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Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of, Electrical Storm and Desire are all in the show for the second night at the San Siro.

(Incidentally, it's been crazy in Milan, what a city - people really passionate to see the band. Not just at the gig... as this photo shows.)

So here's what we loved about the second night in Milan: the passion and volume of the audience; the operatic vibe in Magnificent; the Arabic introduction to Beautiful Day; the snatches of 'Billie Jean' and 'Don't Stop Till You Get Enough' in Desire; the first outing for 'Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of' and a reminder of the north African birdsong which opens Unknown Caller. 'This is a song we wrote in a small hotel in Morocco... you can hear these birds at the start of the song.'

Italy is at the centre of global politics this week, the leaders of the Group of 8 industrialised countries are here to talk about the credit crunch, climate change and how we can generally all get on a little better. Great tonight to see Italians remembering Aung San Suu Kyi by wearing her mask for Walk On: 'Right now my heart's with a woman. She has been under house arrest for many years, her name is Aung San Suu Kyi ... for the people of Burma we send a message of love.'

How was the show for you tonight? Add your highlights below.
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nat 2A - 25 February, 2010
wonderful show!the best i have ever seen!an audience singing from the first word of "breathe" to the last of "moment of surrender"! crazy tonight performance was extraordinary,moment of surrender with bono on his knees taking off his shades,electrical storm played! everything was just perfect! i ll never,ever forget this night,the best of my life, thanks to you U2 and the awesome audience!!
manuelsilvia - 23 July, 2009
The unfire
Since I was eleven, in 1981, I'm loving you guys.. But this was the first live-time for me... My heart was about to jump onto you... THANK U 4 being alive, wherever you go I will follow!
newlands_park - 13 July, 2009
the remixed version of Crazy was outstanding, the show was great. Missed new year's day and elevation though, but magnificent and unknown caller did a pretty good job as well. GRAZIE MILLE...what about a live show every two years instead of four? lol, ciao!
francescavox - 13 July, 2009
really magnificent!
I was there :D it was my first U2 concert! It was amazing, absolutely fantastic! It was the best day of my whole life! I've been waiting it for five years...I can't believe I was looking at Bono!...:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
jennimer - 13 July, 2009
You can not believe how much trouble I went through to come to the concert in Milan, travelling 12 hours on the train is the least of it. But it was all worth it! U2 has never let me down, there's always something extra in the stage construstion, set list and performance that blows my mind away. Thank you!
beastybarbi - 12 July, 2009
electrical and magnificent night!
BIG, BIG, BIG night. I love you ! I'm come from Caserta to see you. My mouth, my eyes and my heart remained open all the time. I loved very "electrical storm" Thank you I have a beautiful gift birthday, thanks.
birdsong - 11 July, 2009
Birdsong In Milan!
THAT caught my eye--Birdsong in Milan--LOL!! Wish I HAD been there! Maybe next time...
p8little - 10 July, 2009
2 nights with U2
I attent both shows, it was so wonderful to be there once again into the magic! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to see the greatest band of the world twice in 2 days... U2 left such a mark in Milan.. WOWWWWW p.s. I loved Electrical storm, thank you for playing it live. :)
marialaura - 10 July, 2009
I was there
san Siro 8/7/09 just: M A G N I F I C E N T. I was there: me and my husband arrived from Sardinia... it was the present to my husband's 40th birthday. words aren't enaugh to describe it. Tank you!
ViNz80 - 09 July, 2009
Unforgettable, a Magnificient night... s
Yesterday I was in Milan San Siro and I see the best concert of my life.. I did more than 1.200 km, I'm from Sicily.. Bono The Edge Larry and Adam broadcast emotions like never before, my heart still beats so strong.. thanks thanks thanks Unforgettable Night Magnificient concert VIVA U2... ViNz
- 09 July, 2009
I still think the encores a bit low key on it. Stick Vertigo on at the end for a rousing send off for the audience
- 09 July, 2009
Angiepick - 09 July, 2009
No words......just thank you!
Amazing, passionate, vibrant nights in Milan.....such deep emotions will stay.....always.....already missing them... :-) ..... just wondering, after 360° T what stage will be next!!!!!....... A M A Z I N G!!!!
gibba75 - 09 July, 2009
my first time
i cried tears of joy. thank you for this wonderful experience. Magnificent
Ultravi0let - 09 July, 2009
My rank!!!
Told you I got crazy last night ;-)
shahar - 09 July, 2009
Welcome Back Electrical Storm
so happy and realex that you bring back the best song to the list, electrical storm should stay in the center....love you so much and dreaming about berlin concert...think about new year day again. the best show ever
fabioemichela - 09 July, 2009
Milan 7 / 7 / 2009
It's my 12 U2 concert....it's like the first time. Larry....incredible!!!
Ultravi0let - 09 July, 2009
Let me in the soud!
Still singing and dancing in my head Just went crazy - it eas like a giant, magic, fabulous... 80thousand people party Still drunk with music and colours and emotions :-) Ultravi0let
maneo76 - 09 July, 2009
What a wonderful and beautiful...
In this moment in my mind I have one thought.... I want to see to listen more and more of these guys... I want to try to change my life... Thanks to you!!!!!!!!!!!! Grazie!!!! Ciao!!!! from Milan...from my heart
alepotter - 09 July, 2009
Thank you!!!!
OMG, these last 2 nights have been the most amazing nights of my life. Thank you so much guys for always being so special, Milan will never forget your love! (and forgive us for the crowd outside the hotel, we italians are always a "bit too passionate") :) A big kiss!
maela62 - 09 July, 2009
an unforgettable experience
An atmosphere kept warm by the music of the Four in a growing. Magic moments to live in the sparkling lights of ' The Claw'. High peaks in historic songs like Unforgettable Fire, Pride and Streets, standing ovation for ' I ll go crazy if i don't go crazy tonight and No line on the Horizon. One touches the hearts of everyone once more.
Navaglo - 09 July, 2009
What an awesome, wonderful, timeless set list!
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