Saturday. I never thought Friday really got going but last night the band seemed to be on fire, enjoying themselves. Best song for me was Ultra Violet Light, Bono's voice being stronger than I've heard it for years. However I felt Moment of surrender was an anti climax for both shows, and everyone I have spoken to agreed. Give it socks for Monday lads!
genevieve_mullan56 - 26 July, 2009
had my doubts and was shaking with fear just before it started but OH.MY.GOD! what a show! bono gave an astounding vocal performance which would silence any critic! it wasnt a return to form, it was a new level! U2 oh my god. im still shaking.
holdcj - 26 July, 2009
There's No Place Like Home!
What a fantastic night. 'Unknown Caller' an unexpected favourite on the night alongside my favourite U2 tracks of all time 'Pride' and 'The Unforgettable Fire'. Croke Park......Let It Rain.......We Don't Care!
bronagh25 - 26 July, 2009
It all ended too quickly
my legs ache and are bruised and i can barely stand today.. but was it worth it? hell yeah.. what a fantastic night.. what a fantastic show..what a fantastic crowd.. what a fantastic band..
Ciaran McSherry - 26 July, 2009
Was in Croker last night section 303 Lower Cusack - AWESOME. Lighting and Sound was fantastic. Bono and the boys really played to the fantastic crowd. Everyone in our part of the stadium up dancing and singing all night which really made it. Even played Angel of Harlem - brilliant.... Went to Paris few weeks ago which was great but nothing compared to last night - Greatest Show on Earth. Going to London in few weeks, know it can never be as good as last night in our own Home ground for the Boys but the craic will be good in Cricklewood - can't wait to see the boys again. Bono Larry Edge and Adam XXXX 10/10
steve_1969 - 26 July, 2009
Overwhelming !!!!
Returned to Wales today after 3 great nights in Dublin (thanks Electric Co at Murrays Bar, O' Connell St.) Wife and I went to Sat 25th gig for my 40th B'day - overwhelming!!! (all over too quickly!). Would have loved songs from 1st night set to have made it even more special - please play 1st night Croke Park set list in Cardiff on 22 August (need Elevation, End of the World, Desire and Bad) Thanks U2 for lots of good times and long may they continue!!!
scottz - 26 July, 2009
Great Show
flew here from the States just for this show, and it was so worth it. Even the rain didn't dampen the crowd. Sound was electric and it was a night I'll never forget.
brian75 - 26 July, 2009
Ive seen a fair few U2 gigs, but friday night was the best ever. The quality was out of this world. Heading for new york sept but dont think croke park can be topped. Great embassators for Ireland.
unac - 26 July, 2009
A Dream
I was there. Brilliant seats, brilliant view, brilliant performance. The weather held, but for a slight wee shower during Unforgettable Fire, but that did nothing to dampen the mood or atmosphere. Just wish I was going on Monday Night!
Glenn Waterfield - 26 July, 2009
The boys still rock! Always something new,always something special that no other band can match.Don't ever stop!!!
jennieb - 26 July, 2009
The last U2 gig for me was Zoo...which I didn't think could be bettered..but?? Unforgettable Fire, City of Blinding Lights, Crazy Tonight remix and Ultraviolet were real highlights for me....and god..that Claw and lights...amazing! Would have loved to have heard Bad and extended version of One...but definitely not complaining...after all..they can't keep going all night! Kaiser Chiefs were mega too! Going to Sheffield in August...and CAN'T WAIT!!! :)
Dono-Pox - 26 July, 2009
Impressed by In a Little While. Not one I really liked previously! Unknown Caller superb as well. Kaiser Chiefs and Republic of Loose should support all the time! First support bands Ive actually ever enjoyed!
philtj2008 - 26 July, 2009
Thank You
Fantastic night. Unfortunately it all went by much too fast. I was ecstatic that they played Unknown Caller. Its my favourite track on the new album and I was a bit gutted that they hadn't included it in the last two shows. Delighted they played it on the night I got to see the show. Well done boys. I'll remember last night for a long time.
madmary - 26 July, 2009
Near Perfection
Sat night was fabulous. Gutted I missed bad and stuck in a moment on friday but heard most of gig at home in house. Still havent found almost made up for no bad. But you can't fault the performance - a brilliant show. Only one wish left for me for monday night - fridays set list with bad and stuck in a moment, adding in still havent found in the one set list. Great gigs they have answered a few critics here and so much better than 2005 croker gigs.
harrybro19 - 26 July, 2009
What a show
My first U2 concert and it was amazing. Definitely gonna see them again. Magnificent was brilliant live
Evelyn@U2 - 26 July, 2009
All what I can say is THNK U - U2
Amazing. Never seen a gig like this ONE. It shows that they are the greatest band in the world .... AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND .....
danivap - 26 July, 2009
Until End of the World! Yes! Even from C
Yes! Thanks Bono to mentioned my country last nigth!Chile!!! It was great!!! I didn't be inside the stadium last nigth, but I was lisenting outside and I couldn't belive Bono said Chile! I saw them on Friday and the show is amazing!!! I sang, dance as much I could! I' m going again on Monday to see them!!! Thanks for the Sound boys!!!! Daniela
crunch64 - 26 July, 2009
Can't wait til next time
Flew in from England as we did in 2005. Fantastic gig, great show, great set list. Where The Streets Have No Name will always be the stand out track for me but the remix of "Crazy" blew me away as well.
Sam Hallett - 26 July, 2009
Loving to go Crazy
Dublin 1 & 2 were amazing. I can't stop thinking about the great weekend. Crazy remix has been a highlight, great to dance to and to see Larry on the move. Have a great pic from last night on the runway of Larry, Adam and Edge. Keep up the classic tunes. A perfect show. Thanks for giving us a great life with your music and gigs.
dancedancekennypants - 26 July, 2009
My friends
...what a wonderful show. It's all about taking us out of reality, and the boys sure did that last night. The show lifted as dusk fell. "Unforgettable Fire" and "City of Blinding Lights" were a triumph. "Moment of Surrender" held us still as we were about to leave. My feet barely touched the ground on the way back to the hotel. It was just as well, there was dogshit and piss everywhere. These guys owe us their living, but they give us so much in return. Music and moments like these keep us going through the drudgery and fearful times. Do the world a favour, and wear a U2 t-shirt in a trendy bar. It's easy to scoff, much harder to get off your arse and make the world a better place. Thanks guys. It was a blast.
Sam Hallett - 26 July, 2009
U2 moves in Mysterious Ways
What a show, a great follow up from the opening show in Dublin. Prime spot at the barrier at the back of the pit in the centre. I could hardly walk home after 2 days and 17.5 hours of waiting and 4 hours of gig time. Thankyou so much guys, I still hope I will get to dance with Bono. Last night was amazing when he bent over to where i was standing only a few feet away....so far but so close......
heinzoconnor - 26 July, 2009
Magical Evening
I realised last night that I was never at a "magical" event until now. I went with a U2 sceptic (at her 3rd U2 concert) who had an epiphany. The remix of "...Crazy" was my highlight. The stage was wonderful, the sound was great and the crowd were "magnificent"
noakes - 26 July, 2009
Lackluster I'm afraid....
Very poor effort last night, there is more feeling in my dad, God rest his soul. With the potential of hearing Bad and TEOTW blown out of the water by playing Unknown Caller again, the night went downhill dramatically. Yes, I sat in my seat and U2 could not get me up out of it except for Ultraviolet, a true gem. Let's hope Cardiff is something special, last night left me very disappointed (not for the first time).
declan/g - 26 July, 2009
conor kavanagh - 26 July, 2009
Crazy, Unforgetable Fire, WOW
Wow The best show i have ever seen. In the Cusack Stand, From Breathe To The end was just amazing. Crazy was amazing Can't get over Larry Mullen He was Really great on the The Drum When he came out, he was so good he was like the front man during crazy. it made my hair stand up, Ultra Violet also made my hair stand up. What a thrill to hear to Hear Unforgetable fire, first time i heard it live. The Best show ever.
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