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'Usually we sing to you but here you sing to us.' Tonight's final show in Brazil went out live across South America and worldwide on U2.com.

'Tonight is our last night in South America and we wanted to remember this,' said Bono after Until The End of the World. 'So we're going out live on radio and online across the whole of your mesmerising continent as an excuse so we can have the record of this show. This show will last for ever.'

And for another capacity crowd at this third and final night at the Morumbi Stadium in Sao Paulo, as well as those listening online and on the radio in Venezuela, Peru Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Brazil - and all those tuning in worldwide on U2.com - this was surely a night we won't forget.

'Lift Up and Lift Off' said Chip in Philadelphia, on our live text feed, as we heard the opening chords of Even Better Than The Real Thing. 'Think I'm gonna blow my speakers,' added Badsilver. 'Never seen them live,' said Oscar in Iceland, 'Love when they do something like this'.

Extraordinary but little known fact of the night: the song playing before Space Oddity, ahead of the band's arrival on stage, was Telstar by The Tornados, whose rhythm guitarist was one George Bellamy, father of Matt of Muse, whose band played another fine set earlier in the evening.

There was more musical pedigree in the house tonight too: Steve Lillywhite had flown down from New York and when I Will Follow took over from 'Real Thing' Steve, the original producer of this track, was amazed to hear it 'sounding as good as it did 30 years ago'. And this audience is loud, as he told his followers on Twitter: 'People from Sao Paulo know how to make a noise at a U2 concert !'

Thousands and thousands of you from all over the world were adding to our live text feed, while listening live online, and everyone agreed that these Brazilian fans know how to enjoy a show.

'Don't think I'll need coffee to stay awake for this! said Eamonn Doyle in Ireland. Hoachy, in Falkirk, Scotland said that the sound is so good, 'My whole street are listening to this.'

Mysterious Ways was up next and BAM in NY captured the universal good vibes: 'What better joy is there than to rock to U2 live, or stream it, AND Tweet, FB, text, etc with all U2 Fans in the WORLD.'

Larry had a Brazilian flag across the drum kit as the band were introduced:'Ring those bells Edge, ring those bells.'

'I hope you like our current mode of transportation,' continued Bono, before Still Haven't Found. 'The space station has been to all kinds of interesting places and we mean it when we say that we are coming all the way over here to here to see you.
'Usually we sing to our audience but here our audience sings to us.
'Usually we put on a show for our audience but here you put on a show for us.'

No need to actually sing the song as the whole place was singing it for him. 'Let's go to church now...' After Pride, a special guest: ''We are great fans of a truly great artist here in Brazil,' explained Bono, 'His name is Seu Jorge.' Loud reception as Seu takes the stage to join Bono for a beautiful acoustic duet of 'The Model'. Another guest followed, a young woman to read a Brazilian translation of Beautiful Day which the band then follow with their own translation, seamlessly giving way to Miss Sarajevo - or 'Miss Sao Paulo' as Huubster in Curacao puts it.

And a great night is only going to get better.

'Zooropa... Vorsprung durch Technik
Zooropa... be all that you can be
Be a winner
Eat to get slimmer....'

For only the fifth live performance ever Zooropa returns to the set and it's perfectly placed before the Space Station takes off again. 'Bring on the Lemon' as a commenter in New York suggests.

'The best moment of the show!' says Jenny in Australia, welcoming City of Blinding Lights. 'A spectacle for the eyes and very good for the soul!' adds Joao Paulo in Brazil. And in a tour which keeps throwing up surprises in the set list, there was one more to come: All I Want Is You, bleeding into Streets, which was, frankly, something else!

'This is INCREDIBLE!' said FranciscoBrady. 'I´ve been to the 3 concerts in Argentina and i felt in heaven ! But tonight I feel like the whole world is connected trough U2 live from South America ! Thanks to U2 and hi to the rest of the world.. we are there.. right now.. yes, there, where the streets have no name! peace!'

A final word from Danny in Ireland: 'Thank you Brazil...you have given us the best soccer and now the best U2 fans..'

Were you at tonight's final show in South America ? Tell us what it was like in the stadium. What was the moment you will never surrender ? Add your own review and upload your photos below.
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flaviaaviles7 - 18 January, 2013
I never felt so good, you gyus rock !
drea05 - 02 June, 2012
A beutiful day!!!!
Thanks God, I was there, as a brazilian fan, I couldn't lose the show. It wasn't easy, but I was there and the Concert was amazing!!! I'm love with U2 since I heard sunday bloody sunday ...(I was a teenager) I did not know who was U2 but their beautiful songs were so strong and after listening the music, I knew the lyrics and then the band... So, started a love that just becomes bigger each day!!! I love them!!! God bless U2!!!! From a brazilian fan that listen to U2 every day!!!!
anacavalcanti - 02 June, 2012
ana cavalcanti
"This show will last forever"... I can't believe I was there.
cidamary - 16 December, 2011
Party again in Sao Paulo - Brazil
Last night has again party in Sao Paulo with U2 Alive - cover the U2 band... We celebrate this fantabulus year of 2011. See this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_dmKXzVRQA
JVrebirthing - 27 August, 2011
And it\'s was so fucking amazing, haha I just could got the tickets one day before lol Where the streets haven\'t no name is the best song ever.I cried for a while in this moment =) Walk On was perfect too. the videos of the band in eighties made me cries. \\o/
- 26 August, 2011
U2 is not just a band, U2 is religion!! I don\'t have words to describe how it was fantastic! It was so emotion, so live, so true, so evereything!! Thank u U2 for exist! Obrigado, o Brasil ama vocês! (Thanks, the Brazil loves you!) Moisés Prado.
SILVIAPAZIN - 25 August, 2011
Amazing !!
I was there, working as a volunteer for ONE and watching the concert. It was amazing !! I\'ve never seem such energy all over the place, on the queues and inside the statidium since 4, 5 hours before the show. I\'ve been on the 3 São Paulo shows but surelly is this one that will last forever !!
stephrosie - 25 August, 2011
A perfect show
Just the best show I´ve ever seen!!! Fantastic!!!
EdeRocks - 17 August, 2011
Outstanding concert and sustainability f
You guys rocked Sao Paulo for life and not just for 3 nights. An unbelievable legacy was left behind for all those who follow the band for years and for the new generation, by the way it keeps getting better and better tour after tour, I couldn\'t believe my eyes with 360º tour after the amazing Vertigo!!! Even the \"claw\" was awesome! You\'ve made a bunch of people fall into tears but to be honest, even myself, a growned up man, felt too when ONE was on...in the third show in Sao Paulo. Sustainability ideas helping NGOs to keep up mainly for children are always over the top and highly appreciated anywhere worldwide. So I leave here my thank you for not just for being rock stars but for making someone happy in this world aswell...could be through your songs or by your donations....what really matters is that you chose to help turn lifes to a better cause. Always remember of a lesson learned from brazilians: I am brazilian and I never give up! EU SOU BRASILEIRO E NÃO DESISTO NUNCA!!! Cheers guys, Eder Ribeiro April 13th 2011 São Paulo, SP - Brazil
bife - 17 August, 2011
Got a chance to meet Adam after U2\'s final 360 concert in Brazil !!! He\'s quite a gentleman and was very nice !!! It was a perfect ending for a perfect night. Hope to see the band again on next tours... Love, from Brazil Alex
JorgeDiasFilho - 12 July, 2011
I went to the show alone...but you can never be alone at a show like that. We were really One there !! Thanks for the experience. Next time I wanna take my 9 year old daughter, who is a big fan already... thanks !!!!!!
emidinho - 24 May, 2011
13/04/2011 IN SÃO PAULO I WENT
phennix89 - 13 May, 2011
I was there!
I went april 10 and 13. Both were absolutely fabulous. Most memorable moment? April 13 - "Walk on"...I was ONE of the lights on stage. My best day ever. I will keep that night till the day I die. Queremos U2, ONE, (RED) no BRasil, sempre.
Ixtacuixtla - 11 May, 2011
Mexican´s in Boston
I was in Elevation tour (Boston) was wonderful all my friends and me enjoy the concert we never had amazing experience Thank´s God Bless you BONO
joaquimsc - 02 May, 2011
U2 forever
My favorite song is Where the streets...but was special to me being there with my wife and son. We did sing, jump and smile all the concert. That lights on the top in With or Without You made me feel better than ever. It was an injection of energy (the good one). The stage´s concept is amazing.
SilBarbosa - 28 April, 2011
Unforgetable - I listened Zooropa 2x!!!I
I went to three concerts U2 in Sao Paulo. The first night, 09/04, I was very nervous.. but when I saw Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam entering the sound "Space Oddity".. I forgot who I was... I lost mysel between dream and reality. Wonderful to hear Bono sing Help. Incredible night!! The second night 10/04 the biggest surprise: ZOOROPA! OUT OF CONTROL! I WAS OUT OF CONTROL! Amazin night!!! The third and final night... Seu Jorge, one of best brazilian artist, on stage U2. When I heard ONE, I started crying... I remembered all my friend, my family ... remembered that I went to three concerts the best band in the world.. so.. I REALIZED THE DREAM OF MY LIFE! THANKS BONO, ADAM, LARRY, EDGE! GOD BLESS YOU! WE, BRAZILIAN FANS, HOPE YOU AGAIN IN BRAZIL FOR THE WORLD CUP! MY ETERNAL LOVE!
Cláudio CS - 26 April, 2011
Amazing !!!
The best show I´ve ever seen in my whole life ! I didn´t know what to do, if I jumped, screamed, cried, laughed and ended up doing everything at once... I hardly could believe I was listening to Zooropa live... Cried a lot !!! I´m still shocked by that show. Thanx to all of you guys, Bono, Edge, Adam, Larry and the staff. Can´t wait to see you live again ! From every U2 concert I watch, I reassure they are really the best band ever. I love you guys !!!
simonemidori - 26 April, 2011
Yes! I was there!!!
The show was an spiritual journey for me. The best anniversary gift I gave to myself!!! Best moments: U2 entrance at the stadium, Still Havent Found.... (glad to know Sao Paulo's audience is the best in the whole planet and I was there singing it out loud!!!), City of Blinding Lights, With or without you and Moment of surrender. When will you guys return to see us??? Please, return soon.... U2, luv u. Simone (U2 fanatic fan).
simonemidori - 26 April, 2011
Yes! I was there!!!
The show was an spiritual journey for me. The best anniversary gift I gave to myself!!! Best moments: U2 entrance at the stadium, Still Havent Found.... (glad to know Sao Paulo's audience is the best in the whole planet and I was there singing it out loud!!!), City of Blinding Lights, With or without you and Moment of surrender. When will you guys return to see us??? Please, return soon.... U2, luv u. Simone (U2 fanatic fan).
rosangelas1 - 25 April, 2011
Last Show,Morumbi
Great Larry's walk.
nicolefrombrasil - 23 April, 2011
Sao Paulo 13 April
Hi, I'm from sao paulo, and I was there.... I can't belive till now, 13 april was the best day of my whole life...I've waited 10 years for that moment, because I discovered the true music when I was 9 when my brother bought the of All that you cant leave behind videotape, but now I'm 19 and I'll never forget the show. I hope that U2 don't forget too, BECAUSE WE LOVE YOU SOO MUCH!!! THANKS FOR BE IN OUR LIVES!!!
soninhasaboya - 23 April, 2011
Thanks U2 for that unforgettable moment, I really love you so much, please come back soon, we already missing you!!!!!!!!
mikuyn - 21 April, 2011
Mission accomplished
I am from Sao Paulo and live 15 mins from Morumbi stadium. I go there since very young as it is my football team stadium. I have been to 6 shows in the South Africa / South America U2360 leg. Johannesburg, Cape Town, 2nd in Buenos Aires, and all 3 in Sao Paulo. U2 is part of my life since I was 13. THERE IS NOTHING IN THIS WORLD AS U2 IN MORUMBI. There is a magic sinergy between each of the 4 and the people. Where the Streets...is unbelievable anywhere in the world. But who was in Morumbi knows it is unbeatable. There is such an athmosphere that I still cannot describe. I cried when I read the reports from people all over the world at U2.com about the audience in this show. How I wish you all could be with us in that night. In the show that "will last forever". When a magic moon came (just as in Cape Town - I wonder if the 4 noticed the moon) we heard that in Morumbi we sing for you. Yes we sang for you because we love you so much for building, for sharing, for being part of our lives. For making such a masterpiece as "No line on the Horizon", even for an old U2 fan like me. Magnificient and Moment of Surrender are atomic bombs of an everlasting U2. More than a week has passed from last show. I am still enchanted by the light you brought to me. Again. Magic. However something happened on Buenos Aires 3rd show and I missed it. The only show in this leg with BAD. If you love U2 please find and watch. It cannot be described in words. I will continue searching for this moment. I hope one day in my life I can witness, just after Pride, BAD. As our brothers and sister in Argentina did. But just on 3rd show. Thanks a lot for everything.
Drewanz - 20 April, 2011
singing to a vibrant legion of fans
Lilits - 20 April, 2011
The best place to be!
Last time the band was in Brazil I couldn´t go to the concerts and regret it deeply since then. So this time I stayed awake during the night to get the tickets, didn´t go to work on wednesday and travel 7 hours to be at the concert. After all that, nothing sums it all up better than "THE BEST PLACE TO BE IN THE WHOLE WORLD". If they come back a thousand times, I´ll be there every single one of them! Crying like I did on my first time, at this concert in São Paulo. Thnx guys for the most amazing experience of my life! Flawless and unforgettable!
ondinavillela - 20 April, 2011
The show!
This show will last for ever me too!!! Come back soon U2..
renatabarboza1976 - 20 April, 2011
Show on the radio: a great gigft!
I wish I could have been on the show ... problems but could not. Mutio I was sad not to be part of this moment ... but when you decided to broadcast it on the radio I could hear everything, it was almost like being there! Thrilled me at various times! It was the moment that I surrendered and lived through that time with all the intensity, as if the show! Well .. I was somehow, right? Thanks U2! Renata/Porto Alegre/Brazil
Glecyo - 19 April, 2011
Last night on South America...
or last night on Earth? Where we'll going? Mexico? Australia? Oh-oh, oh! THANK YOU GUYS for 3 amazing concerts here in São Paulo/Brasil. Yes, we love you AND THE INSECURE GUY THE EDGE!!! Bono, my tshirt is a gift for you! I love you guys. Thanks for ALL.
thaisamatos - 19 April, 2011
I was there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was at São Paulo on april 9. It was my first U2 concert (I'm not young but at 2006 I had a very young baby who stopped me) and it was really nice, the one of the bests moments of my great life. I'll never forget it: the terrific stage, lights, audience and the perfect concert! Thanx U2, you really are the best band ever. Come to São Paulo again and, maybe, in 5 years, I'll take my daughter. She already Knows your songs and likes it! Be safe and healthy, we love you!
- 19 April, 2011
It was like a dream, but was real!
We were at the red bleachers, but we could see U2 close and the whole stage. The lights in the sky were amazing and when the band start to play Hold me Thrill me kiss me kill me my heart almolst exploded... I can't explain that... just being there to fell, to see and to know how beautiful is the experience...It would be very beautiful to see U2 playing If god send his angels like they played In a little while or miss saraievo (that was perfect either...). when you come back to Brazil, please ....do 5 days of shows!!!! and don't take 5 years to come back!!! we love you!!!!! thanks a lot for the sensation! Elizabeth A.
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