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27 July, 1980
Play to 15,000 at first open-air festival in Ireland with The Police and Squeeze
12 May, 1979
'The Dandelion was where we really hit our stride.'
17 February, 1979
Playing The Dark Space Festival, directed by Jim Sheridan.
09 September, 1978
Supporting The Stranglers (and a spot of bother)
01 May, 1978
U2 get a 'proper' manager who likes their commitment to each other but is unsure of their talent.
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Dreams! I am so glad these four boys had the dream of becoming a band! Their lyrics ressonate so deeply... 
20 September, 2014 - posted by zoostervox
It was just like Christmas morning, waki It doesn't get any better than this. Songs of Innocence miraculously appearing for free on... 
20 September, 2014 - posted by tedkitto