War Leg 2: 1983, America, European Festivals, Japan

Torhout, BE
Festival Grounds


19 October, 2010
my first - hooked for life
and loving it :-) age 13, my first festival in a massive crowd of 25,000 people. walked (crawled) all the way to the front ... I was so small, couldn't see a thing unless I got to the fence ... barely knew U2 at the time but that was about to change. a steaming version of Out of Control opened the set. I remember Bono climbing into the PA tower, jumping off the stage to come and shake hands with those of us up front ... what a madman! what an energy!! 27 years later I still love the lads to little bits and pieces. There's no telling to how much I enjoyed the shows over the years. I will always consider bumping into U2 a very precious gift.
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