U2360° TOUR

Toronto, ON, CA / Rogers Centre
with Interpol 73
'Come on now Hogtown...  in the summer night, where  you going to take us?
'Under the pale moon...where you going to take us?'

Tonight Toronto took us from 'Real Thing' in the 1990's to 'I Will Follow' in the 1970's, from 'Scarlet' in the 1980's to Moment of Surrender which was first played live when this tour opened over  two years ago. We travelled, as usual, on the U2360° spaceship, the night flew by and in the end we were all just stars shining in the summer night - not just inside the Rogers Centre but right across the city.

'Didn't know U2 was in town,' tweeted andrispone. 'Then I heard this ringing on my balcony that sounded like The Edge. Sure enough, the lid is open at the Dome'

'We're free to fly the crimson sky
The sun won't melt our wings tonight.
Oh now, oh yeah, here she comes
Take me higher, take me higher
You take me higher, you take me higher....'

A lot can happen in two years, explained Bono, apologising for the delay in the band's arrival here. Adam is 'walking differently because he's become a father',  Larry has a film out, Edge has had an idea for a new musical. 'Who can fathom the workings of this man's mind? A genius on guitars and everything else... very good at train sets.'

'Faraway, so close
Up with the static and the radio.
With satellite television
You can go anywhere:
Miami, New Orleans
London, Belfast....Toronto in the summer sun.'

'Can we take this space station any higher on a Monday night?' Elevation is rocket-fuel for a U2 crowd seven nights a week and sure enough it took this show into warp mode: 'Noisy, noisy folks. Don't tell us you treat all your rock stars like this!'

Special thanks tonight to Arthur Fogel of Live Nation 'Who believed in this tour when it was just a rock star wanting to take a space ship around the world. You should be proud, he's one of your own... Canadian.
'You're incredible people, you've got an incredible country. Thanks for loaning it to us for the evening...'

Did the lid of the Dome open for you in Toronto tonight? What took you higher?

Some fans are, to quote a song, 'geniuses of compression' - like @GeraldtonSteve on Twitter who summed it up: 'Weather cooperated, dome stayed open, epic setlist, amazing lightshow. Thanks, #U2360TOR Worth the 15 hour drive.'

If you were at the show at the Rogers Centre add your own review and upload your photos below.

U2360° FANCAM in Toronto!


04 July, 2011
Please add A Sort of Homecoming in your
Please add A Sort of Homecoming in your set list
28 June, 2011
Dear Bono, May I have the pleasure of meeting you after the show in Toronto.? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, :) Linda Benedict,
23 June, 2011
I would love to hear these in Toronto Out of Control Gloria and, it will never in my lifetime happen but.........One Tree Hill
20 June, 2011
Wishes for my first 2011 concert
Flying over the pond to see U2 in action once again... would love if you add a few songs from "No Line..." and how about "Numb"?
18 June, 2011
Welcome BacK
We missed U2! xxxx
15 June, 2011
Dutchies are coming to Toronto
We can`t wait to see the band on the other side of the ocean. Greetings Marcel and Annemarie. Ammsterdam,Holland.
16 April, 2011
were ready for a party
Got on a bus and went to Boston to see you guy's in the beginning of the 360 tour from Halifax Nova Scotia.Now were flying to Toronto.Can't wait bought the tickets last summer after the cancelled show.This is good luck for us,this will be a magnificent show.Also will be going to Moncton N.B for the final 360 show what a summer it's going to be.Hey maritimers come to this event it will impact you for a lifetime.All the best U2 see you in July
11 April, 2011
One Year Later...
It's one thing to buy your tickets, knowing you're going to have to wait for the show - but then to have it canceled/postponed ... Ack! Very pleased Bono has fully recovered from his back surgery - glad to hear all concert reports have been fabulous! Looking forward to July 11th...been waiting a long time... xox Helen
09 April, 2011
1st time U2 concert - tickets & reservations were made 11 months in advance, and for us this is a big deal. I am really looking forward to the U2 experience with my youngest - building more memories. Joining this website has been a daily joy, such fun waiting for Willies musings. Thank you U2.
07 April, 2011
RED HILL in Toronto
We were in Toronto for the September 16th 2009 show, we ran into the band downtoen at the EDGE Radio Satation. The show was great.. We are going agian this July... My wife's fav. song in "Red Hill Mining Town" I know that it is not played live, but guys for me Please play it for her...
07 March, 2011
Can't wait!!!!
Hey! I cannot wait until I see you guys in Toronto! It will be my first ever U2 concert. You guys have been my favorite band for years. The first time I ever heard a U2 song was when I was walking in a store with my dad at the age of 4. I believe the song playing was "Pride". Just that sound of the Edge's guitar just has such a sharp and pure sound! I am now 18 and I listen to your songs everyday. I really like your songs because of the lyrics...they can be interpreted in many different ways, and also because of that amazing U2 sound. What I also really like is how you guys have been able to keep your sound through the many different styles and genres of music that you've done over the years. The song that I really want to hear you guys play is "MOFO". The reason is because even though it was a really up beat pop song and way different from your other material, you guys were still able to keep that unique U2 sound. The first time I heard that song, I was just amazed. I also think you guys should play "MOFO" because it would go really well with the stage. It would be a great light show with an amazing pump up song to get the crowd going!
04 March, 2011
Out of Control
Have had the pleasure of attending 6 shows on the 360 tour in 2009, 2010 and 2011 - I hope Toronto will be the 7th and would love to hear Out of Control. It is an old favourite along with I Will Follow - but since that has been played a number of times on the 360 tour, maybe it is time for Out of Control on the US leg 2011?
07 December, 2010
See you
Come on U2 and all people, let's make this summer evening just great.
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