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Dublin, IE
TV Club
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15 September, 2015
TV Club
Spot on Johnh. It was at the top of Harcourt Street off the South Circular. And are you sure it wasn't 2.50 rather than 3.50?
13 July, 2010
TV Clubbin'
This was my first U2 gig, still have the ticket stub No.275,all of £3.50 in. I think Microdisney supported, if so they were awful. The show was super, 3 things have stayed with me about this gig, (1). The TV Club was somewhere on the southside, I had to ask my Dad how to get there (He'd gone there in the 50's or something). (2). It was the first time I saw a Gibson Explorer (Cool). (3). 11 O'Clock Tick Tock, never heard anything like it before or since, by todays standard the sound was probably poor but that riff !! ,can you hear it. I still can 30 years later. Magnificent !!! Dublin wasn't great in the 80's but nights like this let us live and breathe a bit.
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