Conspiracy of Hope

Atlanta, GA, US
The Omni


18 October, 2014
Atlanta 1986
This was the 2nd of many, many U2 concerts I have seen over the years. I came to the Omni to see what had been rumored to be a POLICE reunion. Sting and the boys were actually there!! Peter Gabriel. Lou Reed. Bryan Adams. It went on and on like a who's who of the soundtrack of my high school and college days...then it happened. The U2 lads took the stage, and I mean they TOOK IT! The crowd was mesmerized. These guys took us to places we'd never been, and many of us have never looked back. Thanks to Bono and Larry and The Edge and Adam for showing and playing the truth all these years. The POLICE reunion DID happen that night, but U2 stole us away!!
09 October, 2009
An Addendum
I forgot to mention Bad - following Help and before Sun City. Was transcendent.
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