Some words, some songs, Chicago: 'I wouldn't be anywhere else....'

Beautiful Day: .'Love this town,' Bono sings. 'Beautiful, beautiful night...'

End Of The World: 'Jesus, this is Judas....everybody having a good time ?'

Out of Control: 'We're a band from the north side of the city, we're called U2, this is our first single, out next week, from our album Boy...' 'On the drums Larry Mullen Jnr, on the bass, from Malahide, Adam Clayton and the Edge... 'Took a boat and train from Dublin to London to play it for the record company man,' a teenage Bono explains, then points at his fellow band members, '15 years old..14 years old..17 years old, megalomania started a very early age, we were out of control...'

Kite: 'Wow, so we've been playing this place every night for the last 3 months right, we are having an amazing year, we just feel very lucky and very blessed to be on tour at this time in the United States. Chicago is becoming a home town gig for U2. The last night in here I actually went home straight from the stage here, got home to see my baby being born a couple of days later, mother of that baby is very happy that I got home on time, she is an extraordinary woman - my baby had a baby. 'This is a song about,I don't know, genuinely don't know, I thought it was about children, I thought I'd written it for my children, but I think maybe my old man wrote it for me, this is for Bob Hewson...'

People Get Ready: 'Gentleman insists he can play the guitar, this could go horribly wrong...' (It doesn't, our fan can play.) 'People get ready for a substitute guitar player, picked up in Chicago Wednesday night.. haven't I seen you somewhere before? You play guitar for the Smashing Pumpkins... ...It's hard to rhyme pumpkin, it's a hard one to rhyme.'

Where the Streets Have No Name: '...this dust cloud of death, disappear without a trace...'

Pride In The Name of Love: 'For the peace museum....'

New York: 'I love New York, even Chicago loves New York...'

One: 'Thank you, thank you, thank you, really wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now. Also want to thank you for the support that you've given us in the Drop the Debt campaign - after September 11th that whole campaign has just become more and more and more important because these lunatics and crazy fanatics, they feed off the poverty in Africa, they're feeding off that and they're stirring it up and we're gonna go and we're gonna take to the streets and we're gonna send letters off to congressmen and senators, we're gonna make the world the sort of place that we'd all want to live in and that's what I would call cutting off the oxygen supply to fanaticism... 'I want to say that our hearts and our prayers are with you, any of you that have sisters, brothers in the military, our prayers are with you, our prayers are also with innocent children and people in Afghanistan who don't want these crazy fools either. 'I've read the Koran and I don't see what they're talking about in the Koran. 'He is close to God who make his friends laugh' - I like that line from the Koran.'

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17 Jun, 2018

Opening night in the capital. Post your reviews.

15 Jun, 2018

Achtung Baby, Zooropa and The Best of 1980-1990 released on 27th July. Pre-order Today.

14 Jun, 2018

American Soul on second night in Philly.

13 Jun, 2018

Opening night of two in Philadelphia.

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