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Opening with The Return of the Stingray Guitar and featuring North Star and Mercy, tonight's show included three of the five new tracks the band have premiered on the 2010 European dates.

'Great show, such energy,' as one of our first reviewers puts it. 'Really good to get 3 of the gorgeous new songs, Wonderful set list'.

MLK was also back, in place of Mothers of the Disappeared, and Hold Me Thrill Me, in place of Ultraviolet. The white balloons blanketed the Stade de France tonight and we had a record-breaking concert audience here of ninety six thousand. Bono introduced the band in French much to everyone's delight. 'The guys were at the top,' says another of our reviewers. 'The sound was great, the set list too, the audience and the energy were fantastic, it was simply magic and amazing. What a show, what a band, what a night in Paris. It was only rock'n roll, and I've liked it... '

Plenty of well-known names here too from fashion and the arts - Fabien Verschaere, David Guettta, Helena Christensen and Marion Cotillard, Petra Nemvoca - to politics, including French Minister for Culture Jack Lang and Minister for Finance, Christine Lagarde as well as Irish Ambassador Patrick Kavanagh.

'Multiple highlights,' writes another fan. 'The new staging of Walk On is wonderful and affecting, B-Man calling out the French Government in SBS reminded me why they are the last relevant band on earth, Mercy and Amazing Grace / Streets. What a segue...' A big, bold, bright Saturday night show, third and final time in Paris for the 360 Tour and a memorable way to sign off. But if you were there tonight, you'll have your own special surprises and highlights.

More news on tonight's show on the way - meantime, if you were at the show add your own review and upload photos below.

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mmaurez - 16 September, 2010
From Glasgow to Paris!
Bought tickets for the Paris gig a year ago. Saw the concert in Hampden last year and decided to go to the Paris gig, in my homecountry, with a home buddy as we're both celebrating our 40th this year! We attended the Zooropa tour concert in Paris in 1992 together and are reunited again for what is bound to be une soiree FANTASTIQUE!
cappuwa - 16 September, 2010
finally the time has come
Been waiting for next Saturday for a long time last year had tickets for los angeles but could not make it tomorrow me and my friends will be heading to Paris coming to see the show from Malta. I don't care what songs will be played anything U2 choose will be amazing.
jtijmens - 16 September, 2010
Paris,France, know your name..
Saturday by Thalys train from Rotterdam to Paris to see the greatest band in the world again. Saw them in Amsterdam and Gelsenkirchen last year and this Year in Hannover and going to Brussels on thursday, can't get enough. I hope they play Unknown Caller and Bad, but everything else is great! See U on saturday.
Adrian Haynes - 15 September, 2010
Gonna get engaged
Hi - Plan to get get engaged during show - ring bought - she does nt know. Could do with set list being sorted i.e. would prefer Two Hearts Beat as One, Pride, then MLK at end of 1st encore. Otherwise may have to go still have nt found what I m looking for - but I have ! Dont suppose it can be sorted - been too busy working to ask earlier. Sad but we do have 2 cats named Bono (13) Edgy (6). Age - Me 42 next week, Nic 36 in Nov - no parents all dead - Nic' s Dad this year end May Cheers - Cant wait for show & proposing
beautiflday - 15 September, 2010
future needs a big kiss
Coming from Spain to see the lads! Ready to enjoy another beautiful night.... If you play kite and in a little while...we'll be perfect!
Liodra - 15 September, 2010
Original of the Species
I'm on the train to Paris, waiting for you guys!!! 3 sleeps until the show! Please play Original of the Species!!!
nkokic - 14 September, 2010
All roads lead to where you are....
Counting minutes to Paris....... natasa
elliottness - 14 September, 2010
Mercy Mercy Us !!
Coming from Ireland to see the lads. My lovely wife Yvonne celebrates her birthday this weekend xx Saw the band last year in Dublin and Glasgow and can't wait to Saturday night. C'mon lads, play Mercvy again...Bad...and All I Want Is You !
andyw - 14 September, 2010
Can't Sleep!!!
Can't wait, saw U2360 twice last year wembley and Sheffield absolutely Fantastic! looking forward to visiting Paris for the first time and stade de france. making it a long weekend and spending Sunday sight seeing in Paris!!! Happy aniversary to my gorgeous wife Mandxxxxxx I know a girl....................
philbo1969 - 13 September, 2010
Going to Paris with a couple of great mates. Wish list...Yahweh, Exit, Out of Control, I Will Follow, Acrobat, New Years Day and of course Miracle Drug. My lad Sam wants to go after seeing them at Wembley last year. He is longing for the next UK tour!
richard17 - 13 September, 2010
Waiting for the space ship to land in Pa
looking forward to seeing U2 in Paris for the first time. Going with two other friends. Driving from Gloucestershire on Firday morning and standing for the weekend. My friend is french so she is really looking forward to it. U2 please play your new track GLASTONBURY as I am from that little place in Somerset. Five days left to see the biggest and the best band in the world. From Richard.
plan9fr - 11 September, 2010
Hold Me, Thrill Me...
I just saw the setlist of the the Horsens, Denmark show on August 16, 2010. It will be awesome if could be the same in Paris. The encores are perfect with all my U2 favourite songs: One Where the Streets Have No Name Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me Ultraviolet (Light My Way) With Or Without You Moment Of Surrender It would be awesome to have both some Batman vibes and Ultraviolet... Please... :)
anneflorine - 10 September, 2010
Saw 360 in Amsterdam last year; now coming to Paris to enjoy U2 in Stade de France! One of my friends can't come, unfortunally, so got one spare ticket... if interested, send mail to my username at Only 8 more nights! Hoping to hear No Line on the Horizon and Mothers of the Disappeared!
geraldinho1969 - 10 September, 2010
C'est Magnifique
My wife and I are heading over from Glasgow for a 20th wedding anniversary treat, even though it was officially in July. Can't wait to soak up all the atmosphere and heard that the Stade de France is fantastic for holding the sound inside. Was in the pit last year at Hampden but think we'll move back a bit this time to take in a bit of the 360 degree extravaganza. Will need to pack my tissues for One as it gets me every time. Only 8 more sleeps!!!
boreno - 09 September, 2010
Concert Tickets!
Hello! I'm living in Paris four months ago. I love U2 and has been a dream for me to go to a concert of them for years. Could it be possible that someone is selling your ticket for the concert on 18th of this month. Thanks
gavijess07 - 08 September, 2010
U2 and the Mona Liza!
In the city of blinding lights, home to some of the best art in the world to be washed down with the metaphysical music of U2. To experience transcendence and the meaning of Being. To renew my existence and the brotherhood of mankind inside the Stade de France. Only a group like U2 can reach for the sky and find what I'm looking for! Please play Lemon like you did in the Zoo TV tour in Sydney, Australia. Herman, Miami Beach!
garreth Nevin - 08 September, 2010
I was at the 3 shows in Dublin and can't wait to see the boys in Paris. Leaving from Dublin on Thursday. Killing 2 birds with one stone. I will be celebrating my wifes Birthday with her in Paris on the 19th. Let me here the sound. . . .!!!!!!
AislinnU2 - 06 September, 2010
Been holding on to these Paris tickets since last October! It will be the 3rd show ive seen on the 360 tour and it wont be the last! Coming from NY! SO EXCITED!
trichet44 - 06 September, 2010
Salut la classe 80
Bien cher Bono, 50 ans comme toi. Incroyable modèle pour moi. "Joshua tree" reste pour moi le best of the best. Nantes en 1993 Nice en 2005 Paris en 2009 Paris en 2010 Peut être un jour sur vos terres d'Irlande ? Bye my friend for all my life !!!!!
CAZZY65 - 05 September, 2010
adamfoppa - 05 September, 2010
Achtung Paris.
Paris will be magical and so fantastic. hope to hear Bad. 13 days left..see you there guys. / Sweden U2 fan.
pablothewizard - 05 September, 2010
SO excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Having seen the guys 4 times on last years European leg (including Wembley 2 - the best U2 gig I've ever seen - absolutely INCREDIBLE) I'm drooling at the prospect of seeing them at the Stade de France. Every time I see them live I hope my expectations aren't too high but they just blow me away each time. I can't believe my luck to be seeing the best band in the world again and in such a magnificent city. The new songs are brilliant and they have shaken the setlist up nicely. I know that irrespective of what they play it will be an incredible experience, but am just praying that they play Bad. Its my all-time favourite U2 song and just lifts any show to a whole new level. Please lads, if you read these pages, please, please PLEASE play BAD on September 18th !!!!!
Mr. Soft - 03 September, 2010
Blue Paris Sky
Landing early in the morning from Bulgaria. Have waiting so long (since opening night in Barcelona last year) and please, please, please... Bullet the blue Paris sky.
jumpingjesus - 03 September, 2010
15 days...
Leaving U.S. Friday night, get into Paris at 6:50AM... take a nap, eat a nice meal, drink some wine... then U2!!!! Can't imagine a better way to start my European vacation. CITY OF [BLINDING] LIGHT[S]!!!!!!!
jdunphy - 01 September, 2010
New Entrance
Would love to see a bigger and better entrance in Paris, some hard rock and bass to get the crowd going. Remember we love No Line on the Horizon, it aint a greatest hit tour. But lets face it, we will love the show no matter what.
snaap1 - 31 August, 2010
Paris count down!!!
Can't wait to see them in Paris!!! will be leaving the States on Friday!! EPIC!!!
jomorisson - 26 August, 2010
It would be fabulous to hear the title " mercy " in Paris, this track is simply wonderful, then...please play it .
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