Johannesburg, ZA (FNB Stadium)
FNB Stadiumwith Amadou & Mariam; Springbok Nude Girls
Show Report
Legendary trumpter and anti-apartheid activist Hugh Masekela made a surprise appearance on stage to mark tonight's first show in South Africa - bringing a unique African jazz vibe to 'Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For'.

And 21 years after Nelson Mandela gave a speech in this very stadium (the day after his release from prison) when U2 played 'Pride (In The Name of Love)' tonight, the huge screens over the stage were illuminated with Mandela's image, along with excerpts of that famous speech. Bono sang a new lyric.

'February 13 1990
Words rings out in a Jo'burg sky.
Free at last to live your life
The Lion of Africa and his pride...'

From the opening bars of Beautiful Day, this record-breaking audience - the largest crowd ever for a sporting or entertainment event in South Africa - were shaking the foundations of the FNB stadium, and the unique atmosphere barely relented all night. 'Rainbow people' was right, as Bono had christened everyone (borrowing Desmond Tutu's phrase) at the top of the show.
'We know Jo'burg has a night life,' he said, introducing 'Crazy'. We know Jo'burg needs to go a bit crazy...'

Jo'burg did go crazy, as the band mixed the set list up again for this opening night of U2360 in 2011. There were new production elements too, and a great reception for references to recent events in Egypt. The 2009 images of the popular uprising in Iran, which have accompanied Sunday Bloody Sunday on the tour so far, gave way tonight to images of people power in Egypt. 'Change of heart comes slow...' sang Bono. Prayers to for the people of Burma.

'I'm sure you know the good news of Aung San Suu Kyi. Aung San Suu Kyi is to Burma what Madiba is to this country... a beautiful spirit.'

As for South Africa, 'this place just feels like the future,' said Bono, visibly amazed at the overwhelming reception for the band's first dates here since PopMart in 1998. And judging by the torrent of online excitement from fans at the show - and following around the world - it will be a night that lives long in the memory.

'It's like nothing I've ever seen,' said UyandaM on Twitter. 'Amazing!'
'Unbelievable. I am spent.' said Starverve on the live show stream on our community page. 'Best concert of my life.'

If you were at the show tonight, add your own review and upload your images below. Everybody wants to hear all about it!
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MyronMer - 14 February, 2011
What a show!!! What an experience!!! U2 are just on another level!!! Pride (in the name of love) with Nelson Mandela's image over the screen perfected the night Photo to follow!!
johann0 - 14 February, 2011
What a night! What a show!
Bloody AWSOME!! That's all there is to say... Thanks boys for enriching my life during the last 20 odd years.
Lance999 - 14 February, 2011
Blown away!
Can't grasp the scale of the show last night! It was absolutely out of this world! Can tick this off my Bucket list! Just a bit confused about whether there was an encore or not ?..anyway...will remember February 13, 2011 for the rest of my life!
AndrewRSA - 14 February, 2011
U2 Rocks!!
Wow!! What an amazing show. From the first song, right the way through to the last, brilliant, brilliant. The crowd's response to hits like Beautiful Day, Pride and Vertigo was awe inspiring, goose pumps! Please don't make us wait another 12 years for the next concert. I would go again tomorrow if there was another show. The greatest show from the greatest band on earth!!
Adele1973 - 14 February, 2011
U2 4 eva
Wow! finally after many years I ve seen the world's best band ever. " Hairs standing up on the back of your neck" (what an under estimation. Still getting goose flesh everytime I think or talk about theshow> Finally "found what I ve been looking for"!
h3nn1n6 - 14 February, 2011
definitely the best show i have ever see
The only thing i missed was the "Amazing Grace" duel with Soweto Gospel Choir! http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=272489&id=692941700&l=b290ad8967
AaronWolfson - 14 February, 2011
Yes! Direct the light high. Elevate and illuminate. Bring us all a better fate. New ways and better days, destiny in grace. Inspiration, innovation, magnificent! Thank you. ;-)
Rooinek - 14 February, 2011
A Memorable Moment in Time
Last night was the finalisation of a dream of more than 40 years. Finally I saw U2 live, and as importantly with my family. Highlights - so many - Hugh Masekela - crowd particpation - a grand sense of occasion with Madiba's and The Arch's speeches - the chosen set list and the amazing production effects . Each time I come to this special place (Soccer City) I have been enthused with what humanity has and can achieve. Bono and the Bhoys did not fail us. References to Burma and Egypt very appropriate. Final conclusion - Amazing and Uplifting
MordorSA - 14 February, 2011
WOW, just wow...
My ears are ringing, feet are aching, eyes burning, and I'm falling asleep behind my desk. The most amazing concest I have ever seen, will treasure the experience always!
Graemevdw - 13 February, 2011
You know we went Crazy!!!
Good thing there's no roof on FNB stadium... U2 again made us proud to be African last night, you brought us closer together and rocked our world!!! And as for the magic surprise, Hugh was the man!!
nicolefritz - 13 February, 2011
utsa2004 - 13 February, 2011
I am praying ...
For a big change in the setlist when the band will perform in Mexico!! Please guy, bring back Breathe, the Unforgettable Fire, Ultraviolet, No Line and Unknown Caller. Add something refreshing such as Drowning Man, Acrobat, Who´s Gonna Ride your While Horses, Exit, Mofo, Tryin to Throw your Arms Around the World, Dirty Day. Keep praying..
Hurghada - 13 February, 2011
Worth the trip
Came from Denmark to watch the show. Met up with a great group of South Africans and then a a fantastic show (again). Got Inner Circle access- whole new experience. Larry, did they finally break you after almost 35 years? Was close enough to notice some "sparkle" on your T-shirt!! Thought you would never succumb to the peer pressure from the other 3 when it comes to "sparkle". See you all Friday in Cape Town. Can't wait.
drew_carr - 04 February, 2011
Jozi's Beautiful day
Here we come Soweto, Feb 13th is going to be one of many beautiful days in JOZI! Bono, please dedicate beautiful day to Soweto and Jozi at the show, 'after the flood, all the colours came out!" Enjoy!
Yols - 04 February, 2011
Next WEEK!!
Time has flown past, next week sunday is D-Day. Bring it on, this is going to be the best show ever. Me and a 100 000 other people can't wait!
Davesparrow - 18 January, 2011
Can't wait for it
Whose going to be the guest star?
JayW - 03 January, 2011
Amazing 2011 - Special Guest?
Just listened to U2+Soweto Gospel Choir - Amazing Grace/Where the Streets have no name. Amazing indeed!! Would be great if they are (1 of the) special guest. But I see many others world wide, lets see!! Wow getting close now, counting the days. Jo'burg, here we come.
StephSal - 23 October, 2010
Just managed to get mid-price tickets after trying to dial the call centre for nearly 3 hours (starting at 9am "network busy") and when I finally got through to the queue, it only took 20 minutes ;-) So looking forward to this!!! What a buzz - hubby went round to one of the malls in Joburg at 8am, and people had their camping chairs lined up around the car park! This is going to be HUGE.
- 21 October, 2010
Very Exited to see my favourite band
Deehutch - 20 October, 2010
12 Years is too long to wait - even through my memories of 1998 Popmart concert are still my best memories ever! Have already started my countdown (last time it lasted a whole year!) at least this one will be shorter! 117 days to go!!!!!!!!!!
- 20 October, 2010
So excited that U2 is finally coming out again! Just frustrated as I can not find a floor plan of the venue so I can decide where to buy tickets
- 20 October, 2010
Love it
In the city of blinding lights where the streets have no name, on a Sunday (bloody Sunday), after the next New Year's Day, live under a blood red sky, it'll be a beautiful day, I will be NUMB with excitement, will it be EVEN better than the real thing? All I know is that I will be staring at the sun, enjoying the Vertigo from all the E-LE-Vation and PRIDE (in the name of love), with my BABYFACE, and, the Sweetest THING, we will all be ONE! it WILL be THE Unforgettable Fire! DO YOU FEEL LOVE? PLEASE, Pick me up at the ZOO STATION, MOFO, I WILL FOLLOW at 11 O'CLOCK TICK TOCK so GET ON YOUR BOOTS! WHOSE GONNA RIDE YOUR WILD HORSES to get there? GLORIA and PARTY GIRL are keen to join us as is MISS SARAJEVO. We'll head into the RED HILL MINING TOWN with our mate from near VAN DIEMENS LAND wearing outfits from MIAMI or looking like THE FLY. We'll BULLET THE BLUE SKY and cry for the MOTHERS OF THE DISAPPEARED. It will be MAGNIFICENT! Even though I STILL HAVEN'T FOUND WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR, the MYSTERIOUS WAYS of the day will ensure that our DESIRE will not wane. HOLD ME, TOUCH ME, FEEL ME, THRILL ME. Let's learn HOW TO DISMANTLE AN ATOMIC BOMB "In our HEARTLAND!" :-) Was there in 1998. That was awesom! This time I reckon it's going to be even bigger, better and more fun. It is gonna be huge!! Thanks to the boys from Dublin for aggreeing to visit us again. Lovin it already...
Orivdw - 19 October, 2010
The Annoucement
Most memorable moment thus far, the exitement in our household when we first suspected you were performing in SA!!! You guys rock!
ZellieBee - 19 October, 2010
Supporting Act
Awesome! I can't wait for the 13th of Feb. How awesome and privaliged would it be if one of our SA bands can be the supporting act. Some one like the Parlotones!
Zitrone - 19 October, 2010
Dream come true........Im going nuts...... Cant wait
saskiaborges - 19 October, 2010
Thanks for coming back - the best live act that I've ever seen. Was there in 1998 and will be back in Feb 2011, come quickly cause the waiting is killing me!!!
Stew - 19 October, 2010
Bring it on!
Going to be the best concert this century!!!
Leprechaun - 19 October, 2010
Hope to get Tickets
I've seen U2 in Zurich/Switzerland on the second date in the pouring rain and it was fantastic. We will be in Jo'burg in February and it would be fantastic to see this awesome show again.
- 19 October, 2010
Yeeeahhh, can not wait - 90 000 odd people singing with or without you - must be heaven!!!!
seamusdennehy - 19 October, 2010
Seamus Dennehy
Oh yes - feel it - they are coming to SA - Time for an early Xmas Present
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