Lovetown Leg 2: 1989/90, Europe

Dublin, Dublin, IE (Point Depot)
Point Depot


06 December, 2014
The best! Angel of Harlem.
14 October, 2012
Grew up in East Berlin, listened to the show on radio that night. Such great memories... Are there any recordings of that show to be had?
15 August, 2010
New Years Eve
We were five person going to Dublin from Finland just after Christmas, hoping to get tickets. We waited outside The Point Depot for hours but nothing. On New years eve we were there again, in the middle of the day. A man asked me if I was looking for a ticket. YES! 40 pounds I think I paid. Went alone in the evening to the concert, afraid that it would be some kind of a bad joke and that I would not be able to get in. It was no joke, I got in alright and at 12 o´clock the band got on stage. I loved the concert. I was in the front, standing there just could not belive it was true. Had only been to one U2 live show before, in Gothenburg 1987, but here it was only about 5000 people and that was brilliant. Angel of Harlem is a special memory to me. Also loved Dirty Old town and Bad. My friends got tickets to a Simple Minds concert a few days later instead.
13 May, 2010
Point depot
Managed to buy 2 tickets for the show, had to pay £300 for the 2. Flew over from England and sold one ticket outside the point. What a night,whether i am stuck in the eighties but this was as good as it got, THE BEST! Had not realised i wouldn't be able to get a taxi back to the airport as it was new years day, so had to walk miles in the pouring rain!! Made the flight home but then got held and grilled for 2 hours at Manchester as i flew with no ID! Lets hope that the rest of the filming that took place eventually gets released!!!!!!
18 September, 2009
Poin Depot
Just the best live ever...
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