Athens, GR (Olympic Stadium)
Olympic Stadiumwith Snow Patrol
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This is the stadium where the 2004 Olympic Games were held and if the times have changed since those heady days for this country, the venue was packed to the rafters tonight, with the Greek audience generating as much noise as any on the tour to date.

Bono acknowledge that there have been tough financial times here lately before adding, 'Greece is a great country because of the Greeks... Ireland is a great country because of the Irish..'

The place was illuminated like fireworks night during One, not just with phones held high but an ocean of glow-sticks. Looked like someone even set off a flare in the inner circle. The excitement was tangible.

'Incredible people,' announced Bono at the end of a breathtaking performance of 'Streets. 'Incredible place'

Hold Me Thrill Me is back in tonight and by the time we get to With Or Without You, the audience have decided they can sing the song on their own. 'Wow!' exclaims Bono.' We won't forget this'

If you were there, sounds like it was a night that you won't forget either. Add in your own review and upload your photos below. Tell us what moment tonight you will never surrender, what you found in Athens that you never knew you were looking for.

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rale - 06 September, 2010
Just fantastic!!!
Amazing night! The best gift that the Greeks could have this hard season. This was not just a show, it was something that means a lot. Hope to see you again soon! Music keeps people alive!
michaelx - 06 September, 2010
Sometimes the dreams comes true....thank you Bono, Edge, Adam, Larry and all the crew for a night tha come from heaven....THANK YOU.... Where the streets....was AMAZING.... .... .... WE WANT MORE... WE WANT MORE... WE WANT MORE...!!! THANK YOU FOR EVER....
- 06 September, 2010
.........THANK YOU FOR THE......ELEVATIO!!!!!!!!!!!! THE ENTIRE NIGHT WAS MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE HAD THE TIME OF OUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!
STERIOS - 06 September, 2010
savvas_rh - 06 September, 2010
AMAZING!!!!!! JUST PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!! THANK U!!! THANK U!!!! THANK U!!!! FOR THE INCREDIBLE UNFORGETTABLE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope don't forget us and see you soon AGAIN!!!!!!!!
KATERINAA - 06 September, 2010
When i was 18 years old i took the bus to Thesaloniki to see you...there was no way i would miss this show in Athens! It will be a night to remember, i can't believe how incredible you all were, the playlist AMAZING, the band EXCELLENT, Bono's voice no words to describe (i loooved miss Sarajevo!!!)... Looking forward to your next tour, please include Greece in, remember we are broke and can't follow you everywhere ;) THANK YOU FOR AN AMAZING NIGHT!!!!!!!
paokara4 - 06 September, 2010
Thanks for the BEAUTIFILL DAY
markaliv - 05 September, 2010
- 05 September, 2010
And I thought nothing could move me....
I am a 35 (actually going 36 on the night of your performance!) year girl, who purchased one of her first ever LPs back in 1987...The name of the album was Joshua Tree and the song was "Still haven't found what I am looking for" Friday night was pure magic. I started crying like a baby when I heard the song again...I kissed my husband and told him I loved him for making me such a birthday present I will never forget. God bless you for making me feel again...
Nikosu2 - 05 September, 2010
Two shows, 26-09-1997 and 03-09-2010. Thirteen years of waiting. All I (we) want is you ... Don't wait 13 more years t come again. Please
tomagiot - 05 September, 2010
I have been in 3 shows at the 360 tour and i have to admit , this was the best. The audience went just crazy for you, singing all the time your songs (although not their mother language). What else do u want in order to come back soon? God bless you.
ugodagos - 05 September, 2010
Ciccio and Ugo in Athens
Two italian fans in Athens: Ciccio & Ugo. The show was great!!!
ugodagos - 05 September, 2010
Mr McPhisto in Athens
A photo in Athens of Mr McPhisto by Ciccio and Ugo, two italian fans. The show was great!!!
streetspanic - 05 September, 2010
I'm speechless. There are no words to explain or describe what we experienced at the Olympic Stadium. Just like 13 years ago in Thessaloniki, two days after the concert and my feelings are mixed. So thrilled from that night, so sad that it ended. And so jealous of the people who will experience these feelings in one of the upcoming shows. Once more, thank you. Thank you for your music, thank you for teaching us what commitment is and what hard work can do, thank you for promoting the idea of being one. You are a big part of our lives. You have given us two of the most memorable and meaningful nights of our lives, first in Thessaloniki 13 years ago, and now in Athens. And hopefully you will give us even more.
Miranda_rho - 05 September, 2010
simply unbelievable!!!! I have no words to describe the feeling of a dream come true! U2 live! and what a show... a true experience. Seeing them live is the only way to understand why they are the biggest band in the world! Thank you for giving me the best night of my life... I just couldn't have enough of the amazing show!The setlist was perfect! The intro amazing too... hope to see you soon back in Greece. As we prooved with the amazing vibe, we Greeks wanted desperately to see you live...
AngelisPanayi - 05 September, 2010
An experience that will stay with me for
I have never experienced something like that before! The aura of Bono, Edge and the rest of the crew... my God! Magic is a human word that is to small to express it. You people have something, something out of this world. I cannot explain it differently. I just wish i knew what it was. Thank you for giving it to us. Because it is a gift to illuminate the souls of thousands with just being who you are. It was a childhood dream of mine to see you perform and especially the song elevation-from the first time i listened to it-. It was a memorable night in Athens...a night that only U2 can give to the Greeks once more-hopefully in the future!
pernryd - 05 September, 2010
Thank you for your heart!
The show is spectacular! The songs are unforgettable! Your performance incredible! But what touches me the most is your heart! Your heart for your audience ofcourse, but even more for the people on our planet that no one speaks for. Thanks for giving them your heart and your voice. Your heart is what makes you GREAT! Keep on caring and helping all of us to open our hearts for the world in need! And I´ll pray that your hearts stays soft and vounreble, open to God. This was my third 360-show and it was the best. Now I have a little postU2 and are a little sad that it will be long for the next time. But til then: stay safe and have a even more blessed yourney. God bless U2!
stratoula - 05 September, 2010
What can I say for this amazing band? I'm just a girl!And they are Gods!Yes Bono was right!They are Gods!!!The Gods or rock,the Gods of music!!! Thanks U2 for this amazing night!I will never forget it!!! P.S.The Edge...I love you man!!!
Achtung_Baby_Ioli - 05 September, 2010
Achtung Baby in Athens
360 Achtung Baby in Athens
zolitsa - 05 September, 2010
An unforgetable night!!!! Thanks for making me feel like a child again... Thanks for making me believe again... Thanks for making me laugh again... Thanks for making me hope again... Thanks for all... But mostly by heart... THANKS YOU FOR EXCISTING!!! LOVE U2 Evangelia Greece
athens - 05 September, 2010
One of the most legendary moments took part in Athens Olympic stadium ...Thank you for singing "Sunday Bloody Sunday" as it is a special song for special occasions...As you might have seen the Greek audience loves why on earth took you so long to visit us again?...Anyway the whole plot was one of a kind and we thank you for the memories...hopefully some of us might follow you elsewhere on your trip... And are one of us my son...take care
astef - 05 September, 2010
Astonishing SHOWTIME
I've seen lots of concerts of my favoirite bands at the Greatest Olympic Stadioum of Athens, those bands were Guns'N Roses with Bruan May support,STING with Robert Plant support and Rolling Stones !!!!! The band that was missing in my personal ticket collection was U2 live in ATHENS OAKA. All those years allways when I was travelling in Ireland cause I'm half Greek-half Irish I did'nt have the luck to see U2 in Dublin or in Belfast. I believe the U2 360 Tour Concert was one of most amazing shows I ever seen in my life. An amazing performarce of BONO and the increadible eletronic progressive guitar of EDGE was astonishing. Larry Mullen & Adam Clayton were the same like they were in MTV old good times...they hasn't change a thing!!! Very nice performance I Agree Its the Greatest Tour Ever Happened from Technological point of view!!!!
Siriha - 05 September, 2010
It's U2 Time!!!
I have no words to describe the magnificent night at Olympic Stadium,that was the best concert in Athens,simply amazing,you rock the whole town,big respect and thanks,come back soon!!!!
- 05 September, 2010
Thank u U2,thnx Bono for an incredible night!the night was magical!we were ONE! it meant a lot for us the things u said about us -greeks and that we r gonna make it afterall! pls come back soon in athens!!! God bless u!
MD709 - 05 September, 2010
We need you
Come back soon U2, we need to see & feel your presence live.... you were amazing... THANX
- 05 September, 2010
Best Show EVAH!!!! Thank you guys for this incredible night!!!! U2 are simply the best!!!!! Bono "Alexander The Great", we love you. greeks & irish we are one and we ARE still the same!!!!!!
archhirgon19 - 05 September, 2010
U2 360 at athens...
A night that stays in my heart forever and a joy that i could die to live with a special person but she couldn't was so thrilling that the whole place was moving i thought the whole stadium was going to fall apart not just from the crowd but also from the energy that U2 showed and shared...i hope i will see you again at one of your shows with my special person with me god Bless U2 the greatest band EVER!!!!!!!!!
- 05 September, 2010
A night to remember!!!
We loved you again! We missed you since 1997! Do come again sooner this time, in the next tour! Loved "Beautiful day" "With or without you" "Where the streets have no name" and so on. A Magnificent show!!! An Unforgettable Fire!!!
mphysik - 05 September, 2010
Unforgettable Night in Athens!
Thank u all for this incredible night! Never before more than 80.000 people in our country have sang and danced all together. Most thrilling and touching moment when Bono sang above us in the inner circle 'Miss Serajevo'. Also special thanks to the crew and the staff they all gave their best! Hope to see you again soon (Rome here we come!!) Greetings from Athens George-Eleni
- 05 September, 2010
Amazing Night Amazing band Amazing Fans Congratilation guys from Bulgaria.
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