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'Trem das Onze', a samba composition by Adoniran Barbosa, was playing ahead of the band's arrival on stage tonight. It's one of the most famous of all Brazilian songs but when it gave way to 'Space Oddity' finally Brazil knew that U2 were heading to the stage and before we knew it we were all caught up in 'Even Better Than The Real Thing'.

'Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo...' Bono sang, the whole stadium grateful that there was no rain coming down as the first of three shows here got underway.'Even Better', already in contention for the best opening track of the tour to date, led into I Will Follow and then 'Boots, two tracks written thirty years apart but you'd never know it from the reaction of this super-passionate audience. Phenomenal sound from all around.

We've had some mixed weather in Sao Paulo today but it was dry as the first of three shows in this city got underway, with spectacular shards of lightning in the sky illuminating a helicopter buzzing over the stadium.

'Wow! Thank you. Obrigado.' said Bono. 'Tonight is Saturday in Sao Paulo...'

Introductions to the band took a pizza twist with Bono describing himself as the pepperoni pizza, Adam as the banana pizza and Larry... 'No cheese, no tomato, no pastry, no pizza - we call him the good looking pizza. Larry Mullen on drums.'

An acoustic version of Stuck In A Moment made its way back into the set tonight, dedicated to Julian Lennon to whom the band led a rendition of Happy Birthday.

'We'd like to sing this song for a friend of ours, Julian Lennon...here's a song about friendship.'

With a stadium of Brazilians singing along word for word, it was a little bit spine-tingling, as was the poetry read by a young woman who made her way into the spotlight before Beautiful Day.

'We're so proud to be friends of Brazil,' said Bono, as, a beautiful night coming to a close, he paused to pay tribute to the people of this country and to President Dilma Rousseff. 'We salute you, we salute her.'

And then an incredibly touching moment with Moment of Surrender going out to those who lost their lives in the shooting at Tasso da Silveira school in Rio di Janeiro on Thursday.
' This has been a difficult time for Brazil... and what happened in Tasso da Silveira.
'We'd like to dedicate this to the children and the mothers and their families and the teachers and the people of Brazil.'

And as Moment of Surrender offered its beautiful benediction, the names of the children who lost their lives illuminated the giant screens around the stage. Unforgettable.

Were you at the opening show in Sao Paulo tonight? What was the moment you got stuck in, the moment you'll never surrender? Add your own reviews and upload your photos below.
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julyannabrunet83 - 12 April, 2011
Morumbi/SP/Brazil - 09.04.2011
Hello, we were the first concert in Brazil, 09.04.2011 and we want to say it was a spectacular and wonderful! Bono and his team are amazing and they made a unforgettable show! Come more often to Brazil, we always need the joy of this band! love you U2! Cristian, Julyanna and Giorgi
- 12 April, 2011
Is it possible to choose only one moment
Being at the show on April 9th was really special. I've been a U2 fan since the 80s and listening to Bono recite "Carinhoso", by Pixinguinha, was a moment I'll never forget. "Carinhoso" is, in my opinion, the most beautiful Brazilian song ever, recited by the best singer from the best band ever! Thank you guys! Come back SOON! Brazil loves you!
alcsobral - 12 April, 2011
Since 2001 I've been trying to go to an U2 Concert, but there was always something on the way! Finally, after 10 years I was able to go to a concert! It was memorable!!!! AMAZING! UNFORGETTABLE! If I could I would go to the three nights in Sao Paulo! You guys are the best!
Comper - 12 April, 2011
Life Experience
Caraca!!!! This night, saturday night, will be remembered forever....what a night!!, what a show!! or better, that was not a show, that was a Life Experience!! Two greats moments of my life, POPMART 98 and this 360° 2011, thanks a lot. And please come back as soon as possible!!!
juliapedreira - 12 April, 2011
my first U2 concert experience
It was my first time in a U2 concert, and it was marvelous! But I missed Ultraviolet & Pride on the set list! And I got kinda jealous because you played it on the second day, and I couldn't be there! :P I was totally worth it tho! And I'm in love with Adam's sympathy! haha
nilolinhares - 12 April, 2011
See you
Great night...thanks God to be alive and see U2 again...Brasil loves you all...and see you soon in Miami!!!
Celio_S_Almeida - 11 April, 2011
No words can describe
April, 9th was my first U2 concert. A group of 13 friends from Brasilia and Belo Horizonte was joined to this amazing journey. All of us left Morumbi stadium thinking we should go to the box office to pay the tickets again! It was amazing, there is no words to express our feelings! Thanks U2 for this moment in our lives!!
Regis_U2 - 11 April, 2011
It was a great and unforgettable night. I've been in all concerts that U2 play in Brazil since 1998. I just only miss Ultraviolet in the set list. Best wishes for all of you guys. Reginaldo
fabiorocha0606 - 11 April, 2011
Unforgettable "Beautiful Night"
It was a perfect show with the best songs on the stage. The light of all cellphones and lighters was the moment I got stucked in. Tks U2 !!
claurebello - 11 April, 2011
Children of Tassio Silva
Thank you all for your prays for the victims and families of Tassio Silva.
BETSY_FERREIRA - 11 April, 2011
Little fan
My son Eduardo is a big fan and has seen 360 blu-ray a thousand times. He asked me to post his u2 drawings so that maybe Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam like it!
ReginaCattaruzzi - 11 April, 2011
U2 Forever!
Thank you, U2! It was my third U2 concert - I was there on Pop Mart, after 11 hours on line to buy the ticket, and on Vertigo, after 7 hours on line to buy it too... this time I went with my husband and we had the pleasure to hear "Walk on", our wedding song live! Yes, Love is all that you can´t leave behind... On wednesday I´ll be back on the stadium, closer to you guys! At the Red Zone, contributing to RED! Don´t forget your brazilian´s fans, you are very welcome, at any time!
Chilly40 - 11 April, 2011
27yrs of Growing with U2 - Still Young
It's been 27yrs since I saw U2 on the War tour, the energy and excitement was the same as a teenager, thank you for the out of this world stage, and sound system, and the best band in the world, there is no substitute too U2 Live.
timzagonel - 11 April, 2011
Thank you U2 for coming!!! It was amazing!!
lilisampa - 11 April, 2011
I thank you for this moment!
Bono, Larry, The Edge, Adam and team. Wow ... What a amazing show!
Kissy_SC - 11 April, 2011
It´s amazing night!!!
I realized my dream at April 9th 2011. I heard Elevation at live. It´s amazing. The concert was going to in my memories forever. Thanks to came to Brazil!!! We love you U2!
MarinaSegala - 11 April, 2011
The show on Saturday Night was MAGNIFICENT, like everything that they make! It's my first concert of U2, and the dream of my life!!!! I love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNFORGATABLE
graparisoto - 11 April, 2011
Thank U2!!
It was a really beautiful night!! Thanks Bono, Adam, Larry and The Edge for the most exciting and memorable night of my life.
Mel_Nascimento - 11 April, 2011
Thank you very much !!!
I had the most wonderful saturday night of the last 30 years ! Thank you for the respect and love for my people. Kisses !
aless75 - 11 April, 2011
THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
vagner_cordeiro - 11 April, 2011
unforgettable show
this show let me remember a lot of good things of my life. Walk on, I will follow, beautiful day, Pride, etc.. touched my heart! I can not believe that I could watch the show so close! Congratulation David Evans, Larry Muller, Adam Clayton and Paul Hewson. You did a unforgettable show! Yeah, unforgettable!
Sandrabb - 11 April, 2011
Sandrabb - 11 April, 2011
U2!!! THE BEST GIG!!!!
naiura81br - 11 April, 2011
It was my first U2 concert...and what a concert!!! I was amazing!!! It was the best concert I have ever seen!! It was a dream comming true!!! Priceless to hear Beautiful Day and Where the streets have no name live...a night that I will never forget!! Brazil loves U2!!!
jsacomandi - 11 April, 2011
Oh my god....great concert, the crowd was so excited, singing all tyhe songs, jumping and giving a warm welcome to U2.
lipecamanho - 11 April, 2011
Great night! Amazing public! Awesome U2 presentation! :))) What a unique experience! Thanks for coming and providing us Brazilians with this gift! THANK YOU!
Sandrix_Brasil - 11 April, 2011
See those guys that played my youngership's songs was unique, really fantastic. Thank you guys for the best show ever...
Sandrix_Brasil - 11 April, 2011
I've never been to an U2 show before... but now i cant stop wondering "When there's going to be a next one?"
naty_moreno - 11 April, 2011
There are not enough words to describe this concert! It is such a bless to be able to see U2 live again after 05 years! To be able to sing and jump and scream and feel all that positive energy! It was indeed an unforgetable night! Perfect! Awesome, really really awesome! Thank you so much!
RobertoCastelo - 11 April, 2011
Thank you U2 for this AMAZING night... it that was 20 years expecting for this moment, and you didn´t desapointed me any minute. MUITO OBRIGADO
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