Joshua Tree

Pittsburgh, PA, US / Three Rivers Stadium
with Little Steven, The Disciples of Soul, Los Lobos 3
Party Girl Live Joshua Tree Tour


15 June, 2010
October in Pgh
Summertime we had waited overnight at Monreoville Mall to get our tickets. Suddenly we were sharing "our band" with the rest of the world, heh. I was going to Point Park college and took a shuttle to the stadium with my friend Monica and met up with my brother who had driven in from St Vincent's College. A beautiful October night. I think Little Steven and Los Lobos opened the show. This is where I saw how U2 could make a huge stadium intimate and draw you in. From the first song it was just a great night. Yes, I also remember Bono in a sling and having a guy come up to play guitar for "People Get Ready", that must have been magical for him. The first guy that jumped up had no idea how to play so he sent him back, ha. I remember us all still singing "40" as we walked down out of 3 Rivers Stadium.
20 March, 2010
I can't believe I get to comment on this. I was a freshman in college at Cal U of Pa. (south of Pburgh). Two buddies, Joe and Al, and I took a bus to 3 Rivers (bought tickets online) knowing we had no ride home. We didn't care. Great show, we were miles from the band, 3 Rivers is big, we didn't care. We begged a ride back to school with some AKL brothers and had to sit on laps an hour back home. I think we pissed off their girlfriends, or maybe the brothers, I don't know. A most memorable experience. Obviously worth it, as I remember it 23 yrs later.
12 November, 2009
My First U2 Concert
This concert i remember like it was yesterday... you brought a kid out of the audience and he was actually a real good guitarist. i'm a left handed drummer and on that day listening to "where the streets have no name" i was driven to tears wanting to get up there and play with you guys. i've seen ya now in Philly ten more times, and I'm still rockin the drums and guitar...
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