U2 360° Tour 2011

A Fan Joins The Band


21 July, 2011
BONO you are the coolest dude ever man and I mean that in the bottom of my heart. That was very cool of you of giving that fan your famous green guitar. Was a gesture of a Irish man would do. You are a truly awesome human being. Keep it up BONO your music inspires me from my high school years to now!!!!!!!
20 July, 2011
What other major rock star would do this
So very thoughtful, Bono. Your music is THE BEST, and so are you. Your humility and graciousness to all make me a proud to be a fan, support the causes you lead - e.g., the ONE campaign, and support the travel industry to see you as often as I can! Bless you, U2.
20 July, 2011
I have no words....that was just awesome!
19 July, 2011
someday it`s gonna happen to mee
OH MY GOOD unbelievable i wish to have that luck jajaja someday i will sing next to Bono i hope it will be a dream come true
14 July, 2011
All I want is U2
Goose Bumps. First notes. Shivers down your spine. Then confidence ‘keep going, keep going’. Delicious rhythm. You stay cool instead of jumping up and down, running and screaming because you’re on stage with the best band in the world, on the biggest stage ever. “Are you serious?” Music is U2, music is LOVE. All I want is U2 !!!
13 July, 2011
El Poder de la Musica!
Muy vacano!
13 July, 2011
This is why U2 is the best band ever on planet earth... I imagine myself doing lots of things at AZTECA STADIUM only for Bono to pick me up to the stage, unfortunately I WASN´T HE CHOOSEN ONE... But this guy, wow... I can´t tell........LOVE U2...
13 July, 2011
His girl must think the world of him a true American hero playing his best while playing with the best!
12 July, 2011
Soooo Cool
Brings tears to my eyes...what a great moment! Spectacular!!!!
12 July, 2011
Nashville tour
What a great moment for the fan! One of the many reasons Bono is my hero!
11 July, 2011
What other band does something like this in the middle of a large production show? I love those guys.
11 July, 2011
standing ovation
We gave this a standing ovation at home!!! AMAZING!!!
11 July, 2011
No! Are you serious?
OMG!!!! This guitar is priceless! "She" has a heart of a band inside!=)
10 July, 2011
only Bono!!!!
Bono you are the best person in the world!!!!!
10 July, 2011
Great Job
What a moment for that guy! So proud he played it so well. I think Bono realized what a champ he was and made it better with his little gift!!!
09 July, 2011
amazing moment!
this shows why U2 is the greatest band in the world, they have class and really care about their fans. Rock on U2 !!! <3
09 July, 2011
Thsi Is Awesome!
I love how they just take random people out of the audience to do things, its awesome! That guy is so lucky. He will have a great story to tell for the rest of his life. Rock On Man. you did a great job on guitar.
09 July, 2011
This is awesome!!!
I love how they just take random people out of the audience to do things, its awesome! That guy is so lucky. He will have a great story to tell for the rest of his life. Rock On Man. you did a great job on guitar.
09 July, 2011
The Hug!
Check out how genuine the hug is at the end. . . we all can learn a lot from this! Thanks U2!
09 July, 2011
My dream in real life!
I probably speak for most of us, but this guy just lived out my dream for the last 20 yrs. Way to go boys!!! My dream of joining you on stage for a song lives on! Well done!!!
09 July, 2011
This is chilling to watch....... wow
09 July, 2011
U2 gives to the fans in so many ways and continues to take chances that are simply human and humble despite all their success. They inspire us all to be better. God Bless U Bono!
08 July, 2011
Just when you think Bono and U2 cannot get anymore awesome.. thanks!!! You guys rock \m/
07 July, 2011
Honored and touched to witness such a simple, humble, yet so inspiring act of kindness. No wonder I love this band. Really happy I finally got to my first concert with my wife while in Miami. Thank you!
Grande 3:16
07 July, 2011
What an awesome honour! Beautiful song (one of my faves). Great moment. Better not see it on ebay!
06 July, 2011
This Begs the Question ...
If Bono and U2 can give so much to one, what small thing could each one of us give to many.
06 July, 2011
Is there a man in rock who is more giving of his time,energy and possesions than Bono? The answer is NO...Bono stands alone
06 July, 2011
Thank You
Thank You.
06 July, 2011
I was there!!!
I was there and saw this whole, phenomenal concert, and at the end when Bono had given his guitar to the guy, I turned to my wife and said "How cool is that?!!!!".
06 July, 2011
Definitely this pure Class..None do it like this band.. What a lucky fan...U2 Rocks..!!! ★★★★★
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