ZOOTV Leg 1: 1992, North America

Tacoma, WA, US (Tacoma Dome)
Tacoma Domewith The Pixies
Zoo TV


15 June, 2010
A real Achtung Baby
Hard to forget this concert. I was 20 ft from the stage, no one in front of me, and 9 months pregnant. The venue was 100 miles from home so we were supposed to spend the night at my sister-in-law's in Washington. I was stunned that I had finally made it to a U2 concert. The tickets were only $25. I didn't get to jump around much but I still had a blast. I went into labor a few hours after the concert (thankfully) and though we raced towards home, we didn't make it before the baby was born. She's been the "freeway baby" ever since.
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