U2360° TOUR

Rome, IT / Stadio Olimpico
with Interpol 115

'Thank you for this welcome. We're on stage tonight and a lot of people thought that was impossible. And I for one feel very fortunate to be standing on this stage with my three best friends...'

Two months and twenty two shows after U2360 opened up again in 2010, the European leg ended in the grand setting of the Olympic Stadium in Rome tonight and the Italian U2 community - that's u2place.com in particular - made it a real night to remember. Volunteers were in the venue early to create an extraordinary set of choreographed flags - we've never had a more impressive one.

'Still Haven't Found' brought us the reveal - a dazzling Irish flag, Italian flag and the word 'ONE' in red on white. A breathtaking visual moment, for the band, as much as everyone else:'Viva Italia!'

That segued into another great moment with a rare appearance for 'Bad' and, even more unusually on this tour, a snatch of 'All I Want Is You'(...unless you know different, the first time we've heard that on U2360). And then came 'Mercy' one of the six new and unreleased tracks that the band have surprised us with in Europe this summer.

Dallas Schoo got a special shout-out before Bono thanked everyone on the crew ahead of In A Little While. This audience was pumped all night long, delighted to hear Bono speaking so often in Italian. 'I wanna thank all the people who helped us build this dream of ours...'

As this summer European tour came to a close all the phones came out and the stadium 'turned into a beautiful piece of jewellery.' Everyone in the house felt just as fortunate as the singer to be here tonight...

Were you at the show ? Let us know what your own highlight was - or if you took part in making the flags? What was the moment you'll never surrender, the memory you'll keep for ever? Add them below and upload your photos.


03 October, 2010
unknown caller
I've been last year either in Paris and in London and I loved the karaoke on unknown caller. So I was a little disappointed in Vienna where you did not play it.I'll be in Rome with my sons and my nephew all hardly waiting from December make us a surprise:-)
03 October, 2010
At Rome.....
Bad, Sunday bloody sunday Pride (In the name of Love), Ultraviolet (light my way), Stay (Faraway, so close), If God will send His Angels, One Where the streets have no name With or without you And then, what do you want.... My tears arrive to you!!!
02 October, 2010
rome wait for u2
pls sing STAY...
27 September, 2010
Hi! I'm spanish and I have been in San Sebastian this 26 of september. I loved the show. I'm a big fan of U2 and I can wait 4 or 5 years to see their again. So, anybody knows a web page (secure) where I can buy tickets for Rome next 6 of october??? it would be fantastic your help as faster as you can! thanks so much!!
24 September, 2010
aaaaaaaaaaaa BAD IS BACK
omg they played BAD in Brussels!!!! yes yes yesssssssss sounded amazing....mmmm should I hope for rain in Rome????? well... it's gonna be last european leg date so a suprise would be fantastic!!!!!
18 September, 2010
from Galway to Rome!!
U2...myself and 3 friends only live down the road from you in Galway City, but we're travelling all the way to Rome to see you on the 8th October!! Literally, we can't wait! Please continute to play Mothers of the Disappeared. Would also love to hear All I Want Is You! Thanks for everything U2.
17 September, 2010
so far so great!
gotta keep those new songs in!!! they are sounding absolutely brilliant!!! cannot wait
16 September, 2010
the best of the best
All I want is U2!!! I have the ticket for this concert since december 2009.. I'm so proud!! Please I wanna a beautiful concert... I'll be there with my Irish flag!!! ..and Please sing "october", I konw it is an old song, but it's so perfect for this moment!! I love U and see you soon... kisses
14 September, 2010
never played
...i dont think so, but sometime must be the first time.. ACROBAT
14 September, 2010
Please Play the song MERCY in Roma beautiful song beautiful melodies This song leads to another dimension Thanks for all and greetings
14 September, 2010
waiting rome!
wonderful night in turin..one the best shows of u2 i ever seen...!!!and now rome!!!
09 September, 2010
From Turin to Rome!!! A song? Drowing man!
09 September, 2010
Kite please! one of my favourite songs and since I lost my mum this April is very special to me. Pease if you can would be a special special gift!
08 September, 2010
Ciao Roma!
Coming to Roma with kids on 8th OCT - all the way from Los Angeles. We loved the Rose Bowl show and can't wait for Anaheim.
08 September, 2010
From Brazil specially to watch U2 show
When I saw my husband in first time in 1997 it´s sang " I ll still havent fall but I m looking for". When we married in 2005 this music was sang. And now in our birthday we decide to see live U2 playing this music. It will be unforgatble for us.
08 September, 2010
I'd love if you could play Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own, The Fly and Bad. I'm so glad you added Miss Sarajevo. That song means a lot to me
05 September, 2010
I'm comming to Rome to see U2. It is a present that i received from my husband to my birthday, I'll be there with friends.I have been waiting for this 15 years. I love Rome,Italy. See you all.
04 September, 2010
Such a Beautiful Day (and Night!)
Great Great Great concert, I will always remember every moment of it . Thanx U2 for this unique experience and for singing the Moment of Surrender. Best moment ever? With or without you and the crowd singing along!
04 September, 2010
Please, please...one thing for my love,
I will be in the olimpico for ur concert...and I done a milion time love with my girlfriend with "With or without u" as soundtrack... I wish u can play that song and will be the best thing i ever done in my life if u call our name (Andrea and Irene) and u can make possible me and my girl dance this song on the stage in front of all people (as sorprise for my girl)... will be the best gift for my love... please, please, please...I know is hard to do for u but (as tim burton said) is the only way to get married with my wife...so please please please let me let me let me … let me...get what I want this time (the smith) Thanx ;-)
03 September, 2010
Beautiful Day
08th october 2010, from La Coruña, Spain, we will stay there, in the olimpic stadium, we love Roma, we love Italy and I hope, i´m really secure that it will be a beautiful day,, also is our 4th aniversary....see you in Rome !!!! Vero & Ruby
02 September, 2010
Soooo excited
Hi lads... Finglasfollower here.. Just secured my ticket to Rome and i am soooooo excited. naturally was at all 3 Croker gigs in Dublin and also went to Cardiff..I know Rome is going to be amazing..cant wait to see you again xx
01 September, 2010
i was in turin and i will be in rome!
c mon man why didnt u play breathe in turin?? u have to play it in Rome its wonderful that song..and when ull be there i can already see you singing...8th of october, nine 0-five, door bell rings man at the door says if I want to stay alive a bit longer There’s a few things I need you to know...
31 August, 2010
A special day for me
It will be my birthday!! ... and I will be in the stadium! So great! Jacques France
30 August, 2010
Bad and Ultraviolet
Please, play "Bad" and "Ultraviolet" when you'll come in Rome... Let me cry with this wonderful songs
30 August, 2010
Unknown Caller
Pleeeeze play Unknown Caller. I'm travelling to Italy from Ottawa Canada to see U2 and October 8 is my birthday so would you please play Unknown Caller. TY Wayne Ottawa
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