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'Tonight might be the night to toast a man who has meant so much to this band...
'Without this man, things might have turned out a little differently.
'Larry Mullen Jnr would not be the drummer of U2... he'd be a highway patrol man. But in Dublin!
'Adam Clayton, what would he be without this man? I'm thinking hand bag designer. Really posh ones though... a designer of fine things...'

Edge, continues Bono, would have been a city planner and as for himself, probably a theatre critic. But none of those histories came to pass because four young musicians in Dublin bumped into Paul McGuinness and tonight, at the opening show in Anaheim, for the first time in three decades they persuaded him to join them on stage.

'So tonight, we want to toast our manager, Paul McGuinness, whose sixtieth birtday it was yesterday. Here with his wife Kathy, his daughter Alexandra and his son Max. It's impossible to say what this man means to us... '

And disappearing backstage Bono returns to introduce Paul McGuinness to 90,000 people who wouldn't have been here on this night if he hadn't seen what he saw in those four musicians all those years ago.

'For the first time ever on the U2 stage..' says Bono, as Paul greets the band who lead the audience in a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday.

It Was Lenny Kravtiz who got everyone in the right groove on a balmy evening at Angel Stadium and when Even Better Than The Real Thing marked the arrival of the main attraction everyone was on their feet as two and a half hours passed in a moment.

'Thank you, thank you. Thanks to Los Angeles favorite son Lenny Kravitz for opening the show, our very special guest. Incredible dude, the kids a star. Thank you all for your patience.' Also in the house tonight, another special guest with a key role in the story of this band - Chris Blackwell who signed U2 to his Island Records when they were barely out of their teens. Stay is dedicated to Chris while Pride is dedicated to Maria Shriver. Can't fail to mention yet another compelling new video making a debut tonight, this one created by Run Wrake for Miss Sarajevo - more coming on that soon.

Before you knew it, the lights were down and Bono was pointing out the milky way of cellphones illuminating the night, inviting everyone to think about our small blue planet, spinning round the sun 'and all the people trying not to fall off.' And that was our Moment of Surrender on a night of birthday wishes.

Were you at Angel Stadium for the opening show in Anaheim tonight? Was it your first time or your forty first time? Your tenth birthday or your sixtieth? Add your own review of the show and post your photos below.
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z00ropa - 18 June, 2011
Amazing show, and I finally got to hear one of my favorite songs, Zooropa, in concert! Thanks for an awesome show and amazing memories!
DubDaughter - 18 June, 2011
Happy Birthday Paul McGuinness
I got to chat with U2 mgr Paul McGuinness 2x! We have a mutual friend, singer/musician/songwriter Paddy Casey from Dublin!
apolo8821 - 18 June, 2011
Worth the wait!
Just amazing! Heard BAD in the sound check,but not played.Hope they play it on Sat.Play it!So.Cal always a great venue.
Inspire - 18 June, 2011
One Big Sigh
At home in my pjs, my make up stinging my eyes, my ears ringing, the house quiet except for the tapping freckled dog feet, I wonder if tonight was a dream. Is it true? Was I with my cousin who had brain surgery last year, my chronically ill sister, my college-age daughter at Angel Stadium watching the best band in the history of rock and roll? Is it over? The most inspiring experience in my life. Was it a figment? If it was, it was the best dream concert I have been a part of. I wish I could re-live it. It was a dream come true times 20. Thank you U2 family for being inspiring in all ways. You all make me want to work harder and do more. Sleep well. You did yourselves proud.
Damian Byrne - 18 June, 2011
Even Better....
Than the Real Thing..... Epic night. Worth waiting for EBTTRT and Zooropa. Made me wish I was home in Dublin. Thanks boys
- 17 June, 2011
Transition from ..."all I want is you......to.....Where the streets have no name"....Guaranteed!
DavidSoCal - 17 June, 2011
Humour Me
and play some STAND UP COMEDY!!!!!!! That song is rock and roll!
trabbie - 16 June, 2011
The Claw in Angels Atadium!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
greydogblues - 16 June, 2011
counting down
have seen U2 over 20 times in 3 states - all great shows, but, my favorite venue is Anaheim, hands down. oakland was good - outside factors made it not great. will be at both shows in Anaheim - i have high hopes of hearing Bad either there or in Chicago... :) have fun one and all!!
u2fan10 - 16 June, 2011
Magical Night in So California
I have been a die hard U2 fan since 1984 , the band, the music , spiritual beliefs have helped me thru some dark times in my life ! When my mother passed away in May of 2007, U2 and their music helped me stay strong mentally & physically thru my moms death from Ovarian Ca....it has been truly a long wait since the original purchase date in 2009.....I am really looking forward to a spiritual and emotional concert experience but overall a GREAT TIME ..... Thank you Bono, The Edge , Adam and Larry for acentuating my life with music with heart and soul See you on Friday guys !!!!!!!!!
martini_cat - 15 June, 2011
Anaheim June 17th
Only 45 hours and counting.... this has been a long wait, but so worth it!!
mr_mojo - 15 June, 2011
On our way from Sydney!
Looking forward to the two shows in Anaheim! Coming over from Sydney Australia for my 42nd and 43rd U2 shows since first seeing them in 1984 here in Sydney. Hopefully, the boys might play Bad again!
bubiss - 14 June, 2011
Jealous of Anaheim
One week ago tonight, the show in Oakland was getting ready to wrap up, and I was there, was bummed when it was over. Attention fans in Anaheim you are in for a magical evening!! Trust me. I will be working Friday night but my heart will be in Anaheim.
angespy1 - 14 June, 2011
U2 Baby!!
Can we tailgate at the stadium?
utsa2004 - 14 June, 2011
How great is U2
The band has not ever played none of the following 4 gems songs: Drowning Man, So Cruel, Acrobat and Fez Being Born. For a real U2 fan will be a dream come true if only they could play any of these songs live. I wonder if there can be a big change in the setlist for next concerts. I would attend my third concert if they add whichever of these songs. I have enjoyed the 2 previous concerts, but there were some songs that did not really moved me on those shows. NOne of the All that You Can live Behind album songs moved me, I think they are overrated, but sadly the guys like to play them. I am sure Acrobat or So cruel are by far better live songs than those referred. Keep praying for some changes....
- 14 June, 2011
No Line On the Horizon
Having a family reunion at night 1. My cousin is flying in from Aguascalientes, Mexico!!! We hope to be on the rail.... Plz play No Line On the HOrizon... Tio MIguel says, "Fuerza Rayos!"
word2boonie - 14 June, 2011
please play bad!!!! june 17th my 30th bday! play bad!!!
greydogblues - 12 June, 2011
oak to ana to chic
oakland was good. have seen U2 in anaheim years ago = GREAT VENUE. hoping for a repeat. taking 4 sisters, niece and 81 yr old mom!! she is excited to be a part of what has been my passion for 25+ years! :) CANNOT WAIT!!! then, on to chicago.... still hoping for Bad or 40, but so happy with Scarlet and other early tracks they are working in.... having said that, Miss Sarajevo & Stay were unexpected highlights from oakland.
JeanPaulesan - 12 June, 2011
Hi i wanna give a special present to my girlfriend please help me, her birthday on June 20 and I want Bono to send her a congratulatory greeting in video (happy birthday), hers name is Celide she is from Peru, and she is a U2 Number1 FAN please, It is a special gift, i am in loving her, i want to surprise her please please please Bono please says Jean loves you and he does for you THANK YOU
collectoraholic - 12 June, 2011
WOOT! Nt. 1 in Anaheim! Can.Not.Wait. See you then, lads! Peace & Love, Collectoraholic from TX
- 07 June, 2011
stuck in a moment...
me and my wife will travel from Colombia to see the concert, please sing stuck in a moment ...
u2fan10 - 06 June, 2011
can somone with knowledge confirm palm s
I posted a previous ? Regarding if a palm sized camcorder is allowed as it also can be used as a camera ....please confirm if it will be allowed Thank you
MickinSoCal - 05 June, 2011
re: Cameras
you can bring in your cell phone and you can also bring in a point and shoot camera. Basically you cannot bring in any camera from which you can remove the lens.
u2fan10 - 04 June, 2011
please confirm about cameras being allow
Can someone please verify if we can bring video cameras and cameras to the concert ??????
Renedenniseethan - 03 June, 2011
Are we alowed to bring cameras to the concert?
romanroran - 03 June, 2011
Light My Way
I will go to tour from Japan Please,Please Ultraviolet (Light My Way)!
mhudak - 31 May, 2011
U2 - U had me at Hello!
Catching the Oakland show in a seat (but will still be close!) Catching BOTH Anaheim shows from the Red Zone! Do they limit the headcount in the Red Zone per side? Can I walk back & forth? I will definitely be texting & posting pictures from each show! Caught them in Vegas & it was AMAZING! Caught BONO as he was heading in for sound check. I was at the VIP pre-dinner & his black SUV dropped him so we could all get pix & autographs.AMAZING! See you in the "zone".
SunnieM - 28 May, 2011
U2 Anaheim, CA
Looking forward to seeing U2 again! Woohoo!!
missjordie - 16 March, 2011
From Sydney
Saw 360 tour first in 09 in Vegas, then at home in Melbourne and both shows in Sydney - and now in June at the Big A - can't wait.
PATTTYU2 - 14 March, 2011
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