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Etihad Stadiumwith Jay-Z
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Edge and Bono opened the show from the b-stage tonight, coming round to meet during The Return of the Stingray Guitar. 'G'day!' said Bono, slipping effortlessly into the local language, and with that came the opening bars of Beautiful Day and it all kicked off.

It's been four years since the band were last here and it was pretty clear from the off that we were going to have a night to remember.

'What do you think of our space station? It's taken us all over the place and tonight it brings us down under. 'Good to be back in Australia and in Melbourne in particular,' added Bono. 'We feel at home in Melbourne.'

Plenty of thanks and name-checks tonight including Michael Coppel ('been promoting us since we first played in Australia') and an old friend, Natalia Imbruglia, who is in the house.

'We've been doing this a while, Adam, Edge, Larry and I, and we're still figuring out so much musically, spiritually - keep coming to see us, we're still pilgrims.'

Our highlights of this opening night of eight in Australia were a storming version of 'Boots' with Larry Mullen standing up at the drum kit and the reception for Magnificent when Bono asked, 'Where are we going? St Kilda, Fitzroy. Richmond. Melbourne...'

And after promising new music for audiences here, Bono was true to his word: 'Let's play you a new song. Brand new song. This is Mercy.' Coupling that with Bad was a show-stopping moment in the set, matched only by the reception for Miss Sarajevo.

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leroy_brown - 18 August, 2011
Just utterly unbelievable … it’s almost too hard to put into words how bloody fantastic this concert was, however we’ll give it a shot ! We’ve seen U2 live a few times now over the decades but this one has to take the cake. Like a good wine - they keep getting better with age. Check out the rest of the review @
pjpm63 - 12 December, 2010
World AIDS Day & U2
After handing out red ribbons all day for World AIDS Day Awareness, headed to Etihad Stadium with a U2 concert virgin. Last time I saw them in Sydney - hate to say it - I left early as I couldn't see or hear properly. This time in the Red Zone!! Got there and handed more red ribbons out until almost all our Red Zone was pinned!! Enjoyed Jay Z altho not really a fan. When THE band went on the crowd went off!! The whole set was fantastic. Still have Magnificent, Boots, Go Crazy and the Edge's guitar riffs going thru my head. Disappointed they didn't do Pride but got to hear it at the next concert. Excellent!! All round fantastic show. Great visuals and sound. Enjoyed every minute. Well done lads. Come back soon!! I WANT MORE!!!
AdelaideU2Fan - 09 December, 2010
They Dont call it the best show on earth
I have been to every U2 tour since the love town tour in the 80's including Madison Square gardens for the Elevation tour they keep blowing me away I live in adelaide but I was more than happy to travel to Melbourne to see this concert especially for opening night every song was exceptional what can you say they are simply the best band in the world even better than the beatles, I wish I stayed for the second Melbourne Concert, just wonder if anyone can help I took over 140 photos and several vid but when I got back to the Hotel i was viewing them on my phone and the stupid thing deleted everysingle one and I cant get them bac just wondering if any one could email me some of theirs especially if you were sitting on the second level directly behind the stage in section 46 my email address is it would greatly appreciated. Once again great concert can they get any better.
SDH - 08 December, 2010
Awesome! Please release Mercy ASAP!
Best concert I've been to, without exception (including Zoo TV in Sydney in '93). U2's energy and enthusiasm were visible from the start. Bono was on a high at the end of "Streets", and the crowd were with him. Highlights for me were Mercy (never heard it before - instant classic) and Bad, now definitely in my top 5 U2 songs. I read on the website that Mercy Live was released on a (very) limited edition vinyl EP a couple of weeks ago. Need it on CD or digital version ASAP!! It is great. I found the sound, lighting and overall presentation of "the Claw" just amazing: the whole team (band, live sound, production, set design, video clips, coordination, direction etc etc) is at the very top of their game, and makes everyone else's concerts 2nd rate. So gald I went. Wish I'd been at the 2nd Melbourne gig!
andrewmc1991 - 07 December, 2010
Best Night of My Life
From start to end U2360° opening night in Melbourne was absolutely amazing. From the start of the show U2 had all of us in complete awe. Bono and the boys seemed to get better every song and it is impossible to pick a single highlight. Every time either The Edge, Bono, Larry or Adam came near my section of the crowd (I was behind the walkway, centre a couple of rows back) were definitely stand out moments. The sound of the whole crowd singing Moment of Surrender to U2 was definitely something I will never in my life forget. Bono, The Edge, Larry and Adam all performed even better than i expected. I will definitely attend the next U2 tour and every one after that. Thank You Bono, Larry Mullen Jr., Adam Clayton and The Edge for the absolute best night of my life. Keep Rockin'
ecochick10 - 07 December, 2010
Melbourne Dec 1, 2010 Concert
Absolutely spectacular! Totally awesome, and even more special for me - my favourite band and on my birthday!!! I have had a very personal journey with your music, the affect it has on me is difficult to explain. It's hard to pick my most memorable moment, the whole thing, the mix of music (love old and new alike!), the stage the atmosphere... Probably "Streets" and "Miss Sarajevo". THANK YOU for all that you are and all that you have done . XO
- 06 December, 2010
Seen every show you have done here, finally got to go with my daughter this time. You move me every time I see you play. Bonos lyrics, the Edges haunting guitar, Adams laid back bluesy bass, and Adam sensational on the bongo. Forever young guys, I will be back.
deaz - 05 December, 2010
I've never really been to a major concert event and was talked into flying from Adelaide to attend this show by a friend who had an extra ticket. I can't thank her enough for this amazing experience. Cost me a over a grand in airfares but was totally worth every cent. I'm now a commited U2 fan and am really looking forward to when I can see them again. Truly the best band in the world right now. The show just blew my mind with all the visual candy, Bono's incredible voice and The Edge's guitar magic. Seriously thinking about travelling to the US next year just to see them again. Highlight song for me was Vertigo. It sounded just incredible!! But then again, so did all the other songs. Just wish it could've lasted a little longer.
rosyredlips - 04 December, 2010
We came over from Adelaide to see the show. We were not disappointed. It's the 6th time I've seen these guys and they just keep getting better and better. The highlights for me were 'Bad', 'Walk On' and 'With or Without You'. Was such a brilliant show and I can't wait till the next time they come back!
Luis68 - 04 December, 2010
Me and my son
Incredible gig my son who is 8 sang his heart out , i was overcome with emotion we both sang so many song together thanks U2 for giving me the best U2 moment in my life ,and for playing Bad :-)
canraider - 04 December, 2010
1st show
flew from brisbane to see it and it was fantastic . what awesome show I went with a friend who arrived not a u2 fan but left a new recruit. It was great to hear bad live after all these years and i cant wait for back to back in brisbane next week .......... BRING IT ON
Oscar74 - 04 December, 2010
City Of Blinding Lights
(Red)Zone amazing the bridge stopped right in front of us everytime!!
Oscar74 - 04 December, 2010
Melbourne 1.12.2010
Amazing Show after watching the 360 Tour Bluray so many times to be there in the (Red) Zone one of the best concert experiences of my life. U2 u guys Rock
Oscar74 - 04 December, 2010
Melbourne 1.12.2010
Amazing Show after watching the 360 Tour Bluray so many times to be there in the (Red) Zone one of the best concert experiences of my life. U2 u guys Rock
Piesterl - 03 December, 2010
Amazing show!! Red Zone is amazing!! They came on stage at about 9.15pm and we were running late (in a blind panic)and got there at 8.45pm and I was still on the fence!! They seriously move around and share the love with the whole ground!!! And the beauty of it all, we save lives while getting the time of our lives!! Great concept guys, cannot wait to till you come back to Melbourneand thanks for the night of a lifetime :)
donz - 03 December, 2010
Melbourne 01/12/2010
brillant, amazing,awesome and I expected nothing less!! The boys showed us that they are truely the greatest band ever!!!
rosruth - 03 December, 2010
We were at the show on Wednesday night, 1st Dec. Great show, love U2, love Bono. Little disappointed as it was a 360 degree tour but 80% of the show, if not more, played to one side of the ground and unfortunately we're on the wrong side!!!! Would have loved a little more interaction with the WHOLE stadium and not just one side. Thank you for coming out again - would love to see you again next time !!!
fiste - 03 December, 2010
Absolutely Killer!!
Flew over from Adelaide - lined up from 6.45am. Experienced the whole 4 seasons of Melbourne weather in 12 hours - umbrellas up to stop the sunburn, then 2 hours later to stop the pouring rain!! Met some fabulous people in the line up and again in the mosh pit!! Was amazed by Jay-Z, really cool and got the crowd going. But U2 were just awesome!!! No words can describe..Brilliant set list, performance, absolutely spectacular...sometimes didn't know which way to look there was so much happening. Got heaps close ups of all the boys as they walked past and felt like a 16 year old again!!! If only they had played in Adelaide I would of taken my 3 sons with me..they have been brought up listening to U2.........Again a BIG THANK YOU for taking me out of my world for 24 hours and into the 360 tour!!! You guys Rock xx
jdsmya - 03 December, 2010
Wednesday night concert was better than having S**x - OMFG - the band were amazing.... I don't care that I slept the night outside Etihad on the concrete floor, I don't care that I got sunburnt, followed by drenching from the rain, I don't care that I now cant talk cause I lost my voice from singing too much..... U2 ROCK MY WORLD!!! The stage is unbelievable - how can I explain the stage to my friends who stupidly didn't go?? My fav part was seeing Bono swing like a monkey through Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me.....wish I was swinging like a monkey with him (lol!)..... fav song for the night was Get on Your Boots- well guess what U2- I definitely got on my boots and cant wait for Brisbane!! Bring it on!!
Dani72 - 03 December, 2010
The best days of my life - my wedding day, the birth of my daughter, and U2 concerts- seriously. I never feel more happy and elated than when I'm at a U2 show and Friday's show didn't disappoint. It was fantastic to hear some of U2's classics, 'Bad' and 'Rejoice' were a pleasant surprise. 'I will follow' was a highlight, the crowd went nuts, even if they didn't recognise the song, showing that U2 really had it in them to rock an audience right from the start. The stage was amazing and I loved how it brought the band so close to us. It was great to read that so many fans brought their kids. I promised my 6 year old that she can come next time. There are not many bands who can boast such a broad - aged fan base. I absolutely adore this band and I wish I was going to the 2nd Melbourne show. Don't stay away too long. P.S Jay Z, I understand the hype now.
fitzs5 - 03 December, 2010
My ears are still ringing and the songs are ripping through my head. A show to end all shows, a stage so big that it stopped the roof of the stadium from being shut. Bono sang better than he did 4 years ago and the effects, 360 TV, sound lights were out of this world, MASSIVE, BRILLIANT, AWESOME, MIND BLOWING, BLOODY BLOODY BLOODY GOOD Go and see it or forever wonder what you missed, bigger than the end of the Berlin wall
edgebo - 02 December, 2010
Still Buzzing
Words can't describe this amazing show. Right from the start with Jay-Z the place was rocking. I took my 13 year old son for his first concert and don't know how he's gonna beat it... just wish we could've stayed and gone again tonight. Thanks guys and please come back again, again.....a
AussieAd - 02 December, 2010
U2 Fan Club seats terrible!
I don't disagree with others that it was a good show. I just wish we'd been able to see it! I didn't get much change from $750 for 4 tickets bought via the members pre-sale. As a fan club member buying expensive seats I thought we'd be placed in a good position. I was very wrong. Our seats were positioned in Level 1, Aisle 5, Row Q - good for seeing the back of stage activity i.e. organizers running around and security people, but we rarely saw Bono and the boys. The sound was terrible from our position, and we had to bend down level with the seat in front in order to see the screen when it was in its top position due to the overhang of the level above. After going to 15 shows since 1984, this was my first disappointing experience.
despinaf - 02 December, 2010
Best concert ever......
Where do I begin, the crowd went crazy with the apperence of the band and as soon as Edge ran his fingers across his guitar and Larry Mullen jr struck the drums, that was it. For two whole hours the crowd was drawn in from the Bono's amazing voice the coolness of Adam, playing his bass guitar . The sky was lite up with what looks like a light house and a screen that expands to give every one the best view in the stadium. As for the song list it was amazing, every song was perfect. Bono's G'day and his sound knowledge of our city was the extra cherry on the pie for a Beautiful night.
hearsay - 02 December, 2010
Set List Thought
I love the changed up set list. However, I'd still like to see Sunday replaced by Pride and would still love to hear Unforgettable Fire - as it is such a good live song. Another addition or change would be to hear Bullet the Blue Sky. Can't wait to see them again in June - will be my fourth show this tour. Saw the first leg of American tour in DC, Charlottesville and in Texas. Can't wait for the Bal'more show!!
ekkaj - 02 December, 2010
Wow, my wife and I had a blast on Wednesday night and were very happy we paid extra to be in the Red Zone. After lining up most of the day we were able to get a position on the rail and the whole experience blew us away. My favs were Bad, Mercy and One (the best song ever written!!!) Now for tonight where we have seats - can't wait!!
Narelle - 02 December, 2010
Redefining the best rock group in the wo
Words cannot properly express how much I love this band. They performed this concert with energy, but looked so happy and relaxed too. The crowd really got into the music also. I was standing on the edge of the outer circle right near the centre, by one of the bridge ramps as Adam walked off it. My daughter was on the railing and I stood behind her with my son. The songs were brilliantly performed. I love the aliens and that little skit, was really how I felt... great music, sore feet etc. The set was sensational. I couldn't believe the lighting crew being strapped into harnesses and lifted up into the claw... that was cool as! As for favourite track... I just love '...Crazy Tonight...' with Larry on the bongos, and the other guys walking around the circle. I thought it was awesome how Larry's drum kit turned around a couple of times and I liked the look he gave the crowd as he turned around, like... cya for a while! City of Blinding lights is an amazing song too... loved Magnificent, loved Mercy, loved Walk On, I loved the intro to Elevation (and the rest of the song) and it was cool how Bono got the crowd revved up before Beautiful Day! Sorry for the ramble but as I said, very hard to express the experience in words. Please come back to Australia soon. We love you all down here!
Evilbrian - 02 December, 2010
Concert Start
Can anyone who went to the Melbourne show on Wednesday tell me what time Jay-Z came on stage and what time U2 did?
lornamifsud - 02 December, 2010
The first show in Melbourne was magnificen! It was wonderful to see them all looking so happy and enjoying what they do together so amazingly well. It's so great to be able to witness, and be a part of seeing so many people sharing some very strong emotions and strengthening our hearts and spirits against the problems of the world. Miss Sarajevo may well have been the highlight for me, - or Amazing grace singalong, or City of Blinding Lights or it must have been 'Streets. My most memorable moment will always be that it was with my 9yo son - his first concert ever, (starting at the top) U2 - his favourite band, (with earplugs) and seeing his face when he saw them walk out, and up onto the stage. Bouncing around in his seat and on his feet all night - precious! Can't wait for Friday - down on the ground level this time (with my 'mum hat' off, and my 'girl hat' on!!) Thankyou so very much to Bono, Edge, Larry, Adam - and the whole team, for bringing so much joy and enlightenment - and down right entertainment - to so very many hearts and souls around this ever smaller world or ours!!
fotula - 02 December, 2010
Birthday Bash
Yesterday morning 7.30 my husband and I arrived at Gate 7, no. 238 & 239 to wait in line. The hours moved oh so slowly, waiting...waiting.... Lunch came. The sun came out, sweating & sweating. Afternoon tea time the rain came down wet, wet, wet, drenched. 5.30 the gates open, we walked orderly and stationed ourselves right on the rails of the walkway looking straight over to centre stage, awesome! Witnessed one of the best shows of my life, couldn't wipe the exileration off my face. If there was a roof it would have lifted off after The Streets Have no Name. Every song was so, so good. And to top it all off it was my birthday! Thank you Bono, Edge, Larry & Adam for making it the most memorable one i'll ever have.
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