U2360° TOUR

Rome, IT / Stadio Olimpico
with Interpol 115

'Thank you for this welcome. We're on stage tonight and a lot of people thought that was impossible. And I for one feel very fortunate to be standing on this stage with my three best friends...'

Two months and twenty two shows after U2360 opened up again in 2010, the European leg ended in the grand setting of the Olympic Stadium in Rome tonight and the Italian U2 community - that's u2place.com in particular - made it a real night to remember. Volunteers were in the venue early to create an extraordinary set of choreographed flags - we've never had a more impressive one.

'Still Haven't Found' brought us the reveal - a dazzling Irish flag, Italian flag and the word 'ONE' in red on white. A breathtaking visual moment, for the band, as much as everyone else:'Viva Italia!'

That segued into another great moment with a rare appearance for 'Bad' and, even more unusually on this tour, a snatch of 'All I Want Is You'(...unless you know different, the first time we've heard that on U2360). And then came 'Mercy' one of the six new and unreleased tracks that the band have surprised us with in Europe this summer.

Dallas Schoo got a special shout-out before Bono thanked everyone on the crew ahead of In A Little While. This audience was pumped all night long, delighted to hear Bono speaking so often in Italian. 'I wanna thank all the people who helped us build this dream of ours...'

As this summer European tour came to a close all the phones came out and the stadium 'turned into a beautiful piece of jewellery.' Everyone in the house felt just as fortunate as the singer to be here tonight...

Were you at the show ? Let us know what your own highlight was - or if you took part in making the flags? What was the moment you'll never surrender, the memory you'll keep for ever? Add them below and upload your photos.


10 October, 2010
The show in Rome was amazing!!! The best music, the best band... Mr. Clayton you were fantastic!!!! Go Adam go! The best bassist ever! Love you! U2 you're simply the best, no words can describe the emotions you move in people's heart. THANK YOU!
10 October, 2010
The best concert i've ever been
I was in Rome with my sister who is always with me at the concerts and share this love for U2 with me every day. I didn’t think i would get to the front of the claw because i can’t walk very well so it was a dream for me to stay there. I didn’t take part in the scenography but i saw it from the pitch and it was a really really touching moment especially because i love “I still haven’t found...” and i liked Bono letting us singing by ourselves and listening to us with his surprised face. Last night U2 were astonished!. Bono said “che serata magica!” that means “what a magic night” and all of us really made it magic with our love. Thank U2 for make me and my sister live such a special night!
09 October, 2010
We Welcome you
Bring me my jonny...hehe, You are the best and I believe in you..saw your show in Vegas...Bring it On Boys to NZ Novemeber 25th My Birthday!!! xoxoxoxoxox
bob gruijters
09 October, 2010
What can say I… those boys becomes better and better each time when I see them. Last evening in Rome was a great ending of the second European Leg . I never has so much Wow moments on one evening.Thank every body for the great choreography. You can have One great idea, but we need each other to realise it. I think this was my biggest Wow moment. Thanks U2 for another great show. Music united people at ONE
09 October, 2010
totally awesome!
thank you U2! It was the best concert ever! I have been listening to your music since I was a teen. Now I am a 40 years old lady and I will never stop listening and singing your wonderful songs. The show was terrific and It was such an emotion to hear your voice live, bono and the edge and Larry oh my... I liked the space oddity entrance, all I want is you, the coreography we made for you on "I still haven't found...", sunday bloody sunday,vertigo, mysterious ways, when you sang in italian in miss sarayevo, when you spoke italian & said "che magica serata", sooo sweet!,one , with or without you, when you talked about roberto saviano,when you sang "relax go to it..." (f.g.t.H), elevation,where the street have no name, city of blinding lights... You know, the world is not in peace, and human beings seem to be emenies and divided by bounderies, but yesterday singing all togheter your songs,I felt emphaty with 72000 people thanks to you...while you were leaving the stage you said: "don't forget about us"...we'll never forget
09 October, 2010
i was there with my wife finally leaving that amazing moment thankU2!!!
09 October, 2010
09 October, 2010
Simply amazing!!
Amazing, amazing show!!! Simply magnificient! More than 30 years of hisory in one night. Two years ago I found myself crying while listening to you guys in my room, thinking that I would never be able to watch you live, any time soon. But here I am, in Rome, "Caput mundi", receiving the best gift ever from my love, on our anniversary!!! Loved all the songs, but was kind of hoping to hear Miracle drug, which is one of my favourites. (I used that on my presentation of the thesis:-)) But I guess I'm one of the few people who know that song:-P Do return soon to Rome guys!!! Thank you!
09 October, 2010
A dream became real!
My heart and my breathe synchronized with heart and breathe of the 75.004 person in the stadium! Magic, unforgettable!
09 October, 2010
Wedding present in Rome
This show was really amazing. I'm going to get merried next week and I had my wedding present: "Bad", one of my favourite. Thanks U2
09 October, 2010
What a Great Night
The best show ever !
09 October, 2010
you2 'll never walk alone...
I'm come back home happy... "completely happy" ..I don't know how is possible that your music read my soul and burn into my heart ... u2 are special. We are ONE even if you don't know me...because your music knows me... so far so CLOSE...... thanks Adam, thanks David, thanks Larry, thanks Paul!!!! I'm sorry for my italian-irish language.
09 October, 2010
Since 1983 I do not stop to say: "Thank you U2 for the fire"
09 October, 2010
U2 360° Tour
U2 is the best group in the World! Great concert!
09 October, 2010
An october night....
From Milan to Rome, ONE year and three months later, another Beautiful Day...thanks for everything. YOU ARE A LEGEND. Please, come back soon!
09 October, 2010
the flags in Rome gig were 2. one irish (Curva nord) and the other Italian (curva sud. the meaning was irish and italian people are ONE!
09 October, 2010
Well. If you feel fortunate to play with your best friends, I think that it is a pleasure to take part to a show of yours. There is not a best track because I love hearing every kind of "noise" coming from you. The most memorable moment was the scenography one seeing you silent in front of it. It was a moment where we made something for you, when you always write, sing and play for us. Kisses, Valeria.
09 October, 2010
I hope I see you soon on the next bridge!!Ciao
09 October, 2010
Live from ONE in Rome
Be part of the "O" inside one of the most beatiful coreography in the history of music was indescribable
08 October, 2010
best european concert
thanks to the band for making a dream come true!!! BAD+all i want is you+mercy and our hearts flew high... unforgettable show...roman heart beat for U2 thanks from a U2place fan
08 October, 2010
Amazing show
The best concert I've ever had in my life... No doubt about it, the band was awesome, they gave 110%, also the audience was really feeling it (I'm Italian, we absolutely love U2 as you may know!) The setlist was unbelievable, Until the end of the world, I still haven't found what I'm looking for, BAD, All I want is you and Mercy... I will never forget those 30 mins, maybe the highest in a concert as I remember... Love you guys, thanks for this night, thanks for all the others we already share together, and please don't let us wait so much before coming back! :)
08 October, 2010
Rome, 8 october 2010
I hope tonight You'll play: running to stand still, bad, bullet the blue sky, sometimes you can't make it on your own. Thank You U2! Ciao!
07 October, 2010
In homage to Steve Lee from Gotthard's b
I'm looking forward to see you again in Roma tomorrow night. Third time in 1 year and half, such great moments since Berlin in July 2009. Here in Switzerland, we have lost our best singer ever, Steve Lee from Gotthard's band. He was just killed on the road in the US on Thuesday. He was such a great artist but mostly he was a man who did everything from the heart, just like your band. It will be so great to say something in homage of him during your show in Roma. I don't know if you ever had the chance to meet him and his band but I am sure you would have like them and their work. So see you on Friday night to rock Europa and keep the eyes to the sky in memory of Steve and to thank all great guys like you who just make our hearts beat in unisson.
07 October, 2010
rome 8 ottobre
I will be there afther 29 years ! I hope they will sing an old track like I will follow or out of controll. But I don't think they will.... Wanda
07 October, 2010
Turin and Rome
I attended the 'return on the stage' show in Turin and when Bono and C. 'appeared' on the stage I started crying and crying. I had gone a surgical operation just 10 days before and up to the day before I didn't know if I could have been able to attend it. It has been marvellous, moving and simply... no words to describe it!!! I felt immediately strong, happy and lucky for being able to be there! Now tha last date in Europe, Rome, my hometown, and I'm here again, waiting for another operation (unfortunately) but this show will give me all the strenght I need to win... Thank to you 4 Guys!!! Dona
07 October, 2010
it's been a long journey
1987 Stadio Flaminio Rome "hearthquacke?? No U2" do you remember?It was joshua tree tour I was a boy of 17 yrs of age, now I'm an adult a father a quite responsible man,been through tough and great times always with your music your inspiration as a soun dtrack.When Bono says "thank you for given us a great life"I always imagine few of us out there saiyng the same to U. See you tomorrow . Ciao
06 October, 2010
the unforgettable fire
please sing this songs!! THE UNFORGETTABLE FIRE BAD GLORIA I WILL FOLLOW the concert in Rome must be SPECIAL!!!!! THE MOST SPECIAL CONCERT IN EUROPEAN TOUR 2009/2010.... A GIFT TO ITALY!!!!!!!!! this concert will be unforgettable fire!!!!!
05 October, 2010
white as snow - Roma!!!!
My wife and I attended the concert, if all goes well ... she is eight months pregnant .... The child is grown up listening to white as snow ... why do not you make a great little gift ... with admiration and esteem Bruno from Pescara - Abruzzo
05 October, 2010
Well I was lucky enought to make both Frankfurt and Munich. I have just gotten a trip to Rome. I am so excited to see you again. So so hooked to you. Been to UK-NYC-Vegas and now Rome. I must be the most lucky girl on the U2 planet...The Boys Play Rock and Rome! ps- I still need a ticket .. ciao..
05 October, 2010
BADDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please... and 40 at the end... Please please please
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