'I'm running down the road like loose electricity / While the band in my head plays a striptease'. Watch the debut of 'Breathe' in Paris last night.

On the latest leg of European TV shows, they performed 'Boots' and 'Breathe' for French TV's Le Grand Journal

This video has been removed from youtube. We hope to have it in full on the site soon.


28 February, 2009
Inhale Exhale Inhale Exhale
Just like with any U2 record there is always for me one song that just clicks instantly on the first listen through...Breathe is that song that did it for me on this record...Can't wait to hear it live...See ya on tour
27 February, 2009
I didn't think they could...
I didn't think they could out do themselves, because the bar is set so high, but breath is one of the best songs I have ever heard. I loved first tome through...the album must be incredible!o hear !!! Can't wait to hear it!
26 February, 2009
It's amazing that men almost 50 yrs old are making music this vital and electric.  No young band can touch them.  This is "out of body" music and I can only listen to one song at a time.  It takes me a while to catch my breath.  5 stars isn't enough!
26 February, 2009
Edge Kicks Ass,
Always look forward to Edge solos, here's another good one. Bono was a bit pitchy on some of the big "Breaths" and what was on Larry's Shirt? Aluminum foil? Otherwise stellar and they don't always translate well on Television!
25 February, 2009
Very beatiful album
When a band matures, it needs to look into a different horizon, and you guys did it. The album souds like a sound track to a movie. Being a fan since I was 13 I am able to see the change in the bands attitudes. Mr Clayton is playing his best on this album. Much respect to the whole band and group that made this album a success. One thing, this is not for someone who has jump the band wagon.
25 February, 2009
25 February, 2009
smashin!! not bad for a little irish com
been listening to album all week, favorite song keeps changing.. was 'i'll go crazy' then was ''stand up comedy' cause dont think its like anything they've EVER done b4, think biggest single will be 'magnificent' cause that exactly what it is..
25 February, 2009
The first time I heard the new album, "Breathe" jumped out at me. It's my favorite so far along with Cedars of Lebanon. I can't wait to get my hands on the album!
Tina Atkins
25 February, 2009
There is so much on this album to love!
25 February, 2009
Striptease is right...
Better than words, and I'm left wanting more.
25 February, 2009
02/03 - It's a beautiful day!!!!
Son los mejores!! You're the best!!! Uruguay los ama - Uruguay loves U 2
25 February, 2009
i was scotched on my Tv : beautiful song
25 February, 2009
Never Seen...
THis PErformance is just GReat !!! LArry is fantastic, and what to say about Bono... incredible lyrics verse structure ...
25 February, 2009
great stuff
cool man really good i love them
25 February, 2009
Only U2 can sound and beat like that!!!
come on, let us know tour dates....
25 February, 2009
U2 No.1 !!!!
25 February, 2009
oh my gosh
I've never seen U2 live other than dvds and tv.  They've been my favorite band for years.  I'm hoping that I'll get a chance this year and this performance gets me pumped up about it!  Fingers crossed... let's hope this subscription comes through for me!
25 February, 2009
oh my gosh
I've never seen U2 live other than dvds and tv.  They've been my favorite band for years.  I'm hoping that I'll get a chance this year and this performance gets me pumped up about it!  Fingers crossed... let's hope this subscription comes through for me!
25 February, 2009
Merci !
Trop bon, trop beau, trop fort ! Un beau nouveau voyage musical nous est offert, merci U2 ! Et puis vivement le 27 février.. ;-))
25 February, 2009
what a song! what a performance!
25 February, 2009
This one is gunna rock live!!!!
25 February, 2009
3rd masterpiece NLOTH
boys are back, better the ever, i'm fan since '84, this is 1st album for which i can say that is instant masterpiece for me
25 February, 2009
This song is incredible, I can't wait for the album... Thanks U2 for your music.
25 February, 2009
Breathe: Live is great!
Fantastic perfomance of this song! I'm waiting to hear it live in Italy!!!
25 February, 2009
Just Like U2
Beautifull ..hope i see you on tour this year
24 February, 2009
U2 is the best!
I hope you'll include southeast asian countries in your tours! Please! So I can watch you live! =D
24 February, 2009
love this!!!
this is flawless - they are all in perfect form
24 February, 2009
.... U2 will own 2009...I love ...LOVE NLOTH.......
24 February, 2009
My Favorite song off the new album! It is great live...can't wait for the tour!
24 February, 2009
Their BEST album!
Beautifullayers of sound and voice throughout this album, it's heaven.
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