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Far more than a sort of homecoming at Croke Park tonight. Eighty thousand fans, many of whom had travelled from all over the world, were in Dublin for a show they'll never forget. From the opening chords of Breathe (see our clip below) to the closing seconds of Moment of Surrender, it was quite a show in Dublin tonight.

At first it felt a little different because the set up in the stadium here means the show wasn't in complete 360 but the unique Dublin vibe soon took over and the set list is going to be hard to beat.

Some stand out moments? Bono slipping into 'The Auld Triangle' after Stuck In A Moment; Edge and Bono duelling with an Irish flag on the b-stage during Until The End of the World; spellbinding new video footage of the pro-democracy protestors in Iran during Sunday Bloody Sunday; 80,000 voices singing in unison 'how long to sing this song' at the close of Bad; W H Auden's 'Funeral Blues' to mark the arrival of Ultraviolet...'

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Lauren Sharkey - 25 July, 2009
Last night was my 1st U2 show and OMG it was such a treat. I came from Omagh in N.ireland which isn't too far. Im back home now and all i want to do is go back uo and see you guys tonight and monday lol. The show was fantastic, makes ye proud to be irish :)
Johnner - 25 July, 2009
What about Ultra Violet....Was that bleedn special or what....excellent show....and did I see Adam taking a jog around? Surely not...hes too cool for that
fredriksahlin - 25 July, 2009
Great show but...
I have been to several fantastic U2 show around the world. I was in Dublin yesterday and saw the show and as many has said it was great but I have to admit that I think the played a little bit to short. On the other shows (not this tour) they have been playing longer sets... that is the only remark on the negative scale because the setlist was awesome. Looking forward to 4 shows in Boston and NY. Fredrik
scott one - 25 July, 2009
U2 Rock Croke Park
Achtung Andy - 25 July, 2009
Best show of my life, can't wait to dream it all up again at Wembley on the 14th! (Hey Edge please bring back your blistering solo for With Or Without You from the Zoo TV day's and my life will be complete!)
Padraic - 25 July, 2009
Its true, they just....
....keep getting better. I was there for the joshua tree tour and every tour in between. Last night was the best yet, reminded me of why they have a right to call themselves one of, if not the best live band in the world.
baz1973 - 25 July, 2009
WOW! what a show! have been to Croker for Vertigo and to see every tour since Lovetown. This has to rank as one of the best, if not the best... Well worth gettin wet, sunburned and hoarse for :) U2 rule!!
gavan09 - 25 July, 2009
U2 Back to their Best
U2's show last night was fantastic. The set, the claw and energy was amazing. Was was really great ... there was no bullshit .... just the music and the band. Also, the song from No Line are fabulous live. Gavan
KellyP - 25 July, 2009
Beautiful Night
Absolutely Awesome ! The best keep getting better. 4 Hill 16 legends rocked the socks of Croker... going again tonight and cant wait ! The remixed Crazy Tonight blew me away !
Wil Reason - 25 July, 2009
Fantastic 1st night in Croker. Great to hear Unforgettable Fire live again. The set, the sound, the stage, the crowd... excellent !! what a great gig , can't wait to see you again tonight.
clarbran - 25 July, 2009
Waiting for the Band
We stood in line from 8am Friday morning to get a good place near the stage. We met wonderful people from Sweeden, Germany, Italy, USA and France, most of who had been to some of the earlier shows in this tour. The concert was worth even minute of the wait. It was unbelievable, their best ever...
sbyrne1977 - 25 July, 2009
Thank you!!!
Bono, The Edge, Larry & Adam, thank you so much for giving us all a wonderful show last night, I am so happy you made my dream come true, by playing BAD, I have waited a long time to hear it live, Thank you so much and congrats on an excellent performance, Best wishes Sam, Dublin :-)
dotsman - 25 July, 2009
Great Performance, poor venue
The performance was brilliant (although had hoped they would do more of an encore). Croke Park was not up to this tour's standards though. Not only was HIll 16 closed, but with the stage at the Hill end, and there being a huge gap at the back of the pitch, sitting in the corner, lower tier, I felt somewhat detached from the show (compared to similar seats for Vertigo in 2005). Am going again tonight (GA), so will hopefully be better!
joebro - 25 July, 2009
What a Show
Totally and Utterly enjoyed it - You have to be there to believe it - Nice one lads - See you monday ;)
fintanfugs - 25 July, 2009
We should be very proud of the lads who have really put Ireland on the map and encouraged people to travel here. One day U2 will be no longer and we'll miss them. It'll probably be a british or american band perched at the top. Enjoy them while they're here. Fintan Donnelly (Galway)
blindspin - 25 July, 2009
Croker Friday
Without doubt the best u2 concert that I've been at. Went to Amsterdam with friends on Monday and managed to get into the Red Zone but took my wife last night last night and it was just an epic, magic gig. There was just a very special atmosphere and the set list, sound and crowd were amazing. Cheers Dave
dmcallister - 25 July, 2009
Dublin Friday for DVD
WOW, I have seen every U2 gig in Dublin since 87. July 24th 2009 was simply incredible. Must be brought out on DVD. It was 12 out of 10, amazing, best live performance I ever seen
bignewfy - 25 July, 2009
MAGNIFICENT!!! Truly a remarkable performance last night. What a difference seeing them at home versus seeing them in the states. Lots more energy and enthusiasm! Well worth the trip from the Washington, DC area. Dinner at the Tea Room at the Clarence before the show made it a night to remember. Ending with my favorite song on the new album was the perfect finish!
Eskobar - 25 July, 2009
Amazing night - Bono sounded fantastic and the show the band put on was out of this world!! One of the best shows I've seen, if not the best!!!!
u2lester - 24 July, 2009
yes what a show enjoyed it , and thanks. Thanks also to the one.org. For a better world. Thank you.
ehsfriend - 24 July, 2009
Amazing show
Amazing show. Bad and TUF made it for me. SBS was unreal Attn U2 fans in Dublin Support Free Iran tomorrow (a few of us visiting from USA to see Dublin U2 shows will be there): Iran Protest Sat. 25 July 1-3 pm @ General Post Office O’Connell St. Dublin http://bit.ly/4uUELl Bishop Tutu supports free Iran movement http://bit.ly/hOYak Tomorrow is 40 days since Neda was murdered in Tehran - worldwide protests planned
zoostation - 24 July, 2009
Magnificent Elevation Makes Beautiful Da
Loved Elevation - what a return... Unforgettable Fire and Bad in the same set! Crazy was crazy but great... Can't wait until tomorrow to see how they top this? Best they can!
- 24 July, 2009
Cant wait for monday :)
kommrandr - 24 July, 2009
Great stuff,
wow, what a great show, U2 ---> let The Edge bring back that epic EPIC solo played during With or Without You that was heard in the ZooTv Tour
howl - 24 July, 2009
First time in Croke park in 22 years, not since the Joshua Tree tour. One hell of a show. Uncynical, unashamedely fantastic. The Aul Triangle was almost as good as Luke Kelly - almost! The crowd singing "40 how long..." at the end of Bad. Sunday Bloody Sunday in Croke Park, choked on the lump in my throat. Remix of I'll go Crazy had as much energy as a mini-rave. Great to meet people from all over the world. Great to be Irish tonight!
andy2kw - 24 July, 2009
Perfect Timing...
Getting off the DART on the way home. There was a rolled up newspaper stuck in the shelter. Feeling it would be significant I took it out. Sure enought on the front page by the masthead, was the headline: U2 Exclusive. Picking up that paper caused me to pause on the platform & hear the simple, beaultiful "One" - one love.... Thanks guys & welomce back! Looking forward to being at Croker with you on Monday Night with my WOMBTWIN t-shirt.
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