U2360° TOUR

Sao Paulo, BR / Estadio Morumbi
with Muse 194

'Usually we sing to you but here you sing to us.' Tonight's final show in Brazil went out live across South America and worldwide on U2.com.

'Tonight is our last night in South America and we wanted to remember this,' said Bono after Until The End of the World. 'So we're going out live on radio and online across the whole of your mesmerising continent as an excuse so we can have the record of this show. This show will last for ever.'

And for another capacity crowd at this third and final night at the Morumbi Stadium in Sao Paulo, as well as those listening online and on the radio in Venezuela, Peru Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Brazil - and all those tuning in worldwide on U2.com - this was surely a night we won't forget.

'Lift Up and Lift Off' said Chip in Philadelphia, on our live text feed, as we heard the opening chords of Even Better Than The Real Thing. 'Think I'm gonna blow my speakers,' added Badsilver. 'Never seen them live,' said Oscar in Iceland, 'Love when they do something like this'.

Extraordinary but little known fact of the night: the song playing before Space Oddity, ahead of the band's arrival on stage, was Telstar by The Tornados, whose rhythm guitarist was one George Bellamy, father of Matt of Muse, whose band played another fine set earlier in the evening.

There was more musical pedigree in the house tonight too: Steve Lillywhite had flown down from New York and when I Will Follow took over from 'Real Thing' Steve, the original producer of this track, was amazed to hear it 'sounding as good as it did 30 years ago'. And this audience is loud, as he told his followers on Twitter: 'People from Sao Paulo know how to make a noise at a U2 concert !'

Thousands and thousands of you from all over the world were adding to our live text feed, while listening live online, and everyone agreed that these Brazilian fans know how to enjoy a show.

'Don't think I'll need coffee to stay awake for this! said Eamonn Doyle in Ireland. Hoachy, in Falkirk, Scotland said that the sound is so good, 'My whole street are listening to this.'

Mysterious Ways was up next and BAM in NY captured the universal good vibes: 'What better joy is there than to rock to U2 live, or stream it, AND Tweet, FB, text, etc with all U2 Fans in the WORLD.'

Larry had a Brazilian flag across the drum kit as the band were introduced:'Ring those bells Edge, ring those bells.'

'I hope you like our current mode of transportation,' continued Bono, before Still Haven't Found. 'The space station has been to all kinds of interesting places and we mean it when we say that we are coming all the way over here to here to see you.
'Usually we sing to our audience but here our audience sings to us.
'Usually we put on a show for our audience but here you put on a show for us.'

No need to actually sing the song as the whole place was singing it for him. 'Let's go to church now...' After Pride, a special guest: ''We are great fans of a truly great artist here in Brazil,' explained Bono, 'His name is Seu Jorge.' Loud reception as Seu takes the stage to join Bono for a beautiful acoustic duet of 'The Model'. Another guest followed, a young woman to read a Brazilian translation of Beautiful Day which the band then follow with their own translation, seamlessly giving way to Miss Sarajevo - or 'Miss Sao Paulo' as Huubster in Curacao puts it.

And a great night is only going to get better.

'Zooropa... Vorsprung durch Technik
Zooropa... be all that you can be
Be a winner
Eat to get slimmer....'

For only the fifth live performance ever Zooropa returns to the set and it's perfectly placed before the Space Station takes off again. 'Bring on the Lemon' as a commenter in New York suggests.

'The best moment of the show!' says Jenny in Australia, welcoming City of Blinding Lights. 'A spectacle for the eyes and very good for the soul!' adds Joao Paulo in Brazil. And in a tour which keeps throwing up surprises in the set list, there was one more to come: All I Want Is You, bleeding into Streets, which was, frankly, something else!

'This is INCREDIBLE!' said FranciscoBrady. 'I´ve been to the 3 concerts in Argentina and i felt in heaven ! But tonight I feel like the whole world is connected trough U2 live from South America ! Thanks to U2 and hi to the rest of the world.. we are there.. right now.. yes, there, where the streets have no name! peace!'

A final word from Danny in Ireland: 'Thank you Brazil...you have given us the best soccer and now the best U2 fans..'

Were you at tonight's final show in South America ? Tell us what it was like in the stadium. What was the moment you will never surrender ? Add your own review and upload your photos below.


Ricardo Polytowski
31 March, 2011
Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
C'mon, guys! Play this song! It's beautiful and in the way that you've been playing it in the 360º Tour it's amazing! "Hold Me, Thrill Me,..." is a great song too, but we already have listen to it in the Popmart. PLEASE, play Ultra Violet at least in one of the concerts in Sao Paulo. Any way, thanks for back to us again! =)
30 March, 2011
Pleaseeeeeeeeee It's one of my favorite song. I'll come from far away to see U2 360 TOUR and I have prayed so much you play it.
30 March, 2011
Ultraviolet Please!
I was in the Popmart show in 1998. On occasion, I saw the performance of Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me .. Now, I hope to see live on the night of April 9 my favorite song ... Hope to see for the first time in Brazil ULTRAVIOLET!!
30 March, 2011
MORUMBI SP DATE 10/04/2011
30 March, 2011
Must-have songs
I think Ultraviolet, Hawkmoon 269 and Window in the skies are between the top 10 U2 songs and they unfortunately barely play these songs in concerts... I hope the choose Brazil to put them on set list again!!! Come on people!!!Pleeeease!!! ULTRAVIOLET HAWKMOON 269 WINDOW IN THE SKIES
30 March, 2011
Ultraviolet Please
All the Fans here in Brazil are asking for Ultraviolet. Please don't forgot this music in Brazil!!!
28 March, 2011
We're pretty sure, U2 gonna bring the best setlist to say good bye to South America and hope can be different for the others concerts in Sao Paulo.
23 March, 2011
The Best Ever
04/13 Will be the day that I'm gonna realize my biggest dream!!!! I'll be there and it still seems like a dream!!! Unbelievable, amazing, awesome!!!! I'm totaly anxious and still need to wait 20 days!!!! U2 the best ever!!!!
17 March, 2011
I want work in SHOW 360...
I want to work in assembling the structure of the show ... I'll be on vacation .. would be a dream .. please ...
10 March, 2011
The time is coming !!!!!! It will be amazing.
25 December, 2010
Very Happy...
I'm in the show .. I could buy ... but now, feel all the energy of the 360 ° ... The best band of all time ... do the 4rd show ... please ...
16 December, 2010
I got my early Christmas present ... Got .. Countdown.... U2 ... Love you guys
16 December, 2010
Thank U!!!!
We are colombians and we area very excited... we finally made it!!!!! I saw you in 2009 with 360° tour and is just AWESOME!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!
16 December, 2010
For us (me, my husband and children), all the moments that we see u2, either on tv or dvd, we feel all the emotion that they pass us. In concerts have not been ...
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