Crumbs and Stuck in a Moment stand out in this fifth Boston show of 2005.

'Oh, you look so beautiful tonight!' sang Bono, right into the eyes of Adam as City of Blinding Lights lifted Boston for a fifth time last night. Adam and Larry's names rang out at the beginning of Vertigo before a new lyrical twist kicked the night's theme song into orbit: 'Edge, Edge, Edge... Catorce!'

You can never predict which song will give that special lift-off moment on any given night: according to the Boston Herald, it's Elevation. 'The latter must-move groove again proved to be the real rocket fuel for the show as Bono and company teased the crowd, who were eating out of the palm of their hands waiting for Larry Mullen Jr.'s cathartic downbeat.'

'It's great to be home,' mused Bono, catching his breath with 'two songs from our very first album.' And then the first big surprise of the night, Crumbs From Your Table, with the singer adding an acoustic flourish. It felt like a bit of a 'moment' - the band catching each others eyes, almost surprised to find themselves performing this wonderful song.

'That was a first - no, that was a second,' remembers Bono. 'A second. We like to play some rarities, stuff like that - to keep interested.'

No sign of anyone losing interest tonight, least of all come the unmistakeable groove of Still Haven't Found: 'It's a Tuesday night and we wanna turn it into Saturday night and Sunday morning.'

And the days flew by in minutes, it was the weekend before anyone had realised. But while the rest of us had gone into the future, Bono had left for the past, recalling being a young kid and growing up and then 'one day you are at Live 8 standing next to the Edge and singing with Paul McCartney.'

Beautiful Day segues into Miracle Drug with a reminder that Edge too is from the future, arriving in a spaceship on the north side of Dublin to regale the teenage drummer, bassman and vocalist with tales from the edge of time. 'What's the future like?' asked Adam, actually Bono, and sounding curiously like Prince Charles. 'It's better,' said Edge. 'It's better.'

Miracle Drug, with its dazzling visual accompaniment, is the usual revelation and, followed by the passion of Sometimes You Can't Make it On Your Own, the evening has gone to another place. Larry and Adam take the reins for Love and Peace or Else while Sunday and Bullet develop the fierce political intensity. We're not the only ones who think that the inclusion of Miss Sarajevo is providing a moment of unparalleled emotional force on Vertigo '05. This was the Boston Globe yesterday: 'The band put it back in the set this summer right after the London subway bombings. Bono told the crowd that many Muslims and Christians could get along in Sarajevo and it was 'a symbol of coexistence and that's why evil men wanted to destroy it.' The song, especially its operatic coda, drew another round of deafening applause, heightening the night's emotion even more if that was possible.'

Tour manager Dennis Sheehan gets honourable mention during Streets before we all get the chance to make that call.
'This might be the time to take out your phones
And make a picture
A C21st picture.
What sort of galaxy is this ?
The Edge - is this your galaxy?'

It is tonight. As One arrives Bono explains why the campaign to fight extreme poverty around the world remains so important. 'It's the same struggle for equality, that a life is treated with the same value in Boston, Louisiana, Mozambique... '

The First Time seems to have found a permanent home in the set and goes down a treat and then Dallas Schoo, Edge's guitar tech, is walking across the stage with an acoustic guitar and the promise of something we weren't expecting.
'Around this time of year I think of a really cool friend of ours,' explains Bono. 'And we'd like to play a song. We haven't done this actually at all, I mean we have - but not like this.'
Well, any way you like is just fine with us for Stuck In A Moment, a song written for the late Michael Hutchence, who died in the Autumn of 1997.

If you were going to be stuck in any moment, then Boston on an early October evening in 2005, was better than most!

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