U2360° TOUR

Auckland, NZ / Mt. Smart Stadium
with Jay-Z 109

The band were back on stage in Auckland tonight as the New Zealand and Australia leg of U2360 kicked off at Mt Smart Stadium.

This capacity audience were clearly up for making this a night to remember from the opening bars of The Return of the Stingray Guitar. With a breathtaking sequence of eight tracks from 'Beautiful Day' to 'Still Haven't Found', the most moving moment of the night arrived with the opening chords of One Tree Hill, a song originally written for New Zealander Greg Carroll - and the only U2 track solely released as a single in this country.

Tonight One Tree Hill has still greater resonance, dedicated to the miners who have lost their lives in the accident at the Pike River mine on the South Island. 'At a time like this when your hearts must be so raw...' said Bono. 'People deal with grief in different ways. In Ireland we sing...'

As he pays tribute to the miners and the 'unspeakable loss' felt by their loved ones, the names of all 29 men illuminate the huge screens above the 360 stage and we are experiencing one of those unique moments in the U2 live story. At the same time a great sea of red balloons are released from the audience, climbing high into the sky. 'This is for your 29 lost to this earth but not to the eternal...'

As one fan tweeting live from the show put it, 'U2 and the dedication to the miners was the most heartfelt and amazing moment in a concert ever.'

Having opened up the night with a great set himself, Jay-Z was back on stage for another special moment, rapping with Bono on Sunday Bloody Sunday - as he did in Berlin in 2009 to mark the twentieth anniversary celebrations of the fall of the Wall.

Then a little piece of U2 history: the first performance in a live show of Scarlet, from 1981's October album, an elegiac celebration to mark the release from house-arrest of Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma - with Jay-Z rapping her name. 'She's finally free...' said Bono, thanking U2 fans all over who have campaigned for her freedom in recent years.

Some highlights from us of a powerful opening night in Auckland. Were you at the show? Tell us what it felt like and add your own reviews and photos below.
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25 August, 2010
Excited U2 Fan
I'm so thrilled that the boys are coming back to NZ - I saw them in Auck in 2006 and it was the most amazing concert I have ever been too. I have been a fan for over 25 years and can't wait to rock it out in Nov. I just hope I get tickets now!!
25 August, 2010
First Time
I missed U2 when they did the Popmart tour in South Africa., Now I'm here I finally get to see the BEST BAND IN THE WORLD live on the eve of my birthday.....Can't wait. Wohoooo!!!!! :)
25 August, 2010
Rock On!
Can't wait. Wonder if the lads will allow a 2nd concert in Auck with 360 like they did with Vertigo? I will follow...
25 August, 2010
Cant Wait!!!
We saw the 360 show in London Aug 14 last year!! It rocked cant wait and see the best concert Ive been too... again. Bring it on!!!
25 August, 2010
A U2 show after all
I finally had enough money this year for my very first U2 show, and since they weren't coming down, I bought tickets to go all the way over to the US. I had a great Californian holiday in the end, but unfortunately with Bono's injury, I thought I'd have to wait until their next tour to see a show. Imagine my surprise when U2 announced they'd be coming down here AHEAD of their return to the US. A U2 show after all - see you at Mt Smart!
25 August, 2010
U2 and I in Moscow
I have been a fan of U2 since their legendary concert in Rockpalast - Essen Germany in 1980. I have seen personally many U2 shows around the world, that I decided for the 360 Tour 2010 leg to see U2 in a special place. I decided to enjoy the show in Moscow 25th August since U2 has never played here and I have a chance a visiting a unique place and to enjoy the 360 Tour. I will keep you posted on show highlights. MF
24 August, 2010
Where the Streets Have No Name
First U2 concert I went to in 1989...the lights went down, the stage went red and that iconic music started playing...most amazing feeling! Can't wait for Nov 25 - i'm lucky enough to have seen them every time they've played here from the late 80's. I love U2! :D
24 August, 2010
Really hope i get tickets to this concert as last time they were in New Zealand we got tickets for the march concert- but it got posponed till November - which we could go to as our first son was born 4 days before hand - we gave our tickets to a friend and she phoned me while I was in the Maternity hospital so I could hear 'some' of the concert.... So now with definately no kids planning to be born I really want to be able to get tickets for and my hubby :-)
24 August, 2010
I cannot wait for this !!!!! my 18th birthday will be amazing!! WOHOOOO U2 :D:D
24 August, 2010
Will one show of 50,000 tickets be enough? Many disappointed fans in 2007 not getting tickets to a hastily organised second show.
24 August, 2010
Another chance to see U2
Only seen them once ... Lancaster Park, Christchurch ZOO TV Tour - thought that was awesome .. can't wait till I get my tickets to what is going to be an amazing concert from all the reviews worldwide!
Scott Cleaver
24 August, 2010
One Tree Hill Awaits
Welcome to your 2nd home guys and the country awaits your arrival...One tree hill is getting some planting put up on top finally and a big thanks to you guys for that from the last time you were here!!!! Aroha and hope to see you soon Scottie ;)
24 August, 2010
nervous wait!
I'm hoping this will be my 5th time to see the bestest band in the world, my first as a 14yr old at Western Springs - right up the front, but just praying to get any tickets now! BRING IT ON U2!!!!
24 August, 2010
How Exciting!
It's fantastic that they're coming here. I'm really excited about it all. It's good that there's a presale too just to make sure that we can get some tickets.. It'll be a mad rush I'm sure! I'm going with my friends. Can't wait to see you U2!
24 August, 2010
woww can't wait to get my tickets, i've seen them twice in argentina, and wasn't expecting to see them here in auckland. i've been a fan for the last 20 years !!! ahahhahaha HAHHAAA
24 August, 2010
i have seen them four time and every show has been just epic.....cannot wait for this one
24 August, 2010
Can't wait!
I've never seen them live and am sick of listening to those who have! Freaking out about getting tickets though - it's going to be a major rush.
24 August, 2010
I've been a fan since the beginning and have never managed to get to a concert!! So hanging out to see them live, just so excited!
24 August, 2010
U2 we love U
Will be the best night of the year ! Have seen them in Dublin & Sydney but am very excited about Auckland.!!!
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