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Sao Paulo, BR / Estadio Morumbi
with Muse 194

'Usually we sing to you but here you sing to us.' Tonight's final show in Brazil went out live across South America and worldwide on U2.com.

'Tonight is our last night in South America and we wanted to remember this,' said Bono after Until The End of the World. 'So we're going out live on radio and online across the whole of your mesmerising continent as an excuse so we can have the record of this show. This show will last for ever.'

And for another capacity crowd at this third and final night at the Morumbi Stadium in Sao Paulo, as well as those listening online and on the radio in Venezuela, Peru Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Brazil - and all those tuning in worldwide on U2.com - this was surely a night we won't forget.

'Lift Up and Lift Off' said Chip in Philadelphia, on our live text feed, as we heard the opening chords of Even Better Than The Real Thing. 'Think I'm gonna blow my speakers,' added Badsilver. 'Never seen them live,' said Oscar in Iceland, 'Love when they do something like this'.

Extraordinary but little known fact of the night: the song playing before Space Oddity, ahead of the band's arrival on stage, was Telstar by The Tornados, whose rhythm guitarist was one George Bellamy, father of Matt of Muse, whose band played another fine set earlier in the evening.

There was more musical pedigree in the house tonight too: Steve Lillywhite had flown down from New York and when I Will Follow took over from 'Real Thing' Steve, the original producer of this track, was amazed to hear it 'sounding as good as it did 30 years ago'. And this audience is loud, as he told his followers on Twitter: 'People from Sao Paulo know how to make a noise at a U2 concert !'

Thousands and thousands of you from all over the world were adding to our live text feed, while listening live online, and everyone agreed that these Brazilian fans know how to enjoy a show.

'Don't think I'll need coffee to stay awake for this! said Eamonn Doyle in Ireland. Hoachy, in Falkirk, Scotland said that the sound is so good, 'My whole street are listening to this.'

Mysterious Ways was up next and BAM in NY captured the universal good vibes: 'What better joy is there than to rock to U2 live, or stream it, AND Tweet, FB, text, etc with all U2 Fans in the WORLD.'

Larry had a Brazilian flag across the drum kit as the band were introduced:'Ring those bells Edge, ring those bells.'

'I hope you like our current mode of transportation,' continued Bono, before Still Haven't Found. 'The space station has been to all kinds of interesting places and we mean it when we say that we are coming all the way over here to here to see you.
'Usually we sing to our audience but here our audience sings to us.
'Usually we put on a show for our audience but here you put on a show for us.'

No need to actually sing the song as the whole place was singing it for him. 'Let's go to church now...' After Pride, a special guest: ''We are great fans of a truly great artist here in Brazil,' explained Bono, 'His name is Seu Jorge.' Loud reception as Seu takes the stage to join Bono for a beautiful acoustic duet of 'The Model'. Another guest followed, a young woman to read a Brazilian translation of Beautiful Day which the band then follow with their own translation, seamlessly giving way to Miss Sarajevo - or 'Miss Sao Paulo' as Huubster in Curacao puts it.

And a great night is only going to get better.

'Zooropa... Vorsprung durch Technik
Zooropa... be all that you can be
Be a winner
Eat to get slimmer....'

For only the fifth live performance ever Zooropa returns to the set and it's perfectly placed before the Space Station takes off again. 'Bring on the Lemon' as a commenter in New York suggests.

'The best moment of the show!' says Jenny in Australia, welcoming City of Blinding Lights. 'A spectacle for the eyes and very good for the soul!' adds Joao Paulo in Brazil. And in a tour which keeps throwing up surprises in the set list, there was one more to come: All I Want Is You, bleeding into Streets, which was, frankly, something else!

'This is INCREDIBLE!' said FranciscoBrady. 'I´ve been to the 3 concerts in Argentina and i felt in heaven ! But tonight I feel like the whole world is connected trough U2 live from South America ! Thanks to U2 and hi to the rest of the world.. we are there.. right now.. yes, there, where the streets have no name! peace!'

A final word from Danny in Ireland: 'Thank you Brazil...you have given us the best soccer and now the best U2 fans..'

Were you at tonight's final show in South America ? Tell us what it was like in the stadium. What was the moment you will never surrender ? Add your own review and upload your photos below.


14 April, 2011
Best concert of my life!!
I'd like to thanks the U2 for that amazing concert on 13 of april in Sao Paulo! I don't have words to describe my feelings and emotions during the show!!!!! I'm fan of the band since I was child (I started to hear with my daddy) and see that concert was like a dream!! It was really amazing and definetely the best concert of my life!!!!!!!! I already saw the 360 degress in another country, but like this concert in Sao Paulo, nothing compares!!!!!!! U're awesome!!!!!!! I hope u come back to Brasil asap to see ur concert again!!! THANK U2!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!
14 April, 2011
show quarta são paulo
The best show I have ever in my life, surely offset the pain of having left my little children in my town to go to the show, Thanks, very good.
14 April, 2011
Me with my message
My message for U2 on the 3rd Sao Paulo concert, right in front of Adam.
Ana Cecilia
14 April, 2011
I´ve been to the to the 360º concerts in Dublin(2009), Athens and Istambul(2010) and to the 3 concerts in Sao Paulo. All memorable concerts. The las night in Sao Paulo I was in the Red Zone. It was incredible how close I was to the stage. See Bono, The Edge, Adam and Larry a few meters from you... They´d showed their love for us and we´d showed our love back to them. It was a amazing night. Heard more than 90.000 people singing with and to them. I loved all the 3 concerts. I loved all the songs they´d played. It´s hard to me to say which one was the best. But the most hearted moment was when Bono asked us to turn on our mobile phones. Can you imagine more than 90.000 mobiles lit together? It looked like a constelation. In that moment your heart starts to speed. Then they played Moment of Surrender great song and wonderful lyrics. And in that moment you can hold your tears anymore. Bono, The Edge, Adan and Larry thank you sooooo much for coming back. On Sunday you Bono asked us to show how much we love the band and I think we´d proved that with the 3 amazing shows. we Brazilians really LOVE you!!
14 April, 2011
Thank you U2 for these amazing nights in São Paulo!! Alexandre Freitas (Santos-SP)
14 April, 2011
God Bless You!
Thank you God for give me the chance to see the Best Show of the World! I went away very greatful for could be there last night! I love the band and the way you treat your fans. Thank you very much for come to Brazil! and if God wants, see you soon!
14 April, 2011
I surrender to U2
Thank you thank you thank you U2 for those wonderful moments ever! I was there on saturday 9th and I jumped, screamed, cried, all feelings were mixed up when they started the show. I was also with you guys em 1998 and 2006 and loved those shows. And because I loved the shows, I couldn't hardly wait for 360º tour! I was sure It would be amazing, and it was! After 35 years U2 stills delight the audience with their perfect songs and visual effects, they are always improving, and improving! Lucky us!. By the end of the show, all we could think was " Gosh! I wanna come back tomorrow". thanks god we had the chance to listen to the show on wednesday on sonoras's live! What a PERFECT transmission, guys! I'm very happy I could listen the missing songs from Saturday, like All I want is you, which I love so much! I bought my ticket 4 months ago and it was the longest months I ever had! Bono, The Edge, Adam, Larry! Pleaaaase come back sooner!
14 April, 2011
Magnificent Shows
I've been to all three show in São Paulo and they were all magnificent, awsome, an incredible experience for me! I went to the show of 98, the two evenings of 2006 and now I attended the three shows... the show of April 10th (Sunday) was the best performance of U2 I have ever seen... Out of Control, Zooropa and Ultraviolet were everything I wanted to see! Zooropa was a real surprise for me and other Brazilian U2 fans! Thank you guys!!!
14 April, 2011
I got no words to describe it!
I mean it. It was amazing! The stadium was so crowded and there was such an energy in the air! I couldn't help but cry when I heard Miss Sarajevo, Walk On, One and Moment of Surrender! The love could be felt when we were all singing to these songs. Just remembering makes me want to cry all over again. It was beautiful! It was amazing to listen to Bono say that *we* put on a show for U2, that *we* sing for them! It puts a smile on my face when I remember and I can't stop telling this to other people! When Bono stopped singing and just listened to the stadium singing... gosh! His expression makes me smile, it makes me proud to be an U2 fan. It made me sing louder. When Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me started to play I almost fainted! It's one of those songs I love and never thought I'd see on the show. All I Want Is You was f*ckawesome! Everybody was amazing and I wish I could have stayed closer to the stage to see Larry, Adam, Edge and Bono more closely. It was definitely awesome and will surely last forever! Thanks U2 for coming to Brazil and for performing for us three times!
14 April, 2011
We Brazilian loves U2
ASTONISHING!!! Watching U2 in front of the stage was awesome! Definitely the show of our lives... Come back soon!!! Love U2!!!
14 April, 2011
Even better than before
Thank u for rediscover "even better than the real thing" and discover "Zooropa"....
14 April, 2011
i couldn´t go to the concert but i had the oportunity to listen on line alive. It was magic. I would like to say: U2 listen you it´s the best always. Thank you for your respect and consideration with all your fans. That´s only one reason because your are only THE BEST. I LOVE YOU GUYS
14 April, 2011
BEST NIGHT EVER!!! No words can describe how it was. Can't believe I was there... Hope u guys come back soon! Thanks
14 April, 2011
Very good Show in São Paulo!
After was the last tours in São Paulo, Pop Mart and Vertigo. In my opinion, this last was the best! Magnificent!
14 April, 2011
I was there
AMAZING! miss sarajevo was a huge suprise, I loved it! All I want is you also made me feel at heaven. THANKS U2 FOR EXISTING AND GIVE MY LIFE SOME MEANING
14 April, 2011
Predict the unpredictable
I could hear Bono saying 'Predict the unpredictable' at the first of two night shows in São Paulo a few years ago, in Vertigo Tour to South America. I found a clear surprise, in this Bono's little message to The Edge, on listening 70 thousand people singing so high so many great songs on a language the most of Brazilian people do not know so well. Sometimes we barely heard to Bono´s voice, but stadium voice. I was at Morumbi Stadium last night too. That was much more special, not only because I could see U2 with my 18 year daughter (which means a lot to me), but also because I could hear my people singing as so emotional as Brazilian people are, jumping and singing songs very high, and also because U2 really feels us just like we can feel U2. This time, it was predictable but no less emotional and greatfull! Thank you guys for coming to my country, to bring us joy, love and soul. Wish to see you soon, again in SP. Alessandra
14 April, 2011
"Fantastic Four": 4 guys... 4 legends
U2 Tour Brazil 360: thrilling, delirious, wonderful, enchanting, indescribable, unforgettable ... a fascinating spectacle of our "Fantastic Four"! Love you guys! Come back soon, please. I miss you already!
14 April, 2011
In front of the hotel @ Sao Paulo
I'm not sure if it's real! It's a dream!!!
14 April, 2011
In front of the hotel @ Sao Paulo
The best look EVER that someone can receive!!!!!!!!!! s2
14 April, 2011
I was there and Bono is right "This show will last forever". What an amazing production!!! These guys really understand about their business! Congratulations and thank you for the experience! Ah, yes, we are a great and very energic audience!
14 April, 2011
"Fantastic Four": 4 guys... 4 legends
U2 360 Tour Brazil: thrilling, delirious, wonderful, enchanting, indescribable, unforgettable ... a fascinating spectacle of our "Fantastic Four"! Love you guys! Come back soon, please. I miss you already!
14 April, 2011
You are like LOVE
You will last forever in my heart, life and mind....! Love you so much! Graziela Maria Franco de Lima
14 April, 2011
Unforgettable flame...
I'm a fan since the 80's, when I saw U2 on tv in the 'Live Aid' playing 'Bad' ... Me, my wife and daughter were at Morumbi on Saturday, and my wife and I watched the show again yesterday ... wonderful! Thanks U2! God bless you too! It will be an unforgettable flame ...
14 April, 2011
Best Show of All time!!!
the sound was perfect. Loud and clear. The energy of the crowd and the incredible talent of the musicians turned the night into something magical. Best concert of my life! Thanks Adam, Larry, Bono and The Edge!
14 April, 2011
The best of my life
I can't explain what I felt on the night of saturday. I love these guys I love U2 I love you, Bono That night was magic I don't know if it was the music,that I love and marked my whole life I don't know was you who are the band of my life or because i love you Bono Or was the structure "garra" , allthose lights and spectacle I always liked that Bono his concern for people around the world, their fight for humanitarian causes,along with their gonernments or coming to our hearts, making us look to our brothers in need throug his music and his tour. I love U2 forever
14 April, 2011
Better than good
This was my first U2 show. It was Magnificent, considering that I am a big fan since my teens... I cried and cried out loud while the show was going on. April 13th was a day of bringing dreams into reality, so I would like to thank you U2 for making my life better.
14 April, 2011
No words
the man did not invent a single word that can describe what i saw yesterday, i cant find the exactly words to say how i felt and what i saw..... i can only say O M G :D
14 April, 2011
U2 in Brazil
The show was unforgettable!!! I really loved it!!! Awesome!!!
14 April, 2011
'This Show Will Last For Ever'
show was incredibly .I was yesterday, and I could pay once more to see it again. thanks God I could be there last night!!! It was THE moment of my life! Thanks for “Beautiful Day" - I love this music, it’s my favorite. Hugs to all Abrazos para todos Hasta luego
14 April, 2011
The show was AMAZING, AWESOME! The best show ever! It was my first U2 concert, I WILL NEVER FORGET! I was hoping to hear Ultraviolet, but it's ok, Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me is also perfect, love that song! I loved All I Want is You and City Of Blinding Lights... my favorite songs! Thanks for the amazing night that will last for ever!! ♥
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