Unforgettable Fire

Edinburgh, Scotland, GB
Edinburgh Playhouse


16 May, 2010
the fire hits edinburgh
Well what a night this turned out to be, the boys turned up an hour late, the waterboys were well and trully out the way, always feel sorry for a u2 support act. started with 11 o clock and of we go, biggest surprise of the night was wire trulley great live, the set was pretty much settled by this time, Bad was crazy as some thing went wrong with edge;s equipment but bono carried him through and what a great rendition of a brill song, with the night coming to close probably 2 rows couldn;t contain themselves any longer as pride was disrupted and then Gloria as the rest of the band played on bono organised the stage leaving one sole sitting in front of larrys drums, closing with forty, another trully brilliant performance and guess what 2 more nights to follow in glasgow, its great being a u2 fan. the scottish crowd is the best in the world, every word of every song belted out loud and proud, u2 you are a gift from god.
19 September, 2009
I remember this gig, I was 16 at the time and it was my first U2 gig.  I do remember Bono helping a guy on to the stage who then sat in front of Larry's drum kit for a song - think it was his birthday.
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