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30 Oct, 2003
'It's really a celebration of U2 playing at home,' explains Ned O'Hanlon. 'A moment in time, a homecoming.'
09 Jun, 2003
Amnesty international are asking radio stations to play 'Walk On' to highlight the plight of Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi.
08 Oct, 2002
Congratulations to U2's Joe O'Herlihy for winning big at last night's Tec Awards in Los Angeles.
19 Aug, 2002
The Stereophonics supported U2 15 times last year - and loved every minute of it.

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My gain, their loss! Love the new album. Please do not get discouraged by a few mediafools. See you in congression... 
19 September, 2014 - posted by dahlu2
Genius! One word! I've listened to the whole album and the 48 minutes passed like one. At first I was really... 
19 September, 2014 - posted by jefflloydofficial
Like a prayer I do not underwrite any creed, but to me U2's songs are little prayers or meditations - poetry... 
18 September, 2014 - posted by shinto
THANKS What a great surprise. I love the album. Well worth the wait.
18 September, 2014 - posted by soberg1
What A Gift! I want to say thank you for the free album and for the great music I can't stop listening to.... 
18 September, 2014 - posted by kregconrad
National Buy Songs of Innocence Day Well I'm at 44 listens now and I just cannot to buy it on October 13th! I encourage every U2... 
18 September, 2014 - posted by bede