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'Saturday night in Anaheim, hope you like our big ol' rock show,' says Bono. 'Now I know this is Angels territory and miracles abound, but there's a magic trick that we'd really like to try tonight. It's called 'Shrink This Stadium, Turn It Into A Club...'

It's a trick the band have been playing for some time and they pulled it off again tonight, mixing up the set list and dropping in some surprises.

'Closeness is not about physical proximity, we feel close to you up there on the top tier, we're feeling it (and) over to the left... can you feel us?'

The deafening response from another capacity audience suggested everyone in the house was feeling the closeness tonight. So 'Real Thing' took us off the ground and then this.

'Are you ready for some Kraut Rock - circa 1990?'

Were we ever ? Second nights often throw up something no-one is expecting and no-one was expecting The Fly.

'It's no secret that the stars are falling from the sky
It's no secret that our world is in darkness tonight...'

Wow! After that this show was in orbit, circling the planet in the 360 spaceship.

'Saturday night, Sunday morning, that's the kind of band we are...' And it's time to give thanks for Lenny Kravitz, his last show with the tour tonight and his 'fine and extraordinary band.'

'Thank you Orange County for your patience, some of you are two years older than you were when you bought your tickets for tonight's show...
'A lot can happen in that time, for example Adam you may see there's an extra bounce in his step. That's because Adam Clayton is a proud father.
'Larry. A movie star, it had to happen. Our Lawrence plays opposite the great and gifted Donald Sutherland in a new movie called Man On A Train.
'And The Edge became a farmer, just yesterday actually. He had a slightly different plan. He was going to build a nuclear reactor, but farming is good, he's back to wind farming. On guitars and everything else - The Edge!'

Lots of special friends at Angel Stadium tonight. Quincy Jones is here and Still Haven't Found is dedicated to him, while 'Stuck in a Moment' goes out to Michael Hutchence, 'a beautiful man, he loved it here.'
'Big love to Morleigh' - she and Edge celebrate their wedding anniversary today - as well as shout-outs to everyone who signed up to the One campaign. But tonight the most special dedication brings the show to a close on a poignant note.

'I want you to think about the beautiful symphonic sounds that came out of a saxophone...' says Bono, referencing Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band. 'This man carried music and music carried him until this day...'

Moment of Surrender is dedicated to Clarence Clemons.

Were you at Angel Stadium for the second show in Anaheim tonight? Check out the set list, add your own review of the show and post your photos below.

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OneBigU2Fan - 01 November, 2012
Great Show!
I'd never seen U2 live, although have wanted to since Elevation (that was sold out and, yes, I have my limits what I'll do to get a ticket). Got lucky to find out about Anaheim. Was there the second night and it definitely did not disappoint! What an experience! And, yes, it bordered on the proverbial religious experience! Even all this time later I still look back, if only to remind myself - never miss another U2 concert!!
hankbz7273 - 16 July, 2011
6th Time was the Charm!
This was the 6th time i have seen the greatest band on earth and i finally shared it with the right girl. Went both nights but night number 2 was for sure the best in so many ways. Love You Lily, the most amazing concert i have ever been to and i have been to many many concerts.
u2myheart - 13 July, 2011
This was my 1st u2 concert. It was so much more than I expected. I sang, I cried, I jumped to the music, I have loved your music forever, Thank you for the experience. The tickets were a birthday gift . Wow what a gift...
Kim46 - 01 July, 2011
- 24 June, 2011
Bass drum killed the show
Awesome show with only one fatal flaw - too much f**king bass drum. Too loud and too much reverb. I guess they were going for a punchy sound in the mix but it was just drowning out all the other instruments. It actually sounded better if you stood outside the main seating area of the stadium in the walk ways. At least then the bass drum was muted somewhat. If this was any other band, I would have felt my money had gone to waste.
ncrane - 22 June, 2011
Thank you not for an incredible concert, but an incredible experience.
timo - 22 June, 2011
the energy was really unbelieveable!
Redhead11 - 21 June, 2011
Once again
icrisostomo - 21 June, 2011
Best concert experience EVER!
I have admired you since I was in my teen years. Each year, I become more enamored by your lyrics, the sound, and your political activism. I only wished I had a GA, instead of Terrace tix, so I could be more connected. I know I will see you again on your next concert. "At the corner of your lips, at the orbit of your hips, Eclipse, you elevate my soul!" Truly, I was elevated. Your touching tribute to Aung San Suu Kyi was touching, brought tears to my eyes.
bbarraza - 20 June, 2011
Worth the wait!
The concert was worth the wait! My favorite song: ONE! I was dancing, singing, and jumping with joy the entire night. Love U2 fans- is so fun to be around them. love you U2 faithful fan, Bertha
DaddyZeke - 20 June, 2011
Thank-U to U2... us at the Saturday Night show... wonderful!
kmiculich - 20 June, 2011
Anaheim 2
This show was excellent. I was also able to take some decent pics, see my flickr stream flickr.com/photos/19283989@N03/sets/72157627000519656/ Best part of the set list was "I Will Follow"
Theresa A. - 20 June, 2011
I flew out to Anaheim for show #2 for a great CA vacation and birthday celebration. Incredible show!!! Love the changes to the setlist!!! I was so thrilled to hear Ultraviolet... one of my favorites!!! Thanks U2 for a great birthday!!!!!!!
jbrooks22 - 20 June, 2011
I was in the inner circle and I could not BELIEVE how wonderful you guys sounded!!! The whole show was full of excitement and I am sooo happy I got to hear The Fly, Zooropa and Ultraviolet live!!! I will never forget that night...indescribable, the connection was unbelievable. Thanks U2!
suzyszoo7 - 20 June, 2011
Anaheim 1 and 2
the BEST EVER!!!! 2nd show was unbelievable Crowd was singing dancing crying I Will never forget this concert .cant from Hamilton ontario for this SOOOOOOOO WORTH IT!!! THX U2 Thx Bono fro your kind words thanks to al my u2 family at the concert. thx to Dalas For the Bono guitar Pick .Thanks to Rocco for putting that security People in there pace For us Fans !!!U2 brings us all together as ONE
coops - 20 June, 2011
Both nights were very good, but IMO, the 2nd was better. Not only a better set list (I really liked moving One and Streets earlier), but it just seemed like the band, and Bono in particular, were a little looser and having more fun. I also thought the sound mixing was better, but this could have had to do with how much closer I was on the 2nd night. Took my kids the first night for their first "real" concert. Very cool.
kylies - 20 June, 2011
Anaheim Day 2
The show was incredible, and what an amazing experience being in the inner circle! Also, sitting most of the day with other U2 fans to ensure a good spot on the floor was a special time. What was Bono reading at the end? Does anyone know?
PaulaT - 20 June, 2011
Still singing in my head...
Loved every minute of my Saturday nite with the boys. Thank you for an incredible show. We are one...
- 20 June, 2011
Simply the BEST!!
My 3rd time to a U2 concert and they make it keeps getting better each time!!!! LOVED IT!! Come back soon, I need more U2!!!!
Guitarhero108 - 20 June, 2011
great set list !!
what a great set list!! the only thing is bring bad, and one tree hill back!! and i liked it when streets was played more towards the end of the show. its a great song that ends the night in a great way. see you in PHILLY!!
Gabriel Perez - 20 June, 2011
U2 Anaheim
I saw both nights, and I have to say the 2nd night was better, although it was a difficult decision. Zooropa was incredible both nights, but hearing the FLY and Where the Streets have no name and New Years day was really special. Thanks U2! Please dont be a stranger!
fredmanskow - 20 June, 2011
My final 360 - was the greatest of them
The second night in Anaheim marked my last 360 show. I have seen a few, in the US and in Europe. But this night, the magic that is U2 and their relationship to their audience coalesced into a true shared experience. Having spent the better part of the last two days in line, with an eclectic mix of people I am now proud to call my friends, we finally got to take that companionship to the next level. Lenny was on fire, paving the way for a triumphant show by U2. When The Fly replaced I Will Follow as the second tune, and later One and Streets were moved up, I realized all bets were off. After 18 shows altogether, dating back to 1985, it is getting harder to rate and compare, but this night is for sure the greatest U2 concert I have ever been part of. Thanks to the band, to the crew and to the fans for making this happen.
timo - 20 June, 2011
Very cool.
Was super amazing!
edwmalo - 19 June, 2011
amazing night!!!
Thanks U2!!! I wait for years one concert!!!
lauraz_u2 - 19 June, 2011
U2 rocks!!
For this being my 5th time in a U2 concert I have to say that they are the best in concerts. Everyone is engaged and singing to all songs that they perform. Bono, Edge, Adam, and Larry u guys are the best! Come back soon to California. :)
david_aggie - 19 June, 2011
I will follow
I thought the stadium was going to come down during "I will follow." The crowd was in a complete frenzy during this number. I like this set list much better than earlier in the tour. The show was very high energy and very upbeat. Both Anaheim nights were great, but I think #2 was better. Thanks for remembering Clarence.
alxtrevizo - 19 June, 2011
Es mi 2o. concierto, dejenme decirles que fue espectacular. Esta ocasion pude entrar al circulo y estar cerca de la banda. La energía de Bono y The Edge no tiene comparación. Fue una noche increible. Valio la pena el no dormir haciendo fila y estar todo el dia esperando en el estacionamiento.
verobotas - 19 June, 2011
The Fly!!!!!
When I heard that song I started to jump, and then I was crying.. I really wanted to be there! Amazing show!!
jess_salomon - 19 June, 2011
This was my first U2 concert and I was NOT disappointed: We stood on the floor and were probably 6 steps away from the band when they walked around the stage! Loved the encore
destiny25 - 19 June, 2011
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