Baltimore, MD, US (M & T Bank Stadium)
M & T Bank Stadiumwith Florence and the Machine
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'What a beautiful midsummer nights dream' said Bono, towards the end of one of the hottest nights of the tour in Baltimore tonight. 'Unbelievable...'

Or as Max, one of our presenters on the live feed in Zootopia put it:'80s and humid - possibility of Shirtless Adam: mid to high...'

And so it was as the forecasts of thunder and rain failed to materialise and the storm clouds disappeared by the time the band took the stage at the home of The Ravens tonight. We were expecting 'Real Thing' to open the show but still a surprise to hear Edge wind up The Fly after that - hard to beat the 'Kraut Rock - circa 1991'.

Florence and The Machine were up earlier for their first night on the tour and Bono thanked them for taking a ride on the space ship.
'It's great to be back, it's so beautiful, Maryland.' The rolling hills reminded him of Wicklow - that went down well.

After introducing everyone else, first of several special mentions to Clarence Clemons as 'Still Haven't Found' featured snatches of Springsteen before we were all singing Stay (Faraway So Close).
'If I could stay, then the night would give you up.
Stay, and the day would keep its trust.
Stay, and the night would be enough....'

Was the night enough for you in Baltimore ? How hot did it get and what was the moment you'll never surrender ? Write up your own review of the show and post your photos below.

U2360° FANCAM in Baltimore
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sokarmik - 22 June, 2011
Set List
They should open with 5 songs from the album War. That would really change up the set list!
jotz34 - 21 June, 2011
Bucket List Concert
Going to Baltimore Wednesday night-yay me! I can scratch this (item #2) off my bucket list.
Glendalough_girl_in_Baltimore - 20 June, 2011
No BAD...?
Hey Guys, No BAD...? and what about "All Because of You"..? But really looking forward to seeing my Irish Brothers in my new back garden!! Yes!! Give Dublin SOMETHING for us ex-Dubs!!
jacobbeahm - 20 June, 2011
setlist hopes
i hope they play a set list like the second anaheim show but i hope they play bad or a sort of homecoming
jacobbeahm - 20 June, 2011
setlist hopes
i really hope the setlist is like the second anaheim show i really hope they do ultraviolet but it would be cool if they did some they havent been doing so much this leg like bad but if they could do any different it would be really cool if they could do a sort of homecoming
chrisspangler99 - 20 June, 2011
re: Cover Band
Florence and the Machine - s/b fantastic!!
popmartian66 - 20 June, 2011
Please debut Bad in North America 2011 at the Balto show. U.S. fans only got it once in 2009 (Soldier Field Chicago). God bless U2!!!
Brooks360 - 20 June, 2011
Cover Band
Does anyone know Who is opening for this show in Baltimore?
cwocky - 19 June, 2011
Setlist change
Last show was better, but am sure you can mix it up even more.. Challenge yourselves boys
reed1995 - 19 June, 2011
Must play!
I liked the setlist of the Second Anaheim show! The Fly is good, but if you want to switch it up, may I suggest Zoo Station, Discotheque, Love and Peace or Else :D
YOHICK - 17 June, 2011
unforgtblefire - 13 June, 2011
Summer 2011
Denver, Baltimore, Miami and Nashville!! I would really love to see you guys bring Breathe back into the mix. That song was so great live!! Looking forward to this show next week.
- 06 June, 2011
Greetings from Swden!
I will be in The States durring this concert and of course I canĀ“t miss this event! I love U2, I hope that this concert will be much as good as it was in Gothenburg for two years ago!
crunge - 09 November, 2010
Baltimore,Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. Its going to be a good summer. Saw them in 91 at RFK. Had nose bleed seats,but not for long. Thanks guys for a show we`ll never forget. Thanks to U2 we were upgraded to the front row. I kid you not. So close I could see the hair on Bono`s knuckles. People kept asking me why I had binoculars. Greatest U2 moment of our lives. Love you guys. See you this summer.
michaelj59 - 07 November, 2010
Seeing U2 win the Grammy Award for Joshua Tree at Radio City Music Hall back in 1988. They beat Michael Jackson BAD. And on this one evening Michael Jackson ruled the Hall yet U2 walked out with Grammy and you can count on 3 biggest songs at all shows unlike New Years Day Pride and yes I will Follow. Good for Baltimore third big tour to pass thru, Stones Bruce and now U2. Awesome good luck tommorow to all ticket seekers
DavesBabe - 03 November, 2010
Just ordered my tics!!!! Section 102, 10 rows from the floor. It is going to be awesome. Thanks so much for coming to our city!! PLEASE play I Will Follow!!
bonolove - 02 November, 2010
So jealous Florence and the machine ....
tracy1133 - 01 November, 2010
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