Joshua Tree Leg 2: 1987, Europe

Gothenburg, SE (Eriksberg Shipyard Docks)
Eriksberg Shipyard Docks
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17 October, 2014
My second U2 concert :)
I remember my second concert with U2.The place was Gothenburg "Eriksbergs Shipyard (06-06-87) with dressing Lone Justice, Big Audio Dynamite and The Pretenders.It had rained all the time, so it was soaking wet :( But when it was time for U2 to enter the stage, we forget the pouring rain !! I stood on a hill to the right, When the intro to "Where The Streets Have No Name ... from the speakers' Bono enters the cowboy hat and brown vest. I remember the crowd swayed in time ... And I've had goosebumbs :)
22 July, 2010
It was my first U2 concert too!
It was my first U2 concert too and I loved it, as I remember it was raining but you didn’t think about it during the concert. I never bought a t-shirt but I did buy those pictures that was taken from a helicopter, 4 pictures of Bono and 1 picture of the scene and all the people. But unfortunately the pictures are missing, it might be that I had a moment of insanity ant throw them away . Anyway my last U2 concert was also 360° in Gothenburg . And soon, very soon I will travel to see 360° in Helsinki, and I’m really looking forward to it. See you there!
23 May, 2010
My first U2 concert
Travelling from Finland to Gothenburg Sweden to see U2 was an experience for 17-years old boy. I had been a true fan of U2 since I heard Under A Blood Red Sky in 1983. I remember feeling surreal to see the band live. Bono and other guys there in front of me in flesh and blood. And yes, the concert was truly magnificent. I still proudly wear 2 of my Joshua Tree tour t-shirt I bought 23 years ago. I have worn those precious pieces of fabric only when I am at the U2 concert. Latest was 360 in 2009, also in Gothenburg. The next time I put on my distinctively tight piece of fabric will be in Helsinki 2010. Believe it or not the shirts still fit me ;-) See you in Helsinki in August. ps. Bono, get your back well soon!
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