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It was like they'd never been away. Opening up with a brand new song, one of three in the set, U2 returned to the stage in Torino tonight with a blistering 24-song set. 'It's very good to be back with you, 'said Bono. 'Bellissimo Torino...'

Arriving on stage to a new instrumental track titled 'Return of the Stingray Guitar', Bono was immediately racing the circumference of the huge 360° production, serenading every corner of the capacity audience: 'Torino, Torino...'

From the unmistakeable opening chords of Beautiful Day to the closing benediction of 'Moment of Surrender', two and a quarter hours later, the capacity Italian audience powered the show into orbit.

Mixing up the set list with songs from eight different albums, the band also debuted two more new songs: 'Glastonbury' a driving, guitar-led rock number inspired by the UK summer festival, and an acoustic version of a meditative ballad, 'North Star', described by Bono as ' a love song to the universe'.

Any U2 show is a celebration but this was a special night with the band back on stage and playing live for the first time in nine months. It was a bit of a family occasion.

'You care a lot about family in Italy, right?' asked Bono. 'This band is also a family: the black sheep of the family, Adam Clayton on bass guitar; on the drums, the baby of the band, Larry Mullen Jnr; and The Edge, our middle child... it's his birthday on Sunday.'

Cue 40,000 Italians singing Happy Birthday to Edge.

'And I'm the prodigal son,' continued Bono. 'And I want to thank you for all the love and letters you've sent me in recent months, thanks for that. That's in the past now and I'm very much fit for the future...'

It was a seriously fit performance from band and production tonight, with a dazzling creative makeover in the on-screen visuals complementing the surprises in the set list which also included the rarely performed 'Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me', theme tune of the Batman Forever movie and 'Miss Sarajevo', originally written for and performed with Luciano Pavarotti. No-one knows how to sing opera like these people.

That's a few highlights from us but your views are what we're looking for. Read them below and leave us yours...
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- 07 August, 2010
ultra violet
bacidatorino - 07 August, 2010
Come back soon
Bono, Adam, Larry, Edge, Paul and all the crew: thanks for the preciuous gift you gave us yesterday. I hope you feel Torino as your city. You gave us a special invitation and Torino and all the other people who comes from the rest of Italy and Europe answer. Yesterday was something magic, thanks for this special evening of middle August. Please feel free to come again: Torino is your home and there will be always a Barolo ready to be open for a special night. Thanks again, silvia (bacidatorino - turinkisses)
nkokic - 07 August, 2010
New songs
Amazing....keep them playing.... natasa
ferramenta - 07 August, 2010
Magnificent Night
Bravi Bravi bravissimi ! Ancora uno bacio Lidia
Allegra - 07 August, 2010
The stuff I've seen all over the net is amazing!!! I wish I could have been there! I love North Star! I love Bono's new leathers!!! Can't wait to see y'all in Denver and Anaheim! But missing you in Texas! - Allegra
Annasim1965 - 07 August, 2010
Thank you!
Grazie ragazzi ....... Ieri in ERO UN sogno ...... E orgoglio, tu non lo Gioco !
PCIRELAND - 07 August, 2010
lassche - 07 August, 2010
Glastonbary Song, stolen from the Waterb
Is the Glastonbary-song stolen from the Waterboys or has U2 stolen it back. Sometimes i feel chacking out and sometimes i feel i don`t know. Can`t wait to see you in Hannover and listen to the new songs. Love and light from the Vertigo-hunter from the Underground Oldenzaal City, the Netherlands. Miss you Sugar Bono.
pallirk - 07 August, 2010
Ultraviolet and 40
I wasn't there, but what a great feeling "watching" live on twitter and even youtube. So glad U2 are back on the road, in a great shape Please, please, please put Ultraviolet back on the setlist. It was the highlight for me in Milan. See you in Horsens in a few days!
Heinola - 06 August, 2010
Ultraviolet please!
Please put Ultraviolet back to setlist and Gone would be nice suprise. See you in Helsinki!
Marleenie - 06 August, 2010
Doing the long and lat
It might be 45 but probably closer to 44 light years apart. Trying to decipher the lyrics and listening intently. Love the Northern Lights tune. I would say it is perfect as is.
electricco - 06 August, 2010
N L O H Songs ......
Great Set List with New songs But What Happended to UNKNOWN CALLER and Breathe and No Line On The Horizon ? anyWay, Moment Of surrender is the PERFECT closing Song, So Thanks !
Guitarhero108 - 06 August, 2010
please!!!!!!! Ultraviolet must be on the set list!!!!!
EverythingU2 - 06 August, 2010
beautiful day in leather!!!!!
You look so fit and great in your leather. Gosh I miss you guys-summer is just not the same without you boys and your 360 concert...will see you next July in Chgo. xxxxxoooooooooooo
jeex - 06 August, 2010
Another unforgettable Night
There are concerts in which one participates because it has nothing to do, there are concerts in which one participates boredom, and there are CONCERTS! 3.55 a.m.: just come back from turin! Thanks, thanks, thanks. See you in Rome again!
WENDELLRUNYON - 06 August, 2010
north star
I wont be seeing the guys till 2011, but being in Alaska right now I am "ALWAYS" amazed at the connection. The north star is part of Alaskas flag along with the big dipper. So looking forward to East Lansing&Chicago! I am wearing my Chicago 2009 T-shirt now. Love will find away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
brunomazzoni - 06 August, 2010
Ultra Violet?
The best concert of the entire tour, but without Ultra Violet loses the chance of being the best U2 concert in 6 years.
crazy_ely - 06 August, 2010
magnificent show
at first I just could'nì't believe I was there... It was my first U2 concert and there are no words to describe it... I only know I felt tears on my cheeks while singing Sunday Bloody Sunday! Tonight I probably had some of the strongest emotions in my life, so... THANK YOU GUYS!!!
Model - 06 August, 2010
O my God!!! Where is Ultraviolet ?
lisa_usa - 06 August, 2010
Foto Belisimo....
Beautiful photo of the boys on the U2 opening page, everyone looking in fine form and right at home on the stage...J & M & L (Adam's Girls)
nkokic - 06 August, 2010
You're're wonderful...amazing evening....again on the road..... thank you for this beatiful night in Torino..... see you in Frankfurt.... Love natasa
siggitomm - 06 August, 2010
where´s my song????
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