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Istanbul, TR / Ataturk Olympic Stadium
with Snow Patrol 132

There were 50,000 through the doors of the Ataturk Olympic Stadium tonight to mark the band's first ever appearance in Turkey and if the anticipation was high, no-one was let down. The Return of the Stingray Guitar set the scene and by the time Beautiful Day led into New Year's Day Istanbul was jumping.

'Great to see ya...' said Bono, taking a breath. 'Have we the spirit to rock this Olympic Stadium? Where are we going? Ankara... Izmira... Antalya... Istanbul?'

Lots of special touches tonight, all the way through the set, from My Sweet Lord in 'Beautiful Day' to John I'm Only Dancing in 'Crazy' and the girl invited onstage for a dance during In A Little While.

'It took us a while to come to your magical city of Istanbul,' explained Bono. 'What is going on in this country is good for the whole world...
'Its a beautiful bridge...
'From the past into the future...
'From where Europe has been to where Europe needs to go... a bridge of understanding...'

The emotion of the night was never more evident than with the first live performance since Chile in 2006 of Mothers of the Disappeared. It was dedicated 'to the memory of Fehmi Tosun - whose family are with us tonight.' Fehmi disappeared in Turkey in 1995, as the band highlighted on the sleeve of 1997's Pop album.

Extraordinarily poignant to hear this song back in the set - 'We hear their heartbeat...' - and at the end Bono asked everyone, 'Would you please welcome Zulfu Livaneli?'

The famous Turkish artist and political activist received a huge reception telling everyone:
'We are the music makers,
We are the dreamers,
Welome Bono,
Welcome friends to Turkey...' For a moment Zulfu took over the vocals, his guitarist playing Edge's guitar, Bono watching, hand on chest - the whole audience joining in with this remarkable performer.

At the close of With or Without You, Bono thanked the audience for their patience. 'Let's not make it so long before we come back... alright this is moment of surrender.'

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07 September, 2010
It was a great unique magnificent , life altering experience.. Thanks for everything! Wish to have you back here where you called "the magical city" ... Your turkish delights are waiting for you...!!
07 September, 2010
Miracle and magic
It was just a miracle,Thank you guys for making my dream come true! :)
07 September, 2010
couldn't have been better
I certainly had one of the unforgettable nights of my life... it worths everything, really.
07 September, 2010
Bono feat. Zulfu livanelli
It was definitely a memorable moment and great respect to one of the best musician in the world - Zulfu Livanelli
07 September, 2010
U2 !!!!!!! thank you for the amazing performance last night in Istanbul, it was a dream come true. I wish I was the one who danced with Bono, wish to see you again
07 September, 2010
thank you bono, thank you the edge. i will never forget the croatian girl next to me, crying during "in a ittle while". i hope it does not take too long to meet again.
06 September, 2010
Wow, looks like a great show and I'm sure there will be more In A Little While! I love this new online show report page. The reading is a lot easier and friendlier. Hope some of the band had time to see the Basketball World Cup, FIBA, going on there in Istanbul. Will Türkiye be in the finals? There weren't many video shots of the great city while watching the basketball via TV. We need more photos per show, Mr. Will (last year Raleigh got 0 official photos). Please add more video and photos of each great city. Some fans do not have the money to purchase digital cameras because we spend too much on tickets.
06 September, 2010
what a Magnificent stage what a Maggnificent audiance what a magnificent politics (Not) what a magnificent bridge ! what a magnificent surprise of Zulfu ...this was my third u2 show. .to feel them live in your home town is: me running down the road like loose electricity...
06 September, 2010
yes you were late to come yes you were long wanted yes you were most appreciated for being on this unique land on this amazing nite yes you crossed that amazing bridge with a politician yes you received serious reaction when you mentioned his name in your concert then you sang with Livaneli all looks a bit mixed. polarized. mystified. confused.
06 September, 2010
Romanian fans
Hey guys, romanian fans will also be in Istanbul tonight, as well as some of them were in Athens, too. Can hardly wait for tonight show! hope the weather will be good, now is quite windy... see you there!
05 September, 2010
Weather forecast
After today's rain in Istanbul it looks more favourable for tomorrow night, only a 20% chance of rain. Fingers crossed : )
05 September, 2010
A little wish
I am pretty sure that you guys check the reviews time to time. I hope you see mine and play "Stuck in a moment and you can't get out of it". Thanks...
05 September, 2010
heyyy where are you !!! I wait for a long time for this moment I want to scream U2 is in turkey now countdown 1 finally I think my dream is come true noww and I'm ready to sing every song with them OMG!!!!
05 September, 2010
welcome to my home
I'll wait for U for a long time.. I've counted the days on my facebook page. Finally U came my home, Istanbul.. I'll hope you like, and come back again. I'll forever love U2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
04 September, 2010
I will not be there :(
I have been waiting god knows for how many years for a U2 show in Turkey. Now that they are here my doctor advised me not to go to the concert as standing up for long time may put my four moths pregnancy into a risk. Advce broke my heart but I have no choice but to follow doctor's adevice. I am sorry guys. I hope one day I will come one of your shows with my son/daughter. Elvan
04 September, 2010
yesterday I was holding them!!
Guysss I've made it! This is Sezen from Istanbul!Yesterday I went to the airport at 2.45 and met the band , it was a dream come true!!!!!!! I took pics with every member hugged them and Bono even gave me a little kiss on my cheek when I said "we're your turkish delights" :)))))) what a joy!!!!!!!!!!
04 September, 2010
With you in Istanbul
I was waiting for you such a long time in my city. I was going to university when I listened you at first time. Now I am 35 and I am giving lecture at the same university and still listening you with my little daughter. You are great guys...
04 September, 2010
I hope that bono,edge,larry or adam read this note. this is first U2 istanbul concert in history, yuo know that. and remember we never listen you in live concert. I know your setlist is ready. but you're not playing some amazing(beyond the amazing) U2 hits. please do a favor for us, for istanbul. could you play these song (maybe a few of them or all of them!!??? :D) THE FLY , ANGEL OF HARLEM , STAY(FARAWAY SO CLOSE) , DIRTY DAY , DESIRE
04 September, 2010
From Iran
When you went green in your concert and supported the democracy movement in IRAN, You let out voice be heard through the world. We attend your concert to show our appreciations. Thank you.
03 September, 2010
Dream come true
Coming from Tehran,Iran to my dream concert... can't find words to describe how I feel and I am sure it'll be harder afterwards...
03 September, 2010
One more time
From Geneva, after Paris on july 09 and Houston on october 09, now Istanbul. Nice city, nice people, nice band, and after Istanbul the next step is Bruxelles. Panikinfo Love U2
03 September, 2010
One more time
From Geneva, after Paris on july 09 and Houston on october 09, now Istanbul. Nice city, nice people, nice band, and after Istanbul the next step is Bruxelles. Panikinfo Love U2
03 September, 2010
Dutchies on the way
Istanbul here we come! We are from Holland and can't wait to see the band in Istanbul! Awesome the many nationalties joining in Istanbul to see U2. Enjoy everyone :)
03 September, 2010
All the way from Beirut
Hey we're coming all the way from Beirut... :))) we got the tickets since November 2009 It's gonna be a great concert and we are very excited to be there....woooohooooo Y.
02 September, 2010
English & Italian are coming
All the way from London ..wahoooo can't wait to see the Best Band in The World !!!!
01 September, 2010
we are from Austria
this is wondefull! istanbul we coming..i love U2 and i am pride with this group! Istanbul is a wonderfull city
01 September, 2010
How far
My wife and I are coming from Wisconsin in the US to see the boys in Istanbul. Anyone coming from farther than that?
01 September, 2010
Switzerland meets Istanbul!
After two amazing concerts in Helsinki (FI) two weeks ago, I'll see the show in Istanbul too. I'm very excited to see this great city and naturally the best band in the world ;-)!!!
01 September, 2010
5 days
we are 9 fans from Georgia and coming to Istanbul can't wait to see this mega event !!!!
01 September, 2010
From Tehran,
we are goin' to Istanbul from Tehran, can't hardly wait !
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