Just because they are not playing anywhere tonight, doesn't mean it is a night off.

If you can pick up ITV1 - and in the UK that's just about everybody - then don't miss tonight's one-hour special from behind the scenes of the 'Vertigo Tour' with Cat Deeley.

Cat was in Manchester the other day, film crew in tow, spending hour after hour talking to band and crew as well as filming part of the show. The results of this will air tonight at 11.30pm in 'U2 Uncovered'.

The programme features in-depth interviews with the band reflecting on life in the band from schooldays to global stars. Cat - it says here - 'will have an access-all areas pass, witnessing all that goes on both on stage and behind the scenes. We'll see the band in their element as they prepare for the ultimate high, performing live in front of thousands.'

'To be part of the extended U2 family, even for just a day,' says Cat, 'Is a dream come true. I¹ve had the immeasurable pleasure of interviewing the 'loudest folk band in the world' (to quote Bono) several times before, and still I can never predict what is going to happen or where we'll end up.
From a limo in Stockholm, breakfast in the South of France to coffee in New
York City! Their lust for life is unwavering and highly contagious. 'U2 run the gamut from intimate expressions of emotion, to huge stadium anthems. They embrace their audience, shake them up and leave them in a warm and buzzy post-concert delirium.

'Larry, Adam, Bono and The Edge are four of the most charismatic, incredibly
funny, self deprecating men I've ever met, and they just happen to be in the
biggest rock band in the world. So how do I feel about doing this show ? Three words: can't bloody wait!'

Neither can we. Tonight, 11.30pm, ITV1.

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