U2360° TOUR

Tampa, FL, US / Raymond James Stadium
with Muse 74

'The future needs a big kiss,' sang Bono in hot, hot, hot Tampa tonight and the future arrived, all the way from Guy Laliberte, orbiting the earth in the International Space Station. 'Planet earth looks so great...'

Hottest night of the tour here in Tampa but it got more than cool when Bono revealed we were about to hook up with 'our friend Guy Laliberte, orbiting the earth...on a mission to teach us about water.'

And suddenly, all the way from outer space, here was 'the first clown in space', with a spine-tingling perspective on what he could see of our planet from the International Space Station.

'I see stars, I see darkness and emptiness.' he told Bono. 'But planet Earth looks so great, and also so fragile. We should not forget that we have a great privilege to live on planet Earth.'

It was a breathtaking moment and the Florida audience gave Guy an extraordinary welcome. Could only be followed by 'Elevation, 'Are you ready for lift-off Tampa?'
"You make me feel like I can fly
So high, elevation....

Tampa was ready and the rest of the show passed in a dazzling blur, as fine a show as we've had. ('That is an unbelievable noise you make.' )

One little man who will never forget this night was Troy who took the stage for City of Blinding Lights, sharing the spotlight and taking Bono's shades back to his family.

Were you lost in space in Tampa tonight? Tell us what it was like and post your photos below.

Here's what they played.

(Guy Laliberte didn't just drop in on the 360° Tour tonight. He was hosting a global artistic performance from the International Space Station to draw attention to global water shortages. It's all part of his Poetic Social Mission.)

Here's what U2 played in Tampa tonight.

Get on Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Beautiful Day
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Stuck In A Moment
No Line on the Horizon
Until The End of the World
Unforgettable Fire
City of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy - Remix
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On
Where The Streets Have No Name

With or Without You
Moment of Surrender
Beautiful Day In The Space Station - Seattle

U2360° Tour


10 October, 2009
Great night
One of the best nights in my life. I´ve seen the claw in videos and photos, but the first live impression, takes your breath away. Even though the milky way was the good bye song, I enjoyed it too much. Thanks U2, thanks Tampa.
10 October, 2009
what a show
What a show, what a night. Best part of the night was singing I still haven't found what I'm looking for. If I was to mention two bad things about the show it would be: Muse wasn't on stage long enough (didn't play plug in baby or knights of cydonia) U2 wasn't on stage long enough, again a lot of old songs were left out like pride; new years day; I will follow. We know new album, promoting the new stuff. When you guys come back again NEXT YEAR(maybe November , weather a little cooler) Do what Bruce does, on stage for three hours banging out the hits. Excellent show bhoys.
10 October, 2009
Listening from the backyard
I'm fortunate enough to live maybe a block or so from Raymond James. I got off work at 7pm last night, had a few friends over and we sat back, and listen to the show. You guys are amazing! Around 9pm we decided to walk over to RayJ to see what we could see. Many people sitting outside their houses, on the sidewalks and street corners. All listening to U2, though we weren't inside the stadium seeing the show, there was something special about just hanging out with the people listening. Thank you so much.
10 October, 2009
U2 was AMAZING in concert. I've always loved U2 but seeing them live is breath taking. I cried tears of joy. One of the best performances you can ever see. U2 is the best in the world.
10 October, 2009
All I can say is Awsome Show! I have seen them 13 times dating back to the Boy Tour and they never disapiont me.
10 October, 2009
Thank you
It's hard to render someone with many words speechless, but U2 always does the trick. A girl can diverge in a million distinctly different directions, with her life changing in a number of unexpected ways, but U2 has been a constant for me for ages. The timelessness and depths of their lyrics, the musical package, the brilliant multi-media of their shows and the combination of play, activism and insightful beauty is overwhelming. Last night, a most unexpectedly gorgeous addition to the concert: a live connection with Guy Laliberte from the International Space Station, who eloquently spoke about the beauty of Earth from space and the importance of conservation. Ahhhhh, more music to my ears. So thank you, boys. I just adore you. I can't say that about many people I don't know. Somehow, you've convinced me that I do know you, and I love who you are. Keep it coming.
10 October, 2009
nothing to be desired
the show in Tampa was amazing the crowds were amazing and the show was amazing there was not a better way to turn 40 with family in tow...U2 upped the anti again with this tour...great job guys
10 October, 2009
Awesome Show
The show in Tampa was amazing. U2 is simply the best! Muse also did a fantastic show last night. Can't wait until either of them come back to town!
10 October, 2009
entrance issues
On top of the fact its hot in Tampa the humidity was brutal. I waited at the gates for an extra 50 minutes due to the ticket scanners going off line. The concert was great. But, im still disappointed that unknown caller was not included in the setlist. I also had an issue of smelling marijuana the entire time of the concert.
10 October, 2009
Bono dear, When you messed up lyrics on Saturday Night Live I thought it was a fluke. Tonight you botched no less than 3 songs, including Ultraviolet. WTF? Come on! We spent over $500 on tickets, for that I expect you to not be making sloppy mistakes. Tonight was an 8 out of 10 for me. Still brilliant, but sharpen up, right. I miss 40. Larry was amazing and I know he gave out to ya! Love you all! Ariel
09 October, 2009
Tampa Concert
The Concert was AWESOME!!!! They played alot of great songs. I am so glad i finally had the chance to see them live. This is a dream come true. You guys we amazing!Rock on!!
09 October, 2009
Lads are Magnificent
Damn what a show.Raymond james stadium was so intimate ! I was at first show in chitwn and it was spectacular and this show delivered even more ! Wife in chicago , 11 year old son at home his first concert or time at stadium he cant stop remembering his magnificent ngt !!!
09 October, 2009
Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!! Would not miss it if ever again!!!!!!
07 October, 2009
Tampa Show
Going to the show in Tampa this Friday. It looks like the Atlanta show dropped "In a Little While" and "New Year's Day" which were played at the Raleigh show. I hope they play both of these songs at the Tampa show. Also, I agree with other comments from the Atlanta show, "Unknown Caller" is probably one of the best songs on the new album and I am very surprised it has been dropped from the recent shows. Please bring it back . . . Also, any idea when the Muse goes on?
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