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The band played in Toronto tonight, the first of 2 shows, and set beneath the Toronto Tower, the stage looked more spaceship like than ever. Show was out of this world too.

'We've got some old songs, some new songs, We got songs we can barely play... We got a space ship'.

What did we make a note of ? The roof of the Rogers Stadium (home to the Toronto Blue Jays) was off, which is a bit of a rarity - it came off for Bruce Springsteen too - and that made for some great acoustics tonight. The end of Beautiful Day found Bono singing 'Alison' by the one and only Elvis Costello, who was here watching the show. The band paid tribute to their hosts ('Our first night on the majestic half continent that you call a country - Canada.')... which went down relatively well. And we learned that 'the effortlessly stylish Adam Clayton' is ' the only man in U2 who uses face cream.'
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katsmith72 - 16 September, 2009
22 years and worth the wait
After trying unsuccessfully for 22 years (since The Joshua Tree) to see the band live, I finally saw them tonight. What a show. It's always nice to see band that sounds at least as good as their recordings. It's even better to see one whose sound only improves with the live experience. The highlights for me this evening were I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (Larry killed it with that one drum walking around the stage), Bono swinging from his retro mike in the second encore in his glow in the dark jacket and of course the set itself. That screen was just about the coolest thing I have seen in my life. It has a life of it's own. Thank you U2 for the most memorable night for me so far this year! See you when you come through town again next time!
leafslash67 - 16 September, 2009
toronto Show
What a show. The two highlights for myself where the new uptempo "I'll go crazy" and the end with "Moment Of Surrender". Thank you for putting on a great show. My wife was very happy also. it was her first time seeing U2. The closeness of the show was great. The stage didn't take at all away from the performance. Sincerely, Rob
twofour - 16 September, 2009
2nd time seeing U2
Just got back from seeing U2 at the Rogers Center here in Toronto. This was my second time seeing the band live (first time was for the Achtung Baby tour....yeah it has been a while). They played a solid 2 hour show, and while I didn't know the new songs as well as the older ones, my wife and I had a great time. Loved Until the End of the World, and really enjoyed the I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight performance.
Cacoelho - 16 September, 2009
Old songs?
Great concert for a great venue. The CN Tower and Rogers Centre scenery definitely make you feel like you're in another planet. I missed some old songs and wish they had included them, like Bad and other tunes from their first three albums. Stay was great and Ultraviolet was even better. One song I would love to hear live: Night and Day. I'm ready for night 2. Cheers, Carlos.
StefC - 16 September, 2009
360 in T.O.!
Awesome first show in Toronto! From the crowd singing "I Still Haven't Found" to "Your Blue Room" from the International Space Station to "Ultraviolet" - all under the backdrop of the CN Tower! It was a simply fantastic show. U2 are still at the top of their game.
label - 16 September, 2009
it was excellent!! the way they play together, the stage, show, music.. WOW!! they sound fantastic LIVE and they made the crowd happy.. I have loved these guys since i was 12 in catholic grade school, and i still love them at 37! young and old, were all singing along!! and they make you think about the world around you.. EXCELLENT !!!!!! is how i can round it up.. looking forward to attending the next tour!
Chris. Woldt! - 16 September, 2009
blue pride
as much as I appreciate dusting off 'your blue room' having it in lieu of 'pride'? the trade seems rather drastic.
cottonpot - 16 September, 2009
Toronto 1
Saw the boys tonight for the 3rd time this tour. They sounded great and were tight as ever. Playing the rogers centre is tough as the sound can be shite but with the roof best sound I have heard. However, I disagree with their decision to drop Pride and play "In Your Blue Room". A nice song but you know what.......I would rather hear Drowning Man. I also can't believe they didn't play Bad. i will see them in NYC next week on the 24th. I hope they bring Pride back, play Bad and Drowning Man. I know...I ask for too much. great show tonight by the lads.
dgk2 - 16 September, 2009
Brilliant show
Loved the show tonight, old, new and a spaceship too boot. I'll be there tomorrow too.. hoping to hear Mysterious Ways :) Crazy (Remix) was awesome.
montreal1975 - 16 September, 2009
Personal Dream Come True
True Story I was 11 years ago and came home from school in Montreal. I opened my front door and music was roaring in the house. As I walked down the hallway my 7 year older brother was standing next his stero speakers with the sounds blasting. He smiled when he noticed me, walked over to the stero and said to me, "Eric, these guys are amazing." He was listening to Joshua Tree and it was my first introduction to U2. Incredibly, all these years later and only tonight did I see them live for my first time. The concert was amazing. Bono's voice is better...better live than on CD. The whole band, stage, length of the set...just the whole thing was awesome. Sincere thank you U2. Wish you nothing but the best. Eric
Saintostica - 16 September, 2009
Killer remix
Excellent 1st show in Toronto. No more, no less. What you would expect from the boys. Highlights were Ultraviolet, City of Bliding Lights, and suprisingly I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight. That remix is a killer! Your Blue Room? Nice try. But doesn't really work in a big stadium.
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