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London, GB / Wembley Stadium
with The Hours, Glasvegas 105
Another special night and the band mixed up the set list again. Hard to single out any particular moments but as someone says below, 'To see 88,000 people lose themselves in music is a sight you don't forget in a hurry.' And enjoyed this comment: 'Ultraviolet wins in this tour- it's got real panache- a laser jacket, a rope swing mic, lower lighting, and Bono's voice seems to sound better now singing it than he did on Achtung. Hats off. Oh and that 'Streets' song ;)".

Keep sending us your reviews. What did it feel like to be at the show tonight? Surprises? Shocks? Unforgettable moments you'll never surrender? Here's what they played."
London - I Still Haven't Found


15 August, 2009
Faraway, so close
We got in the front pit for Berlin and decided to take a seat in the stands for tonight and enjoyed it a whole lot more. Getting a perspective on the whole audience and the size of the claw really adds to the spectacle. 'Bad' and 'Until the End of the World' were highlights, but 'Streets' still remains completely unbeatable. To see 88,000 people lose themselves in music is a sight you don't forget in a hurry. My 9th U2 gig and one of the best. Roll on Sheffield!
15 August, 2009
Wembley 2
My second show, what a night! They played Stay! Then Until the End of the World! And when I thought it couldn't get any better they played Bad!!! Life just doesn't get any better than this, thanks boys.
15 August, 2009
15th Aug -Wembley
Oh my word! I hadn't been taken with this album and I didn't want this concert to spoil my brilliant memories of previous U2 concerts but all my fears were dispelled in the opening bars. Everyone on top form and I swear I saw the lovely Larry smile ;-) The only downer was the sound quality which was a problem at the Foo Fighters' gig. So I think Wembley may be a bit duff on the accoustics. But amazing show and could U2 not only sell the claw to the 2012 Olympic committee, but actually produce the opening and closing ceremonies otherwise they are going to be pants!! Love to all of you and a special place in my heart for Aung San Suu Kyi for her struggle and all it symbolises and to Desmond Tutu for being a top chap. Lxx
15 August, 2009
another great night
brillant nite again,the sound was better than lastnite.bad and until the end of the world was my highlight.roll on sheffield. just wish they wouldnt end with moment of surrender,maybe with or without you would be better.
Blunt Laser
15 August, 2009
i take it back!
bloody good show tonight. i moaned yesterday but tonight was miles better. bad especially made my gig.
15 August, 2009
Bad :Good!
"Bad" brought back memories of Live Aid for me, and probably most people in the new stadium, on the same space as the old one. The first time I've had a "seat" at a 2's gig in 26 years, apologies to the ole folks sitting behind me whilst we rocked the night away! Where would Mr. Heuston sit / stand at a U2 gig!*!&£^£!
15 August, 2009
Sheer brilliance....
What more can I say, absolutely awesome. Attended previous nights gig at Wembley but this one, by far set the marker for one of the best gigs I've seen. Loved Unknown Caller....really comes alive when played live. Where the Streets Have No Name....was always destined to be a classic and the electrifying atmosphere when Edge strings those famours chords... Thanks boys, for another fabulous evening. I defy any other band to beat this!!!
15 August, 2009
This must have been the best show so far for me. Amazing atmosphere! Watched the whole show from the center of a pit....amazing stuff. Thank you!
15 August, 2009
U2 LIve at Wembley.. WOO HOO
Now that was amazing. I was in the pit on edges side and had an great view for until the end of the world. The energy in the pit was amazing. "Bad" again..... Woo Hoo. Heard it 4 times on this tour. It was great tonight. I caught 1 of the blue picks that Dallas threw down. Now that is a nice souvenir. Thanx Dallas. Thanx U2 for another great night. Roll on Cardiff. Show no. 12 on this tour. I dont want it to end... John (Ireland)
15 August, 2009
The best set list yet! Even better than Croker! End of the World, New Years Day, Bad...COME ON!!!! You nailed it tonight boys, absolutely nailed it! Come back real soon U2, I'm fallin' in love with you all over again!
15 August, 2009
Wembley 15th August
With the roof fully open for the second night the sound had more room in which to "breathe" right from the opening the audio mix was better and the band were tighter. For us oldies we were treated to 5 tracks from UF including Bad 24 years after it's dramatic rendition at live aid, a spetacular performance of Stay and a Crazy version of Crazy again. Having done a night on the floor the seats gave us a great view of the band, the claw and the hardcore audience who had made it into the centre of 360. After 22 years Bono, Larry, The Edge and Adam really are above the top of their game. All 4 of us "sang out Hearts out" and the youngest member of our group who did not exit when we first saw U2 at Wembley said "They were the best band she has ever seen"
15 August, 2009
I just got in. My head and heart are still thumping. I will never, ever forget that. I'll be able to tell everyone. Hey, I saw U2 when I was 16. It was amazing, it's hard to think of other ways to describe it. Loved the set mix up.All the songs were gold tonight. So happy they played stay, it is one of my favourite songs of all time. I wanted to cry when I knew it was coming to an end. Just Magnificent. Too many highlights. Keep rockin' guys.
15 August, 2009
Such a surprise to hear this tonight. Maybe they played it at Wembley as it reminded them of when it was played at Live Aid? The Unforgettable Fire, 25 years old, still as good as ever. Superb night, thanks guys.
15 August, 2009
Looking forward to Glasgow
What set list! So many great songs. I really hope Bad makes it into the Glasgow set. My fave song for (scarily) 25 years! Scotland awaits the Claw.
15 August, 2009
New years day yes yes yes. The sound of U2.
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