U2360° TOUR

Melbourne, VIC, AU / Etihad Stadium
with Jay-Z 114

Edge and Bono opened the show from the b-stage tonight, coming round to meet during The Return of the Stingray Guitar. 'G'day!' said Bono, slipping effortlessly into the local language, and with that came the opening bars of Beautiful Day and it all kicked off.

It's been four years since the band were last here and it was pretty clear from the off that we were going to have a night to remember.

'What do you think of our space station? It's taken us all over the place and tonight it brings us down under. 'Good to be back in Australia and in Melbourne in particular,' added Bono. 'We feel at home in Melbourne.'

Plenty of thanks and name-checks tonight including Michael Coppel ('been promoting us since we first played in Australia') and an old friend, Natalia Imbruglia, who is in the house.

'We've been doing this a while, Adam, Edge, Larry and I, and we're still figuring out so much musically, spiritually - keep coming to see us, we're still pilgrims.'

Our highlights of this opening night of eight in Australia were a storming version of 'Boots' with Larry Mullen standing up at the drum kit and the reception for Magnificent when Bono asked, 'Where are we going? St Kilda, Fitzroy. Richmond. Melbourne...'

And after promising new music for audiences here, Bono was true to his word: 'Let's play you a new song. Brand new song. This is Mercy.' Coupling that with Bad was a show-stopping moment in the set, matched only by the reception for Miss Sarajevo.

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Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me , Kill Me in Perth


01 December, 2010
Great setlist!
Awesome. Bad. I will follow. I still haven't found!!! Just amazing.
01 December, 2010
So happy to hear Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me. Sunday Bloody Sunday with Jay-Z was another massive highlight. Great show. My first ever live U2 experience. I hope I get to have another.
01 December, 2010
Great Set list
Mercy and Bad belong together. Absolutely mind blowing.
01 December, 2010
wow what a cool show
01 December, 2010
IT WAS SO AMAZING!!!!! Highlights... EVERYTHING!!! Nah, I Will Follow, Magnificent. Mysterious Ways, UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD! Mercy, Bad, COBL, Miss Sarajevo!!! IGCIIDGCT, Walk On, HMTMKMKM. Going again friday! GA! I hope they play Ultraviolet (Light My Way) but I don't care in the end, it'll once again be THE GREATEST THING EVER!!! (apart from the Vertigo tour I saw haha) BRILLIANT performance!! And the mistakes they seldom made were hilarious! Shows that they're just normal and awesome.
01 December, 2010
My son even has NO words
My son is 11 turning 12 in May and is a MASSIVE fan of ACDC and U2... mostly ACDC. Even he said U2 was a better concert than ACDC...!!! If I wasn't there I wouldntv'e beleived him. The GREATEST concert I have ever been to... and I've seen Motley Crue {Dr Feelgood), GnR (Use ur Illusion) and Metallica (Black)..and 15 days ago. I just feel sorry for my son because no matter how long he lives he WILL NEVER see a better concert! Guys you are just so authentic... not trying to b something that ur not and thats y the world loves you!! PS... JZ really knocked our sox off too... he was GREAT!
01 December, 2010
I was there!
Superb show and set list. Went to Auckland shows. This show blew the Auckland shows away. Crowd went mad. Highlights were Mercy, Bad, Crazy, Boots, Until the end of the World. can not wait to go on Friday and then see the rest of the shows throughout Australia. No band plays better live. Thank you U2.
01 December, 2010
set list
wow! Wonderfull set list! Everytime Bad is included is a wonderful set list!
28 November, 2010
2 Days to Go!!!
I'm so looking forward to seeing you guys play in Melb. both nights. I have two wishes for the setlist .. The Unforgettable Fire and I Will Follow.. but whatever you guys play it will be Awesome...Your Music has always inspired me over the last 25 years!!!! Rock On! Damo
28 November, 2010
Coming to Melb from the NT!
On our way from Katherine in the Northern Territory to see U2 in Melb on the 1st! Leaving the brood of 6 kids behind and having a couple of days in Melb with my husband of 16 years! Here is a little message for you guys as a note of thanks from a family of fans ranging in ages 6-39! Jeremiah 29:11-13 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you. And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart. God Bless you U2! These verses were on a sign at your Vertigo tour as well and Bono, you may have noticed them as you sang Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own?? Anyway, can't wait to see you and lose my voice again as I sing along!
27 November, 2010
U2 Melbourne
Am going to both shows....... Cannot wait!! Been a fan since I was 5 yrs old... A perfect end to 2010!! My love boys xx
Jo Lamb
21 November, 2010
December 1 WoooHoo!
So quietly excited about seeing the boys again. This music is my be all, it fulfils most of my musical needs and brings me happiness. Thank you for continuing to give us all such pleasure. Happy!!
21 November, 2010
only one week to go!
Hi Guys, just a week and a half to go, I am getting butterflies, so looking forward to you being here. I don't care what songs you play, I just want to spend some time listening to your awesome songs live. I know you wont disappoint. I have seen you before, they are the highlights of my life - thank you for the memories! I proudly wear my U2 t-shirts wherever I go. I am bringing both of my kids this time too, to both concerts. "But I know I'll go crazy if I don't go crazy tonight!!" See you's soon. From Narelle.
12 November, 2010
New Album
Gotta play the title song of the album when on tour - No Line on the Horizon has to be there!!
15 September, 2010
December 1st will create miracles. brought up listening to the sounds of joshua tree, boy and war all through out my 13 year life so far from my dads workplace has played a huge part of my life, their songs have made me who i am. travelling to melbourne from adelaide to see them with my dad will be unreal. Amen U2.
09 September, 2010
Last Night On Earth
please play Last Night On Earth
05 September, 2010
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally get to see U2 for the FIRST time!!!!!!! Can't wait till 1st of Dec!!!!!!!!
04 September, 2010
U2 360 concert
I can't believe that tickets are already sold out! :(
02 September, 2010
Cant wait
Seen this concert in Berlin already, bloody amazing, counting down the days.
01 September, 2010
Cant waittttt
I cant wait to see them again. Saw the boys on their Elevation concert in Berlin.....totallt fricken amazing. LOVE THEM .........just had a baby so hopefully she will be fine to leve wit dad on 1st december. Cant wait o see them again. just hope i manage to get tickets
01 September, 2010
I just got mine, literally can't wait till Dec 1st!!!!!
30 August, 2010
Just got mine!
Just got my tickets for this show. I am a very happy camper!
26 August, 2010
struggling with tix
im so excited they are coming to aus, last time was amazing but im having trouble with my presale code, does any members have a spare code? U2 u guys r the best live band in the world
26 August, 2010
I think it's fair to say we all get chills thinking about a U2 show. I've had them since I first saw them in Melbourne and was in the front row of the elipse with my wife. That was probably the best day of my life to date. We met Bono at their hotel and Larry having a drink on his own in the bar later that night. Can't wait for this. The greatest band ever. There will never be another U2.
26 August, 2010
Just Magnificent!
Vertigo 06 Melbourne absolutely amazing! Queued all day and got right up front. 'Kite' brought tears to my eyes. This time I get to experience U2 with 2 of my children. Thanks guys for coming back to Melbourne. We are Soooo excited.
26 August, 2010
Melbourne U2 Fans
To all those fellow U2 fans hoping to attend the best concert since the Vertigo tour in Melbourne, has anyone received any news on the pre-sale tickets?
26 August, 2010
red zone question???
got my red zone tix yesterday but now i'm worried that our view might be obscured by the moving bridges...does anyone know? Ta
25 August, 2010
Can't wait
Yay i have tickets. Bummer i had to work so couldn't get online to get red zone tickets would have saved a lot of time not having to line up all day for the front. But hey its U2 which is aweeesooommeee
25 August, 2010
i have my tickets :)
just picked up my 2 tickets for the red zone 1 row D, im soooo excited. wife and i are going to have a ball.
25 August, 2010
Just Bought my tickets, would have to be the happiest man alive !!
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